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In China, help for girls
China For farming families in the lush mountains of Fujian Province, the famous crop is oolong tea and the favorite source of labor is sons. The leafy bushes of tea fill the hillsides the same way young boys fill the village streets. 1-31-2005

Into the gender mainstream
Achieving gender equality is a continuing struggle and Dr Shirley Randell, a Vanuatu resident posted to work in Bangladesh for two years on gender issues, outlines the challenges shared by women everywhere. 1-31-2005

U.S. military's anti-prostitution campaign makes headway in South Korea
On a recent Saturday night, a scantily-clad South Korean bar lady was speaking to several young American soldiers on "Hooker Hill," an infamous red-light district in Itaewon near the U.S. military command in Seoul. 1-31-2005

House bill filed giving comfort women P.5M each
A total of 185 surviving comfort women will each get P500,000 under proposed legislation that would allow the government to advance the payments to them while their legal battle for compensation from Japan is awaiting resolution. 1-31-2005

Business as usual in Phuket as sex tourists return
It is midnight at Patong Beach and the tourists - almost all men - are out in force. They spill out from bars on Bangla Road, a stretch of pubs, girlie bars, strip shows and flirting Thai women. Just over three weeks after the tsunami, tourism is starting to pick up in Patong, the so-called cash register of Phuket. 1-28-2005

Trailblazer of Chinese nude art ahead of his time
Chen Zui's name has been connected with Nude Art since as early as the 1980s. The year 1988 was crowned by many as the "Year of Chen Zui" in China, because earlier that year his academic treatise "On Nude Art" went into print and became a best-seller. 1-28-2005

Bowing in shame: Filipina sex workers in Japan
It is absolutely humiliating to watch our government try to negotiate the decision of Japanese authorities who have awakened to their own shame and are trying to slam the door on Japayukis. 1-28-2005

Malaysia: 15,000 HIV, TB positive foreign workers deported
More than 15,000 foreign workers were sent home last year after being found afflicted with tuberculosis (TB) and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). This was detected in medical tests carried out after they had worked for a year. 1-28-2005

Philippine police closely monitoring 50-70 cyber porn sites
Police are monitoring 50 to 70 Internet sites allegedly involved in pornography, an official said Thursday. This developed after a popular teen actress and two bold starlets filed complaints before police that their images were being used in Internet porn sites. 1-28-2005

Indonesia: Premarital sex popular at home
Permissiveness among youngsters abounds in big cities, with many of them having had sex at home without the knowledge of their parents, according to a study. 1-28-2005

Love Hotels: Lost in translation
The prevalence of love hotels in Japan, Korea, China, etc. is an intricate (and dare I say institutionalized) part of Far Eastern society, But are there any such establishments in West? 1-28-2005

New HIV infections in Japan hit record high in '04
The number of people newly infected with the HIV virus in Japan totaled a record 748 in 2004, while the number of HIV patients who developed AIDS totaled 366 in the year, also a record high, a health ministry panel said in a preliminary report released Wednesday, Kyodo news service reported. 1-28-2005

Japanese in-vitro fertilization births top 100,000
The number of babies born in Japan through in-vitro fertilization has topped 100,000, data released Thursday by the Japan Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (JAOG) has shown. 1-28-2005

Fetuses found at Hansen's disease sanitariums suggest forced abortions
A total of 114 unborn children stored as specimens in formalin have been found at leprosy sanitariums across the nation, a council on Hansen's disease has reported. 1-28-2005

British soldier tells of forced sex simulations in Iraq
The soldier who took pictures of Iraqi detainees being abused by British troops described how captured looters were forced to simulate sex acts while laughing soldiers watched. 1-28-2005

Chinese teenagers help peers air sexual problems
An 18-year-old teenager from northeast China's Changchun recently quit school and opened a consulting hotline for other teenagers obsessed with puberty troubles. 1-28-2005

Indian government tells states to monitor sex ratio
Concerned by the deteriorating sex ratio in the country, the central government Thursday asked the states to stop prenatal sex determination and sex-related abortions aimed at preventing the birth of girls. 1-28-2005

India: Porn sites banned in cyber cafes
The Uttar Pradesh government has banned surfing of pornographic websites at cyber cafes. Offenders will face heavy fines and jail. Uttar Pradesh IT Minister Veerendra Singh said that cyber cafes would have to install equipment that prevents logging on to any adult site. 1-28-2005

