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Central Asia: What's being done about AIDS?
Sasha is a 33-year-old drug user who lives in the Kazakh city of Almaty. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with AIDS. At that time, he says, the situation seemed hopeless. 12-31-2004

Porn VCD sent to Hyderabad based forensic lab
The VCD of a porn movie, purportedly featuring former Jammu beauty queen Anara Gupta, which was seized by the police has been sent to Hyderabad-based forensic lab to ascertain its authenticity, police sources said in Jammu. 12-30-2004

Ahmednagar sex workers donate money
Sex workers in Ahmednagar and the district have come forward to donate over Rs 13,000 -- their day's earning -- as a humanitarian gesture for those affected by Tsunami tidal waves in southern India. 12-29-2004

HIV infections build in Uzbekistan as prostitution flourishes
The 30-year-old prostitute refuses to give her name. She says she discovered she was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, roughly two years ago. 12-29-2004

1 Out of 6 Korean students experiences sexual harassment: Survey
About one out of six students, or 15.9 percent, have experienced sexual harassment in schools, according to a survey released by the Ministry of Gender Equality on Wednesday. 12-29-2004

Anara Gupta's family approaches NHRC
Alleging that they were tortured by Jammu and Kashmir police for several days, the family of the main accused in the porn CD case Anara Gupta today approached NHRC seeking a CBI probe into the matter. 12-28-2004

HK young people more conservative towards sex
A recent survey finds Hong Kong young people have become more conservative in their attitude on sex - with an increasing number of them disapproving of divorce, abortion, pre-marital sex and multiple sex partners. 12-28-2004

China shuts down 1,287 porn and cult websites
China has shut down 1,287 websites which spread "harmful information" on religious cults, superstition and pornography, a government Internet watchdog said Monday. 12-28-2004

Thai man jailed and caned for prostitution
A 33-year-old Thai man was jailed for one year and six months with three strokes of the cane for having lived in part off the earnings of three Thai prostitutes, before the Bandar Magistrates' Court yesterday. 12-28-2004

Crackdown on porn surfers in Raipur
Cyber cafes doubled surfing rates as Chhattisgarh police began a crackdown on users of pornography websites here. 12-28-2004

Anara case: NCW asks Home Minister to ensure "proper probe"
Concerned over allegations of police torture levelled by family members of main accused in the porn CD case Anara Gupta, National Commission for Women (NCW) today asked Home Minister Shivraj Patil to enure a "proper probe", if need be by the CBI, so that their faith in the investigation was restored. 12-27-2004

The trafficking trap persists in border towns
A Burmese woman sits on the wooden floor of a small room in Ranong, a Thai town bordering southern-most Burma. Over the sound of a whirring fan, the 18-year-old who is just over four feet tall recounts her past. 12-27-2004

Jharkhand govt to approach CBI over website porn links
Taking serious note of a website registered as www.Jharkhand.Com in America, having links to pornographic material, Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda today said his government would approach the CBI to trace the source and its origin. 12-27-2004

Israeli ministry to restrict porn on mobile phones
Israel's Communications Ministry said Sunday it amended licenses for mobile phone operators to restrict access to pornographic services following complaints that too many children were exposed to erotic material. 12-26-2004

Indian court gives bail to teenager in sex video scandal
A teenager who sparked a national scandal after using a camera phone to film himself having oral sex was granted bail Wednesday despite prosecution demands he be put in psychiatric care for showing "animal instincts."  12-26-2004

Cyber cafes open up to curb porn
Cyber cafe owners across the city are getting wiser to customers accessing pornographic sites and even at the cost of privacy, several of the cafes are taking steps to curb such activity. However, the absence of a proper monitoring system still means the Net is used for accessing porn. 12-26-2004

No sure solution in prostitution fight
Labor Secretary Patricia Sto. Tomas admitted Sunday that the government cannot do anything about Filipino entertainers who practice the oldest profession in Japan as Tokyo employs a stricter policy to curb human trafficking starting next year. 12-26-2004

Teen sex video sold online exposes changes in India
It was a private act of two hormone-charged teenagers that lasted 2 minutes and 37 seconds on digital video. 12-26-2004

Sex and scandal in the world’s fastest growing mobile market
Modern technology is showing up “traditional” values in India as snatched shots from mobile telephone cameras inspire heated debate, voyeuristic television shows and three arrests. 12-26-2004