More efforts urged to crack down on illegal publications in 2005
China will exert more efforts to crack down on pornography and illegal publications in 2005, aiming to create a favorable cultural environment for its reform and opening up and socialist modernization drive, a senior party official said. 1-28-2005

Love hotel fund gets started: first specialist pink RE fund for Japan
Although a taboo subject, many of Japan's 20+ million couples have experienced the pleasures of one of Japan's estimated 17,000 love hotels at some time or other. 1-27-2005

Crossing sexual boundaries in Nepal
The Blue Diamond Weekly will give a platform to many marginalised groups in Nepal, but seems likely to be dominated by issues affecting gay and bisexual Nepalese and the significant number who call themselves "meti" and dress up in women's clothes. 1-27-2005

Kuwaiti 'slit daughter's throat' over suspected sex
A Kuwaiti man has reportedly confessed to killing his 14-year-old daughter because he believed she was having sex. Adnan Enezi - an employee in the Islamic Affairs ministry - had just returned from the pilgrimage to Mecca. 1-27-2005

Hirsi Ali leaves hiding to spotlight honor killings
Many Muslim women in the Netherlands--long a haven of tolerance--have been the victims of honor killings. Others live in fear they will be next. After months in hiding, Parliamentarian Ayaan Hirsi Ali is risking her own life to try to stop the murders. 1-27-2005

Russian company charged over selling 300 girls
An employment company registered in Russia's Far East stood accused of selling about 300 girls abroad after luring them with promises of jobs in Europe, local prosecutors said today. 1-27-2005

Ex-principal slapped on wrist for distributing nude photos of woman colleague
A junior high school principal who was sacked for distributing composite photographs showing a former woman colleague's head attached to a nude body was on Monday handed a suspended prison sentence. 1-27-2005

Japanese human shield now the the Madam of Baghdad
A Japanese woman who went to Iraq as a human shield is now copping flak in the war-torn country for opening a Baghdad brothel for American servicemen, according to Shukan Shincho. 1-26-2005

China lifts student marriage ban
China is to lift a 50-year ban against university students getting married or having children - a restriction which has forced them to make painful choices, state media said today. 1-26-2005

Tokyo railways reluctant to introduce 'women only' carriages
Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officials are pushing for the introduction of more women-only carriages in Tokyo trains to crack down on molesters, but railway companies are digging their heels in, saying such a system would cause delays and be difficult to introduce. 1-26-2005

Japan's dilemma on WWII reparations
In an unusual ruling last week, the Hiroshima High Court overturned a March, 1999 lower court ruling and ordered the Japanese government to pay 40 plaintiffs 1.2 million yen each in compensation to the group of South Koreans who had been forced to work in a Mitsubishi plant during World War II. 1-26-2005

Editorial: Japan's Asian Women's Fund
Issues involving the history of a nation inevitably stoke nationalism and spark fierce debate. The Asian Women's Fund, which will be dissolved in two years, has persistently been the subject of criticism both in Japan and abroad. 1-26-2005

Porn lands prisoner in hot water
The Tel Aviv District Court was called to task on that exact question Tuesday by prisoner Guy Hamel petitioning against a Prisons Service decision to take away his Badatz-certified kosher food after finding porn magazines and videos in his cell. 1-26-2005

Russian prosecutors investigate Pushkin 'pornography'
Nearly 200 years after Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov secretly scribbled some erotic poems, their work still has the power to stir up strong feelings -- and criminal investigations. 1-26-2005

Condom shortage, Thailand warned of AIDS spread
The UN has warned that the HIV/AIDS virus may quickly spread across Thailand's tsunami-affected coastline due to increasing prostitution and condom shortage, reports UPI. 1-26-2005

War parties and atrocity porn
The horrific experience of Iraqi woman Jumana Hanna -- supposedly imprisoned, raped, and tortured for years on the orders of Uday Hussein -- was cited by the Bush administration and its supporters as "reason alone" for the war. But Hanna's story -- like the rest of the administration's case -- was a tissue of fabrications. 1-25-2005

Comfort womens' fund to be dissolved in 2007
A private fund used to compensate Asian women forced into World War II brothels run by the Japanese army will be dissolved in March 2007, officials said Monday. 1-25-2005

Apex court rejects Anara Gupta's plea
The Supreme Court Monday declined to interfere with an order passed by the Jammu and Kashmir High Court restraining former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, accused of involvement in a porn film racket, from coming to Delhi to approach the National Human Rights Commission. 1-25-2005