China starts to introduce more puberty sex knowledge books
China has recently introduced its first cartoon book series on puberty and sex education from the Republic of Korea. 12-25-2004

A porn site named Jharkhand
An accidental discovery of an adult site - - registered in America has got the state police working overtime to get the site blocked. 12-25-2004

US gov't effort to stem human trafficking helps very few
She could be a Thai woman who thought she was coming to the United States to be a housekeeper but, under threats of bodily harm to her and her loved ones, wait on her masters hand-and-foot 18 to 20 hours a day, seven days a week. 12-17-2004

Japan requested to cancel Lee's visa
China yesterday urged Japan to cancel a visa for a former Taiwan leader to avoid damaging its ties with China, warning that Lee Teng-hui would promote "Taiwan independence." 12-17-2004

Crusader takes on criminals to 'rescue' sex workers
For the past eight years, Pierre Legros refused to be cowed by the death threats that often followed his mission - helping to free girls and women trapped in Cambodia's sex industry. But now, the Frenchman has a reason to pause. 12-17-2004

Thailand links up with ASEAN to battle human trafficking
The 5th Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) ministerial meeting on social welfare and development kicked off in Bangkok today with a pledge to stamp out human trafficking throughout the region. 12-17-2004

MMS porn concerns MPs
A Lok Sabha MP Thursday asked the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry to set up a committee to examine the peddling of pornography through MMS. 12-17-2004

Management college in India inundated with porn mail
The Bhubaneswar-based Xavier Institute of Management has been trying to manage a strange case lately, with little success. 12-17-2004

Cops to arrest DPS 'porn-maker' kid
After the arrest of an IIT-Kharagpur student for peddling the infamous DPS pornographic MMS clip online, Delhi Police are now gunning for the standard XI student who shot the clip. 12-16-2004

DPS sex scandal: IIT student remanded to three day
A Delhi court on Thursday remanded IIT student Ravi Raj, arrested for allegedly transmitting the infamous DPS R K Puram sex clip through Internet, to police custody for three days. 12-16-2004

Japanese rent-a-doll blows hooker market wide open
It's hard to tell whether it's a condemnation of Japanese men or Japanese women, but workers in one of the fastest-growing sectors of the country's thriving call girl market are all absolute dolls - really, according to Spa!. 12-16-2004

China slams Japan over wartime sex abuse
China called on Japan to face up to its military's wartime use of sex slaves after a Tokyo court rejected a lawsuit by four elderly Chinese women who said they were raped repeatedly by Japanese soldiers. 12-16-2004

Buying or selling porn in India means trouble
The MMS sex clip involving two Delhi Public School students has opened a Pandora's box. The 2.37-minute clip was passed from one phone to another and it reached all over the country and even abroad. 12-16-2004

Bazee school-sex video seller is an IIT student
A meticulous piece of cross-country sleuthing—from Delhi to Mumbai to West Bengal—into the online sale of a school-sex cellphone video led to the dramatic Tuesday-evening arrest of a scholar at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. 12-16-2004

China moves to ban late term abortions
One of the world's least controlled abortion regimes will be tightened next month, when the Chinese city of Guiyang introduces a pilot programme aimed at halting the widespread termination of female foetuses. 12-16-2004

Nude Pamela Anderson poses for China censor
A naked Pamela Anderson will beckon from Chinese billboards in a new anti-fur campaign -- if the former "Baywatch" star can get past the censors. 12-16-2004

Singapore exporting its baby-making fragrances
Fragrances aimed at getting Singaporeans in the mood for love will soon be sold abroad, after being used in a government-backed campaign aimed at boosting the city-state's declining birth rate. 12-16-2004

Philippine gov't urged to step up anti-human trafficking efforts
The United States Wednesday urged the Philippine government to exert more efforts in the fight against human trafficking. 12-16-2004

Disabled Iranian faces execution
Iran plans to execute a mentally disabled 19-year-old woman for "acts contrary to chastity," alleged crimes stemming from her having been forced into prostitution as a child, Amnesty International says. 12-15-2004

IIT student arrested in porn video case
A student of IIT, Kharagpur was on Tuesday arrested by the Delhi Police in connection with the online sale of obscene mobile phone video clips featuring two Delhi Public School (DPS) students, which had created a sensation in the city and triggered off debate on the misuse of information technology by school children. 12-15-2004

Malaysia's political princess a rare liberal gadfly
She has a title and a famous father, but among Asia's political princesses Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir is something of a rebel. 12-15-2004

Neil Bush: Goodwill ambassador or sex tourist?
Neil Bush was best-known for his role in the collapse of the Silverado Savings and Loan. But we have come to find out, he is actually the romeo of the Bush family. 12-15-2004

In denial of a human trafficking problem
I must say that this headline really grabbed my attention: Malaysian brothel unearthed in pigsty (Asian Gazette Gazette, Dec 10). At first glance, it sounded like something really kinky was going on in our Malaysian backwoods. 12-15-2004

Wartime sex slaves' compensation bid rejected
An appeal by four elderly Chinese women forced to become sex slaves for Japanese soldiers during World War Two was rejected today by a court in Japan that said the current government wasn’t responsible for the atrocities committed by wartime rulers. 12-15-2004

Study suggests sex education poor in Japan
The revelation that 11.4 percent of high school students who have had sexual intercourse do not know they have been infected with chlamydia has highlighted the need to review sex education. 12-15-2004

Thailand to seek int'l cooperation against internet pornography
Thailand will ask for international cooperation to fight against internet pornography, local press reported on Wednesday. 12-15-2004

US urges Cambodia to support police action on human trafficking
The United States has urged Cambodia to praise and support, not punish, a policewoman who led the rescue of 84 female sex trafficking victims from a brothel. 12-15-2004

Mentally-ill girl who was sold for sex faces death penalty in Iran
A teenage girl with a mental age of eight is facing the death penalty for prostitution in Iran. The trial comes only four months after the hanging of another mentally ill girl for sex before marriage in a case that has prompted a human rights lawyer to prepare a charge of wrongful execution against the presiding judge. 12-14-2004

'Girls sent illegally to UAE forced into prostitution'
The Government has advised the Labour Ministry to take immediate measures to meet the potential dangers of Indian girls sent illegally to Dubai and other countries and forced into prostitution, the Lok Sabha was informed today. 12-14-2004

TV show to unmask sexual taboo
China's first nationally-televised show about sex will get participants talking freely but allow them to wear masks to avoid embarrassment, a state-run Chinese newspaper said on Tuesday. 12-2-2004

Marriages in China - without sex
A matchmaking bureau has been set up in eastern China offering platonic marriages to people who want a spouse but don't want the sex, a news report said Monday. 12-14-2004

Porn web site operators sentenced in China
Porn web site operators stood on trial in four district courts in Guangzhou on Monday on charges of spreading pornographic material on the Internet. 12-14-2004

Japanese men lapping up new foam pillow
Japanese men who want to rest their weary heads this Christmas season are finding comfort in the lap of a woman - made of foam. The torso-less "lap pillow" stands upright like a small cushion and resembles a woman's legs in a miniskirt. 12-14-2004

Ex-TV announcer caught filming up girl's skirt
A former announcer of Higashi Nippon Broadcasting Co. who used a video camera to secretly film up a high school student's skirt has been arrested, police said. 12-14-2004

Man arrested for pulling schoolgirls' pants down and taking pictures
A jobless man who pulled down the pants of two girls in an elementary school playground here and took photos of the lower parts of their bodies after offering to pay them 1,000 yen, has been arrested, police said Tuesday. 12-14-2004

Female officers to interview sexual assault victims
The National Police Agency announced Tuesday its plan to protect the rights of sexual assault victims while apologizing for the mishandling of the recent gang rape committed by some 42 high school students in Miryang, South Kyongsang Province. 12-14-2004

Vietnam cracks down on sex trade, targets under-18s
Vietnam has banned hotels, restaurants, massage parlours and Internet cafes from employing people under the age of 18 as it moves to crack down on widespread prostitution, state media reported on Tuesday. 12-14-2004

Singapore police stop gay holiday party
Police in Singapore have refused to grant a permit for a gay holiday circuit party because it is "against the moral values" of the country's population. 12-14-2004

3 QC minors rescued from Sta. Ignacia prostitution den
Three female minors, who all happen to be from Quezon City, were rescue by combined police operatives from a suspected prostitution den in Sta. Ignacia, a town some 10 kilometers northwest of this city. 12-14-2004