Nipponese nubiles go nuts for nipples
Nipples are nipping into a niche in Nippon, according to Shukan Post. Nipple Enhancers have suddenly become the hottest "breast improvement" must-have among Japanese women. 1-25-2005

Tokyo bans sex with minors
Adults in Tokyo who engage in sex with minors under 18 will soon face punishments of up to two years in jail or a fine of up to 1 million yen ($9,800). 1-25-2005

Malaysia: Porn VCD culprits bolder
The culprits behind the distribution of pornographic film materials in the State appear to be getting more desperate. They are now displaying more local elements on their VCD covers to attract buyers. 1-25-2005

IDF: 358 soldiers made sexual harassment complaints in 2004
Israel Defense Forces soldiers made 358 complaints of sexual harassment in 2004, a rise of 3 percent from the year before, Brigadier General Devora Hasid, the IDF chief of staff's advisor on women's issues, said Monday at a meeting of the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women. 1-25-2005

PCB rejects charges of sexual assault on Pakistani player
Pakistan Cricket Board, after completion of investigation into charges of sexual assault on a Pakistani cricketer in Australia, has denounced the report of Australian newspaper (Sydney Heraldson) terming it baseless report. 1-25-2005

Japan gets slack on sex offenders
Japan has finally started to question the way it handles sex criminals, but has been startled to discover that it lags well behind the rest of the industrialized world. 1-24-2005

Tracking sex-crime offenders in Japan
The Justice Ministry, concerned about the growing incidence of sex offenses against children, is set to launch a tracking system for convicted sex criminals, perhaps by the end of March. 1-24-2005

Sex slave informant to be deported
A Thai sex slave who co-operated with police by naming the traffickers responsible for bringing her to Australia has been locked up in Sydney's Villawood immigration detention centre. 1-24-2005

Crime boss gets death in prostitution racket
A court has sentenced a local gang boss to the death penalty for his part in running a prostitution ring for in which 50 middle-ranking officials have been involved. 1-24-2005

Women to protest Kerala sex scandal verdict
Hundreds of women plan to march to the Kerala High Court Feb 1 to protest the letting off of all but one of the 36 accused in a scandal in which a 16-year-old girl was sexually exploited in 1996. 1-24-2005

Sex romp housemaid fined BD50
A Bahraini man and an Indonesian maid had a secret affair for two years, a court heard. It landed them in trouble with the law when the 32-year-old Indonesian maid started sneaking her lover into her employer's house for sex. 1-24-2005

Brunei convicts Thai women for prostitution
The Ministry of Labour today warned Thai women not to damage the nation's reputation, following the conviction of two Thai women for prostitution in Brunei. 1-24-2005

Bahrain on alert for girl-trafficking rise
Bahraini authorities are being warned of a possible increase in human trafficking, from countries hit by the tsunami disaster. Human rights workers say they are particularly worried about a potential influx of underage women who may have lost their relatives, homes and livelihoods in the disaster. 1-24-2005

Japanese 'love hotels' arouse investors' interest
Girls in mini-skirts hand out pamphlets as delegates in business suits mill around the convention floor, dropping in on lectures, checking out the latest engineering marvels and squinting at product videos. 1-21-2005

Seedy Shibuya spawns new breed of dirty little schoolgirl
Pagyaru derive their name from chuto hanpa, the Japanese word for "half measures," and gyaru, the local rendition of the English "girl." 1-21-2005

Kerala, Raise age-limit for giving consent for sexual intercourse to 18
It is imperative to raise the age-limit for giving consent for sexual intercourse to 18 in India, a Division Bench of the Kerala High Court opined on Thursday. 1-21-2005

AIDS: Facing the second wave
Eighteen years after the first AIDS diagnosis in the country, India has entered a critical period in its fight against the disease. And the country's strategy in combating the pandemic in the coming years will hold lessons not only for other "second-wave" countries grappling with the HIV virus, but also for neighbors in South Asia, who share similar socioeconomic characteristics. 1-21-2005

Furore over marital rape
Given the marked increase in violent crimes including sexual abuse and domestic violence, Suhakam (the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) recently submitted a report to the Parliamentary Select Committee proposing amendments to the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code. 1-21-2005

Brothel-cum-pub that operated from condo unit
Police have uncovered a brothel-cum-pub which operated from a condominium unit in Taman Overseas Union Garden residences. Four Chinese nationals believed to be sex workers have also been picked up in the process. 1-21-2005

Enterprising college girls hit the beds
One of Tokyo's most successful hoteheru call girl businesses at the moment is a service run by college coeds so classmates can make a decent living, according to Shukan Post, Japan's biggest-selling weekly magazine. 1-20-2005

Korea's former 'comfort women' to launch campaign
Elderly South Korean women who were forced to serve as sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War II launched a new campaign Wednesday calling on Tokyo to apologize and provide compensation, Kazinform cites Yonhap. 1-20-2005

Taiwan suspends hiring of Vietnamese workers
Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) announced yesterday the temporary suspension of imports of Vietnamese housemaids and caregivers effective today until the high escape rate of Vietnamese workers is reduced. 1-20-2005

Russian couple attempts same-sex marriage
A Russian “couple” has applied for a marriage certificate from a Moscow registration office, challenging the Russian Family Code. The application was accepted by the state agency, Ed Mishin and Edvard Murzin were told to return in 10 days for an official written rejection. 1-20-2005

Russian diplomats in sex probe
Finnish police said today they wanted to question two Russian diplomats in connection with a prostitution ring that operated out of property owned by Moscow's trade representation in Helsinki. 1-20-2005

Pune: After webcam saga, city gets another taste of sex and sleaze
Puneites got another taste of sex and sleaze in the city when police arrested a civil contractor for allegedly raping a woman. The arrest of 38-year-old Dinesh Dattatreya Bapat was made following a complaint by a 32-year-old woman, who alleged that he had been raping her for two years. 1-20-2005

‘Japayukis’ back Tokyo’s drive vs human trafficking
Recruiters and Filipino entertainers expressed support yesterday for Japan’s anti-human trafficking legislation as they also sought to buy more time before the new law — seen as adverse to Filipino entertainers — is implemented. 1-20-2005

Taxing brothels could bring in millions, Knesset inquiry told
The Israel Tax Authority estimates it could bring in NIS 2.2 million a year in revenue from brothels, according to a report delivered to the Knesset's Parliamentary Inquiry Commission on the Trading in Women. 1-19-2005

Seoul exhibition displays lives of 'Kisaeng'
"Haeohwa" means "a flower that understands words." It was another term for "kisaeng," or female entertainers, from the Choson Kingdom, describing how literate and educated they were. 1-19-2005

Canadian PM runs into same-sex debate in India
Prime Minister Paul Martin was forced to defend the Canadian government's proposal to allow same-sex marriage after a visit with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Tuesday. 1-19-2005

Hong Kong nudists want their own colony
Nudists in Hong Kong are asking for permission to take over a deserted outlying island to open the territory's first naturist colony, a news report said on Tuesday. 1-19-2005

Japan’s laborious dilemma
Japan, of course, is hardly unique in struggling to deal with the demands of a globalised world, but it is increasingly out of step with other developed countries, most of which have well-integrated foreign populations and laws to protect them. Many in Japan wonder when the country will catch up . 1-19-2005

Filipino entertainers in Japan need government help
This is time for the government to really help a group of overseas Filipino workers, 90 percent of whom are about to lose their jobs starting this year because of new immigration policies in the country where they work. 1-19-2005

Japan: Human trafficking victims to get special residency status
Japan will grant victims of human trafficking special residency status if they are found to have overstayed their visas and will accelerate measures to crack down on human traffickers, government officials said Tuesday. 1-19-2005

Japan's LDP considers bill to disclose sex offender info to communities
A ruling Liberal Democratic Party panel decided Tuesday to study the feasibility of compiling a bill to enable disclosure of sex offenders' addresses to local communities after their release from prison, panel members said. 1-19-2005

India probes law abuse in flesh trade: NHRC
The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Tuesday directed Delhi Police Commissioner K.K. Paul to inquire into an NGO's allegation about abuse of laws in the trafficking of women. 1-19-2005

Dubai: Teenager among five sisters held for prostitution
Five sisters, the youngest of whom is 15, are among those held for their role in a prostitution ring in Dubai. A total of six suspects were referred to the Dubai public prosecution department for questioning last month. 1-19-2005

Iraqi prostitutes 'invade' Syria
When Saddam Hussein fell from power, the world of prostitution collapsed in Iraq. Escaping war and the rise of Islamic moralism, thousands of Iraqi prostitutes packed their bags and fled to Syria. 1-18-2005