Sex clip: Cops probe portal, Palika sales
A team of Delhi Police Crime Branch today reached Mumbai to investigate the sale and tansmission of the MMS clip involving two students of Delhi Public School in a sexual act. 12-13-2004

China awaits crowning of Miss Plastic Surgery
China will soon host the finals of the country's first beauty contest in which every contestant has gone under the knife. A competitor in China's first artificial beauty pageant receives final touches before the opening presentation in Beijing December 12, 2004. 12-13-2004

Journey into artificial beauty
It is 9:30 am on a Friday morning. A dozen patients are sitting in the waiting room of the plastic surgery section of Beijing Union Medical College Hospital: a 50-year-old woman accompanied by her daughter, a 12-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy with their parents, a pretty lady in her 30s, a middle-aged man. 12-13-2004

Raunchy manga concerns Japanese parents
Tokyo housewife Yoshimi says she got the fright of her life when she had a look at the type of manga her 12-year-old daughter was reading. "I started shaking in terror from the moment I turned the page. I never dreamed my daughter was reading such a shocking manga." 12-13-2004

Thailand, setting the standard for sex changes
American Robert Higgins was just a toddler when he first longed to be a woman. Fifty years later that dream has become a reality with the help of surgeons half a world away, in Thailand. 12-13-2004

Murali wants CBI probe into sex scandal case
The popularity of the Oommen Chandy government in Kerala has hit rockbottom in the wake of sexual abuse charges against Industries Minister P K Kunhalikutty, senior Congress leader K Muraleedharan said on Sunday and demanded a CBI probe into the entire episode to clear all doubts. 12-13-2004

USFK in drive to cut crimes
The U.S. Forces Korea has been mounting a concerted effort to maintain strong military readiness and to mitigate any friction with the local community by toughening measures on drinking and driving and cracking down on offenses related to prostitution. 12-13-2004

North Korea reportedly revises criminal codes
Though North Korea is generally regarded as a dictatorial state, the country does have a long-standing criminal code, and now Pyeongyang is undertaking a number legal reforms to adapt laws to be more market friendly. 12-13-2004

Law blamed for illegal abortion rise among Asians in New Zealand
A law change forcing thousands of foreign fee-paying students and visitors to pay for health services is feared to be behind a rise in illegal abortions. Since October 30 last year, people on student or visitor visas have been ineligible for free health care - meaning they must pay $1000-$1500 for an abortion. 12-13-2004

The 4th Taiwan International Documentary Festival: A sweet and sour slice
Independent filmmaker Thunska Pansittivorakul knows too well the long-rooted stereotypes about Thailand and Thai films -- the beach, the sex industry, the lush countryside and the beautiful images of ancient grandeur. 12-13-2004

Asian honour crimes conference, London
As many as six unexplained deaths in Brent and Harrow could be reinvestigated under a Crown Prosecution Service crackdown on so-called "honour crimes" in Asian communites announced this week. 12-13-2004

'If she doesn't have Aids already, she will get it'
The string of flickering lightbulbs above my head is swaying gently in the evening breeze, struggling to illuminate the neat row of giggling Cambodian schoolgirls lined up in front of me like fragile porcelain dolls. 12-12-2004

Miss Overtly Charming Barza Muslim Sister
Miss Overtly Charming Muslim Sister sat on a wooden armchair with a cherry finish. “Assalamu Alaikum!”, she said. Is that not the over-generalized, watered down Arabic phrase Muslims utter to wish “peace” upon each other? 12-12-2004

Israel reviews fathers' custody rights 
The Israel Ministry of Health and the Israel Ministry of Justice are now taking a hard, serious look at the benefits of joint custody in the Jewish state. 12-12-2004

Sex-starved Japanese wives get men on prescription
Champions of conventional concepts of matrimony may well be shocked -- dismayed, even -- by the current slew of stories in Japanese magazines detailing just how likely the nation's married women are to have sex outside their marriages. 12-12-2004

80 rescued sex workers kidnapped in Cambodia
About 30 men and women, some armed with handguns, attacked a shelter in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital, and kidnapped more than 80 sex workers whom authorities had rescued earlier this week, a newspaper reported yesterday. 12-12-2004

Korean sexual assault case provokes uproar
Police have arrested 12 high school boys and booked 29 other students from Miryang, South Kyongsang Province, on charges of sexual assaults on five middle school girls. 12-12-2004