Cell porn a tough sell
With new functions to send e-mail, take pictures and listen to music, the mobile phone has turned into a portable minicomputer. But the operators of phone networks are resisting new services that proved popular on the traditional personal computer: pornography and violent video games. 1-18-2005

India's MMS sex clip drama retold
The recent MMS case in which a New Delhi schoolboy indulged in sex with a schoolgirl, recorded it on his phone camera and circulated it in the form of MMS, is being dramatised for the small screen. The serial Special Squad now has an MMS sex clip case to unravel. 1-18-2005

When fear follows fabric along the assembly line
Ntoi's job as a seamstress pays enough to support her husband, her four children, her mother and her two nieces. It also protects her from AIDS. 1-18-2005

Mecca: Muslims ponder God, tsunamis and sex
Muslims flocking to Mecca for the haj pilgrimage say they are praying for victims of the Asian tsunami but most disagree with hard line clerics who say the disaster was a punishment from God. 1-18-2005

Japanese probation officers to have greater responsibility for sex offenders
The Justice Ministry has decided to boost the roles of state-employed probation officers in the supervision of sex offenders released from prison on parole to help prevent them from committing sex crimes again, government sources said Monday. 1-18-2005

Taiwan: MOI to establish network to address sexual harassment
In response to the passage of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law last Friday, the Ministry of the Interior is beginning this week to map out detailed plans for handling complaints and counseling associated with sexual harassment. 1-18-2005

Yabijo babes attract hard-core following to raunchy TV show
Japan's raunchiest late-night TV show is currently being screened weekly on Saturday nights in country areas around the Kansai region and its stars hope it stays that way, according to Shukan Gendai. 1-17-2005

America’s messianic complex
As far as Filipino overseas performing artists are concerned, the US government, which is acting like the world’s moral police, is one of the villains in the decision of the Japanese government to restrict the issuance of visas to Filipino entertainers. 1-17-2005

Anara's ordeal to find echo in Bhatt film
A former Indian beauty queen who was accused of acting in a pornographic video CD will have Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt taking up cudgels on her behalf through a film with a similar theme. 1-17-2005

US Federal Agents target sex tourism
A year ago, Cambodian police tipped off U.S agents about a wealthy Miami Beach tourist who was arrested for allegedly picking up underage girls in bars and paying them $15 each for sex and pictures in his hotel. 1-17-2005

War of words erupts in Japan media over television show on WWII sex slavery
Allegations that a Japanese public television network was pressured by politicians to soft-pedal a program on Japan’s legacy of sexual enslavement during World War II has pitted liberal Japanese media against their conservative counterparts. 1-17-2005

Anara Gupta may have to face lie detector test
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, recently cleared by forensic experts of charges that she had appeared in a porn film, might have to undergo a polygraph test to prove her innocence. 1-16-2005

'Hijack' behind airport porn?
According to Delhi police, a tech-savvy mischief-maker could have been the source of X-rated entertainment at the Indira Gandhi International airport arrival lounge last Saturday. 1-16-2005

India: Cops find sexual content on tape, seal landlord’s house
A day after video camera and cassettes were seized from landlord Mohan Kulkarni’s residence, the police on Friday said one of the cassettes contained pornographic content, which involved him. They said it appears to have been shot a few years ago. 1-16-2005

NHRC urges states to check sexual abuse
Recognising the vulnerability of young widows and children housed in tsunami relief camps to sexual exploitation, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has asked states to protect them. 1-16-2005

Anara's mother: I am not going to give up the fight
The clouds of sleaze have cleared and the needle of suspicion has moved from former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta to the Jammu and Kashmir police and the media, which together ensured that her name became synonymous with sex and scandal. 1-14-2005

When love lures militants to death
Love hurts. But if you're a terrorist who spends his life in the shadows, it can kill too. That's what happened to Abu Ikramah. A member of the Lashkar-e-Toiba, infamous for his callous, brutal attitude towards women, Ikramah underwent a transformation when he met 16-year-old Najma. 1-14-2005

Cops close in on airport porn
It was most likely enmity between two local cable operators because of which the pornographic video came alive for a few minutes on two television sets at the capital's Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) last week, the airport police say. 1-14-2005

When sex slavery is watered down
A Japanese ruling party leader admitted on Wednesday to pressurising a public television network to tone down a program that featured a mock trial held by a women's rights group on sex slavery in military brothels during World War II. 1-14-2005

Sex industry fears as Cambodia plants shut
At least 20 garment factories in Cambodia have closed in the last four months, putting several thousand women out of work and possibly pushing them into prostitution, says the United Nations. 1-14-2005

Indonesian police destroy porn films and booze
Police in Bekasi, east of Jakarta, have destroyed more than 4,000 pirated pornographic video compact discs (VCDs) and 10,000 bottles of alcohol, in what was seen as yet another token crackdown on vice, rather than an effort to eliminate video piracy and the sale of dubious quality liquor. 1-14-2005

Japan's police to keep eye on released sexual offenders
Japan's police are set to receive information on the whereabouts of sexual offenders after they are released from prison in a basic agreement between senior police and Justice Ministry officials. 1-14-2005

HIV/AIDS spreading rapidly among youth in Korea
Last year, 614 more Koreans were found with HIV, the virus which can lead to AIDS, raising the number of Koreans infected to 3,153, health authorities said yesterday. 1-14-2005

AIDS problem growing in Russia
HIV/AIDS is spreading at a devastating pace in Russia, with a new study showing an estimated 1 million people infected — three times the number officially reported — U.S. and Russian experts said Wednesday. 1-14-2005

Pakistan: Top human trafficking suspect arrested
Pakistan has arrested an alleged lynchpin in the country's notorious human smuggling racket who is said to have trafficked thousands of people to the West, officials said on Wednesday. 1-14-2005

EU concerned about child prostitution in Cambodia
The European Parliament said on Thursday that it was increasingly concerned by the treatment of children in Cambodia, where it said they were exposed to prostitution and trafficking. 1-14-2005

Geisha pride: An exhibition on Japan's most famous diva
Courtesan style was never so chic. From John Galliano's kimono wraps and Behnaz Sarafpour's obi-sashed silk dresses to Fresh's latest perfume, dubbed Sake, the influence of the geisha is everywhere. 1-13-2005

Japanese flesh traders targeting Western women
A 23-year-old Russian woman became intrigued with the idea of working as a hostess in Japan a few years ago after a friend returned home flush with cash from hostessing and opened a boutique. 1-13-2005

Military record of 'comfort woman' unearthed
The first real-name record of a surviving former "comfort woman" has been discovered. Researchers discovered the records of a surviving "comfort woman", 79-year-old Kim Bok-dong, while examining military records at the National Archives and Records Service. 1-13-2005

Sexual assault victim's family pardons Iranian woman
A woman who spent seven years on death row in Iran has been spared execution by the family of the police chief she stabbed to death and sexually mutilated for trying to rape her. 1-13-2005

Sri Lanka probes alleged child trafficking
Police have arrested a 63-year-old Sri Lankan man on charges of trying to sell his two young granddaughters after their home was destroyed and their mother killed by the Asian tsunami a case that highlights the vulnerability of children in the wake of the disaster. 1-13-2005

Bollywood: 'Sheesha' - Not just sex
When the makers announced the film, it didn't even create murmur. But its tantalizing promos have done the trick! Sheesha has generated tremendous heat thanks to the hot scenes depicted in the promos. 1-13-2005

Sex on CD: Evidence handed over
While deposed Acharya Ajendraprasad said he would face whatever action the police took, chairman of Vadtal Temple Trust Nautam Swami submitted documentary evidence to the Nadiad police, allegedly, showing Ajendraprasad’s involvement in the ‘sex-on-tape’ scandal. 1-13-2005

Okamoto develops 0.03mm-thick condoms
Thin is in, at least when you are talking about condoms. Crown condoms, manufactured in Japan, have long been known as the thinnest brand on the U.S. market, at a very thin 0.05mm. Now condoms have gotten even thinner. 1-13-2005

Street stall sex service serves up buffet of tasty babes in Japan
Japan's entrepreneurs of eroticism have come up with an inventive way to circumvent a recent crackdown on the country's flesh trade, according to Shukan Taishu. 1-12-2005

The town left without women
When the survivors of Lampuuk had picked themselves up out of the mud of the tsunami, several appalling facts became clear. The first was that their town no longer existed. The second was that four out of five of its former inhabitants were dead. 1-12-2005

Kyrgyzstan: Focus on gay and lesbian rights
Kyrgyzstan is known as an island of gay tolerance in an otherwise oppressive region. Some gay people come here from Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, where homosexuality is punishable by law, in search of a more favourable and accepting environment. 1-12-2005