U.S. demands Cambodian action in sex trafficking case
The top U.S. diplomat in charge of combating trafficking in people demanded on Friday that Cambodia free 91 women and children abducted from a shelter a day after police had rescued them from a brothel. 12-12-2004

Cambodian monks in bizarre scandal
A Buddhist monk was disrobed after he attempted to engineer his superior's sacking by hiring a sultry singer to claim his rival had slept with her, religious officials said. 12-12-2004

Malaysian police probe sex allegations at elephant shelter
Malaysian police were investigating allegations that foreign volunteers at an elephant shelter had been raped or sexually assaulted in the past few years, a report said Sunday. 12-12-2004

Malaysian boy rapes cousin after watching porn
A 12-year-old boy allegedly raped his four-year-old cousin at a sugarcane plantation here, after watching a pornographic movie. He was arrested and will be remanded until Monday. The incident on Tuesday was detected after the girl complained of pain in her private parts. 12-12-2004

Jammu porn suspect cries police pressure
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta has retracted her confessional statements, saying these were made under police pressure. Anara, who was barred by Jammu and Kashmir High Court from speaking to the media about a fortnight ago, made the retraction in the form of a petition filed in court yesterday. 12-10-2004

Doctor does sex-change op 'live'
Thailand's renowned plastic surgeon Preecha Tiewtranon performed a sex-change operation live on videoconference on Friday before an audience of 35 visiting doctors in Bangkok to attend Asia's first sex-reassignment workshop. 12-10-2004

Hooters a hit in Shanghai
The owl may be the logo found on the sign outside Hooters, which opened recently in the crowded Shanghai City Centre, but the US restaurant chain's true trademark found inside - is its scantily-clad waitresses. 12-10-2004

Russia: high rates of marriage and divorce
Russians are No 1 in the rate of marriage, divorce, abortions and children in residential care, a U.N. survey of more than two dozen nations concludes. 12-10-2004

Kyoko's nude spread shows metamorphosis from breaststroke to butterfly
Olympic gold medallist Kyoko Iwasaki has bared it all for the cameras...sort of, according to Asahi Geino. Iwasaki had Japan smitten 12 years ago when aged just 14 she became the country's youngest ever women's swimming Olympic champion in a shock and gushed, "this is the happiest I've ever been in my life up until now.". 12-10-2004

Newly-weds paraded nude for not seeking parents' consent
A newly wed man and wife were on Thursday paraded naked for daring to tie the knot last week without the consent of their parents in a village in Khunti subdivision of Jharkhand, according to police sources. 12-10-2004

Iranian film wins top award in India
Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's "Beautiful City," a grim tale of a sister trying to save her brother from a death sentence, won the top honor Thursday at the International Film Festival of India. 12-10-2004

Shanghai rejects Playboy club
Authorities in Shanghai said today they had rejected an application to open a Playboy club in China's largest city. The rejection came only a day after the Chinese joint venture company of the US group had announced plans to open the venue. 12-9-2004

China to stop massages below the shoulders
Guangzhou is to forbid masseuses in beauty salons from massaging customers below the shoulders. The move is aimed at preventing prostitution. This is the first time the city has issued service guidelines for hair and beauty salons. 12-9-2004

Thais to perform first live sex change operation
Thai surgeons will perform the world's first live sex change operation on Friday in an attempt to boost the country's booming cosmetic surgery industry. 12-9-2004

Malaysian brothel unearthed in pigsty
The authorities in Malaysia have closed down a brothel that was operating from a disused pigsty. Police moved in after women in Tanjung Sepat village reported seeing their husbands making regular visits to the sty, for no apparent reason. 12-9-2004

Jammu 'porn queen' sues police
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, who was involved in a pornography scandal, has filed a Rs 1 crore suit against the Jammu and Kashmir police for "coercing" her to make confessional statements. 12-9-2004

Pakistan: Marriages made in hell
At an Islamabad women's refuge, with an address cloaked in secrecy and a perimeter guarded by barbed wire, 21-year-old Sharzia - whose name has been changed to protect her identity - broke down in tears as she described the horror of her forced marriage. 12-9-2004

Israeli lawmakers welcome directive on rights for same-sex couples
Many members of the political establishment yesterday welcomed Attorney General Menachem Mazuz's directive under which the state will recognize same-sex couples when it came to issues of money and property. 12-9-2004