'Gender no bar, all judges can hear sexual offence cases'
The Supreme Court has dismissed a plea, which had sought the transfer of a sexual offence case being heard by a female judge to a male judge, rejecting the argument that a woman would find it "embarrassing" to hear such a case. 1-12-2005

India: Clicking porn and viewing it no legal offence
The suspected webcam scam that surfaced in Pune on Tuesday is not the first such case in Pune. In September 2003, a web camera was discovered in a changing room of a public swimming pool. The pool manager, receptionist and peon, all in their early 20s, were arrested. 1-12-2005

US report lauds Pakistan's steps against human trafficking
As the government of Pakistan is preparing for amendments to the Human Trafficking Ordinance, a positive report received from the US State Department on human trafficking has come as an encouragement for Pakistan, which is on America’s watch-list on the issue. 1-12-2005

“Tsunami orphans” became targets of human trafficking 
In Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, a worker of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) recently received a strange SMS advertisement which said, “You can buy children according to your liking.”  1-12-2005

Changing sexual orientation through reparative therapy
Some believe that sexual orientation can change while others do not think so. Some psychiatrists even warn that, “there may be severe emotional and social consequences in the attempt to change from homosexuality to heterosexuality.” 1-12-2005

Koizumi supports tracking the address of convicted sexual offenders
Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said on Tuesday that police departments should track the whereabouts of sexual offenders after they are released from prison. 1-12-2005

Little Devil finds work for idol glands
One of Japan's biggest manufacturers of women's lingerie has cupped off a year marked by regular releases of brassieres that have been a tad different to your average jug holders, according to Asahi Geino. 1-11-2005

China: Woman not jailed over one-child plan
China on Monday denied claims by U.S. officials and a human rights group that a Shanghai woman is undergoing reeducation through labor for her campaign to abolish the country's one-child policy. 1-11-2005

Pakistan amending anti-human trafficking law
The government will introduce amendments to the anti-human trafficking ordinance to make it more effective, Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao said on Monday. 1-11-2005

Men, women have different connotations for sex; obviously
Sex might be one of the strongest factor which binds them together, but men and women still carry different impressions of sexual subjects ranging from orgasm to rape, a new University of Florida study has found. 1-11-2005

Malaysia records rise in sexual crimes
Based on police statistics, the year 2004 recorded a total of 445 reported cases of sexual crime in Sabah, Malaysia compared with 273 the previous year. 1-11-2005

Tourists will be back 'for sex'
Phuket's sex industry, a mainstay of the local economy, may have been hard hit by the tsunamis which ravaged the Thai coast but prostitutes and their clients are convinced that business will soon be brisk again. 1-10-2005

India's airport's porn blunder
Passengers at an Indian airport were shocked when a hardcore porn movie was played on television screens for 20 minutes. 1-10-2005

USFK commander wants crackdown on prostitution in Itaewon's 'Hooker Hill'
A top 8th Army official is considering putting the string of bars and clubs in Itaewon known collectively as “Hooker Hill” off-limits to all U.S. servicemembers, workers and contractors. 1-10-2005

Sex advice on menu at Shenzhen cafe bar
Walking into a cafe with his four colleagues, Mack Yu, a real estate agent in his 20s, is not just out for a drink. With prints of paintings by Picasso, Dali and Delvaux hanging on the walls, the cafe looks no different from others in this South China city, except its name, Sex Cafe. 1-10-2005

Israelis develop first scientific test to measure sexual desire
A new Israeli test can scientifically determine a person's level of sexual desire. Until now, there has not been an objective method of measuring sexual desire or damage to it, and diagnoses have been made based solely on interviews with subjects. 1-10-2005

China cracks down on phone sex
China has shut down 97 phone sex lines and arrested an unspecified number of people since July 2004, when it launched a nationwide crackdown on the dial-up service. 1-10-2005

Anara kin want Delhi cops to net porn mafia
Even though forensic experts have given a clean chit to Anara Gupta in the porn CD case, it has hardly made a dent in the sale of pornographic material that claim to feature her in the Capital’s markets. 1-10-2005

Sexual assault victim burnt in Pakistan
A teenaged girl received serious burn wounds when Yaseen, son of her employer set her on fire, when she resisted his sexual assault in a house in Dhoraji Colony within Bahadurabad police jurisdiction late Saturday night. 1-10-2005

China to make sex-selective abortions a crime
China is to outlaw the selective abortion of female fetuses to correct an imbalance in the ratio of boys to girls that has grown since the one-child policy was introduced more than 20 years ago. 1-7-2005