China faces up to Aids challenge
In a picturesque village of bamboo huts near China's border with Burma, 37-year-old Sha Wang complains he has been sick for over a year. "I always feel tired, and I can't work in the fields. I haven't been to the doctor as I don't have any money," he said. 12-9-2004

Randy Japanese pensioner busted for stalking high school girl
An elderly man who stalked a high school girl 52 years younger than himself and persistently asked her to date him has been arrested, police said. 12-9-2004

University soccer team red carded for gang raping schoolgirl
A whopping 15 members of the university club were arrested Dec. 1 for gang-raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl. Allegedly leading the pack rape was defender Takashi Hamano, who was arrested for breaking the Child Welfare Law. 12-9-2004

Russia: 14-year-olds allowed to marry
Local lawmakers in the central Russian region of Oriol have approved a new law permitting marriage from the age of 14, four years earlier than the age recommended - but not strictly mandated - by federal legislation, an official said today. 12-9-2004

New Korean name for condom too close for comfort
South Korea has shelved a plan to replace the English word for condom with a Korean word after a string of complaints from people with identical or similar sounding names. 12-8-2004

When sex gets out of the cupboard
It is an episode that has stirred the roots of Indian society: two senior students of a prestigious private school in Delhi indulged in an intimate sexual act in the chemistry laboratory. 12-8-2004

Japan adopts action plan against human trafficking
Japan adopted an action plan today, aimed at preventing human trafficking, following the release of a U.S. report this year that accused Tokyo of not doing enough to protect its ''thousands of victims of sexual slavery''. 12-8-2004

Human trafficking on alarming rise through 14 border points of 6 districts
Incidents of trafficking of women and children rose alarmingly through 14 border points of six districts in southwestern region recently. Bangladesh Development Partnership Centre (BDPC), an NGO revealed this after a survey conducted for 16 months. 12-8-2004

Playboy's Shanghai 'Lifestyle Club' plan may stall
Playboy Enterprises Inc.'s plan to open a "lifestyle club" in Shanghai next year won't be approved, the Beijing Morning Post newspaper reported today, citing an unidentified official from Shanghai's Commerce Bureau. 12-7-2004

From Bangkoking backpackers to L.A. lays, callgirls Japan's latest sexport
Much of Japan was shocked earlier this year after the U.S. State Department listed the country as a prime destination for female sex slaves, but being the export powerhouse that it is, Japanese women selling their bodies overseas are making sure it's not all one-way traffick, according to Spa!. . 12-7-2004

Anti-trafficking plan targets fake nuptials in Japan
Japan wants to get off rights 'watch list' with stricter laws. Tokyo intends to crack down on sham marriages as part of its plan to eradicate the human trafficking of foreign women, sources said over the weekend. 12-7-2004

Asian suicides may be 'honour' killings
The deaths and disappearances of hundreds of Asian women are to be reviewed to ensure they were not victims of "honour" killings. The suicide rate among Asian women is almost three times that of the general population. 12-7-2004

Revisionist text author to join Saitama education board
The Saitama Prefectural Government will nominate to its board of education one of the authors of a controversial history textbook criticized for having a nationalist bias, it was learned Monday. 12-7-2004

Pakistan: Civil society role central to combat human trafficking
Given the lack of economic and human resources in Pakistan, civil society should shoulder the responsibility of reducing human trafficking by developing skills and employment opportunities in general, and for victims in particular, anti-trafficking activists say. 12-7-2004

Human trafficking: It can happen to you
Women and children are the leading victims of trafficking. Often, they are trafficked by someone they know - either a relative, a neighbour or a friend. 12-7-2004

From Russia, for love
Those who hear Katerina Sheridan's story wonder how she could have been so foolish. How could she marry a man she hardly knew and go to a land she had never seen? 12-6-2004

Tokyo police crack down on sex ads
Tokyo police may soon bring charges against tabloid newspapers and men's magazines that run ads for illegal sex services, Mainichi Shimbun reported Monday. 12-6-2004

Rapacious Japanese pantie collector mounts one snatch too many
Fukuoka fuzz got the shock of their lives when a routine license check ended up delivering into their hands a notorious purloiner of putrid panties, according to Shukan Jitsuwa. 12-6-2004

Russian commercial envoy downplays prostitution allegations 
Valeri Shlyamin, the commercial representative of the Russian Federation in Finland, says that the suspicions of pimping directed at two Russian diplomats stationed in Helsinki are "strange". 12-6-2004

Anti-sex trafficking group slams cops for abuse
An anti-sex trafficking group yesterday castigated the Philippine National Police for the "despicable treatment" suffered by prostituted women in the hands of policemen who allegedly use the women for sex before arresting them for vagrancy or for engaging in lascivious acts. 12-6-2004

FIA proposes changes in human trafficking ordinance
The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has proposed to amend the Preventive Control of Human Trafficking Ordinance (PCHTO) of 2002 for the introduction of effective prosecution services against human traffickers, FIA sources told Daily Times on Friday. 12-6-2004

Indian police rescues eight minors forced into prostitution
Police in Mumbai on Friday rescued eight minor girls, forced into prostitution racket, from a red light area. Police said the girls, from tribal-dominated states of Jharkhand and Orissa, were below 16 years of age. 12-6-2004

Six of a family jailed over sexual exploitation bid in India
A local court has convicted six members of a family for trying to sexually exploit the wife of one of the accused. The complainant's husband, his sister, two brothers and their wives were sentenced to rigorous imprisonment for compelling her to have sexual relations with the male members of the family and torturing her following her refusal to do so. 12-6-2004

Saudi sex-change ruling is talk of the town
A judge in Saudi Arabia has provoked controversy within the strictly Islamic kingdom by ruling in favour of a transsexual whose scandalised family tried to strip him of half his inheritance after he became a woman. 12-5-2004

Playboy to open club in Shanghai, a first for China
Iconic brand Playboy plans to open a club in China's commercial capital of Shanghai - a first for the communist nation which still bans the company's flagship men's magazine. 12-5-2004

Porn CDs case: Hunt begins for MLA, three others
The Jammu Kashmir police is looking for an MLA and three other people in connection with the production of porn CDs featuring a local girl - Miss Jammu 2001, Anara Gupta. 12-5-2004

Coming late night sex TV show expected to be embraced by Chinese
"The Mask," the late night TV talk show dealing with sex-related issues that will premier in China on Jan. 1, may find a receptive audience. The half-hour program will explore various issues from common Chinese people's daily sex lives. A group of experts on hand to offer advice. 12-5-2004

Singapore may start testing couples for HIV
Couples in Singapore may face mandatory HIV tests before marrying, Singapore media reported on Sunday, a week after the government said all pregnant women would be screened for HIV/Aids to stem a rise in new infections. 12-5-2004

Living large in Asia - Rent-free
With salaries higher than their Western counterparts, unbounded entertainment options, killer sound systems and frenetic nightlife scenes, Asian 20-somethings are on the leading edge of urban chic — if they don't mind living with Mom and Dad. 12-5-2004

A caring society?
Kuppu is a grandmother who is about 60 years old. Some years ago, her husband left her for another woman. But she had plenty of other things to think about. Her daughter, son-in-law and their five children were living with her. Kuppu helped look after them. 12-5-2004

Singapore's lovers are 'too tired for sex'
Married couples in Singapore are too tired to have sex, according to a survey published on Sunday in the city-state, which is facing a chronic shortage of babies. 12-5-2004

China reveals data on HIV and gay men
China has released an official estimate of its gay population for the first time, in what many see as the first steps towards improving treatment of lesbian, gay and bisexual people in the Asian country. 12-3-2004

Makati bans ads with nude models
Billboards with nude or scantily-clad models in objectionable or sexually suggestive poses are now banned in Makati. The Makati City Council has passed an ordinance requiring advertisers to secure a special permit from the city government before installing billboards in the city. 12-3-2004

Human trafficking has swelled in Pakistan since 9/11, says Basharat
Human trafficking is an extreme form of irregular migration causing concerns in governments throughout the world, said Muhammad Basharat Raja, the provincial minister of Law and Local Government. Mr Raja was addressing a seminar titled ‘Pakistan Thematic Group on Human Trafficking’. 12-3-2004

US helps Vietnam combat human trafficking
The US embassy has revealed its Government's decision to channel 155,000 USD through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) to help combat trafficking of persons in Viet Nam, according to a press release made available to VNA on Thursday. 12-3-2004

Playboy chooses Asian co-ed for college girls edition
University of Maryland sophomore Yen Hoang is featured in the special "Girls of the ACC" issue of the magazine, one of four Maryland women featured alongside 34 others from the 10 other conference schools. 12-2-2004