China population now 1.3 billion, officials tout forced-abortion policies
A baby boy born in China's capital city has inched the population of the Asian country upward to 1.3 billion, the largest worldwide. Chinese officials used the occasion to tout their coercive one-child population control policies that involve forced abortions and human rights abuses. 1-7-2005

Saudi phone video sex assault trio jailed
Two young men from prominent Saudi families have been sentenced to prison terms and flogging for orchestrating and filming a Nigerian driver sexually assaulting a 17-year-old Saudi girl. 1-7-2005

Korean anti-prostitution law takes toll on service industry: Experts
With the country's service industry suffering from a protracted slump, guest houses, bars, pubs and beauty salons, in particular, are seeing their sales decline steadily. 1-7-2005

South Asian cooperation must: Call to combat human trafficking
Speakers at a regional workshop on Thursday called for developing effective strategies and intensive cooperation among the South Asian countries to combat human trafficking, ensure smooth repatriation of trafficked victims and bring cross-border traffickers to book. 1-7-2005

Anara leaves sleaze behind, head held high
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta walked out of her home here Thursday with her head held high, speaking to nobody but looking straight into people's eyes, a day after forensic experts cleared the clouds of sleaze and said she was not the woman in a porn CD. 1-6-2005

Nude fnti-fur protesters to take to Seoul streets
Two American animal rights activists held a nude anti-fur demonstration in downtown Seoul on Friday, urging South Koreans not to wear clothing made from fur. 1-6-2005

National women's panel seeks crackdown on porn
Taking note of the false implication of former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta in a pornographic CD, the National Commission for Women has urged the home ministry to crack down on disseminators of obscene material. 1-6-2005

Girl in porn CD not Anara: Lab
A Hyderabad-based forensic laboratory, investigating the porn CD purportedly featuring former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, has said the woman in the video is not her. 1-5-2005

Bai Ling posing nude for Playboy
Hollywood Chinese star Bai Ling is surprising many fans with her plans to pose naked in the popular American magazine Playboy. The star will take off her clothes and pose for the four-day magazine shoot. 1-5-2005

Kazakhstan: MSM group works to raise HIV awareness
Raising HIV awareness is no easy task, particularly amongst Kazakhstan's largely closeted gay community. But in a campaign aimed at doing just that, one local NGO is looking towards the Internet to reach members of the MSM community (men who have sex with men). 1-4-2005

Bethlehem man gets up to 12 years for having sex with girl
A Bethlehem man who had sex with a 15-year-old girl he met at a soup kitchen will spend up to 12 years in state prison. Justin Christie, 22, cried Monday as he apologized. 1-4-2005

Bhubaneswar cyber cafes raided for showing porn
Bhubaneswar police conducted simultaneous raids on 26 cyber cafes located at different places in the city and arrested their owners and managers for allegedly showing obscene movies. The police has also seized more than 50 computer systems containing scores of obscene movies. 1-4-2005

Tsunami orphans at sexual abuse risk
Save the Children Fund in Sri Lanka said children orphaned by the tsunami are at risk of sexual abuse in camps or being sold to child traffickers. 1-3-2005

Israel: Granting the right to a call girl
A young man of 19, Y., was injured in a car accident and filed a claim with his insurance company. Thousands of these sorts of claims are submitted each year and receive no publicity. However, Y.'s affair received wide publicity and struck a chord in the media in particular, and Israeli society in general. 1-3-2005

Japan cuts on RP workers ‘speculative’
Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo deems as “very speculative” persistent reports that the number of Filipino entertainers to be allowed entry in Japan would be drastically cut from 80,000 to 6,000 with the implementation of new immigration rules in that country. 1-3-2005

4 Israelis arrested for visiting child pornography websites
Central District Police arrested four men, residents of the Kfar Saba, Ra'anana and Netanya areas, on suspicion of surfing child pornography Web sites and downloading images and films illegally featuring children. 1-3-2005

First gay weekly to be launched in Nepal
Nepal's first gay weekly highlighting issues affecting the country's burgeoning gay community will hit the stands in the third week of January. 1-2-2005

Arrest spurs debate on naming sex offenders in Japan
The arrest Thursday of a 36-year-old man suspected of abducting and murdering a 7-year-old Nara girl in November has again raised questions over whether communities should be informed when anyone with a history of sex crimes is living among them. 1-1-2005

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