TV show to unmask sexual taboo
China's first nationally-televised show about sex will get participants talking freely but allow them to wear masks to avoid embarrassment, a state-run Chinese newspaper said on Tuesday. 12-2-2004

Thai teenage sex education vital, say activists
On a recent Friday afternoon, the students at a secondary school on the outskirts of this town in northern Thailand took a break from their books to watch a play that produced steady bursts of laughter. 12-2-2004

Japanese official apologizes for remarks about textbooks
Japan’s education minister apologized Tuesday for praising history textbooks that barely mention Japanese atrocities during the last century, saying he should not have expressed his personal opinion. 12-2-2004

Iran's growing AIDS crisis shifts from the needle to the bed
Health experts warned that Iran's growing AIDS problem was moving away from drug users and into the bedroom, and appealed to mullah authorities to go further in breaking a taboo over all things sexual. 12-2-2004

Save "Leila" from execution in Iran
Imagine you are a 19 year old woman, faces imminent execution in Iran. What childhood you have had has been marred with physical and sexual abuse from the age of 8, giving birth to your first child at the age of 9. 12-2-2004

Battle to beat Pakistan's Aids taboo
Pakistan is a good example of a country that is learning fast but late about the threat of HIV/Aids. Unlike India, recorded prevalence in Pakistan is small and the authorities are working to keep it that way. 12-2-2004

New Light for Pakistan HIV sufferers
Nazir Masih is HIV positive and has been for more than a decade. He is one of few Pakistanis willing to talk candidly about a still highly taboo subject. After being diagnosed in 1990, Nazir adopted a new mission in life as founder of the Aids charity New Light. 12-2-2004

Rate of HIV infection doubles in Philippines
The rate of new infections with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS has doubled in the Philippines as the disease spreads beyond sex workers to the public, the Health Department warned on Wednesday. 12-2-2004

Tamil sex workers observe World AIDS Day
Hundreds of sex workers and homosexuals participated in a street march here on Wednesday to spread awareness about the dangers of AIDS on the occasion of World Aids Day. 12-2-2004

South Asia rallies on World Aids Day
Thousands of people have taken to streets in South Asia to mark World Aids Day. India, which is second only to South Africa for HIV infections, announced a major health awareness campaign and will distribute 1.5bn condoms. 12-2-2004

World AIDS Day
When the entire world observes World AIDS Day today, we ought to know the increase in the number of HIV affected people in the world and its consequences. A stark truth reveals that India has the second largest ADS/HIV cases in the world nearly 4 million. 12-1-2004

Asia marks World AIDS Day 
Activists, entertainers and health workers gathered across Asia to mark World AIDS Day on Wednesday amid warnings that the risk of catching the disease is rising for women and girls. 12-1-2004

Asia women's next obstacle: AIDS
The new epicenter of the global AIDS pandemic is Asia, and its new faces are Asia's young girls and women. This was highlighted by a recent United Nations report on HIV/AIDS and the theme of World AIDS Day 2004, which is today, "Women, Girls, HIV and AIDS." 12-1-2004

AIDS experts say focus on sex industry
Ignoring the sex industry will allow AIDS to spread unchecked, aid workers said Tuesday at a conference aimed at fighting the pandemic in Asia-Pacific, where even discussing sex is taboo in many countries. 12-1-2004

Women: Champions in the fight against HIV/AIDS - Kofi Annan
In his message on World AIDS Day - Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations pays a glowing tribute to women for their role in combatting HIV/AIDS and calls them the most courageous and creative champions in the fight against the epidemic. 12-1-2004

World AIDS Day focusses on women, girls and HIV/AIDS
World AIDS Day is an annual campaign to raise awareness of HIV AIDS worldwide and stimulate appropriate remedial action. It was first observed on December 01, 1988 following a recommendation by a summit of world health ministers. 12-1-2004

Central Asia: HIV infections mount in Uzbekistan as prostitution rises
The 30-year-old prostitute refuses to give her name. She says she discovered she was infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, roughly two years ago. 12-1-2004

Dehli schoolboy porn-maker 'sold' clips
So, there's yet another interesting revelation in the infamous pornographic mobile phone video case involving two Delhi Public School students, for which both of them were expelled. The boy "sold the clip" to his batch mates for "Rs 100 each," a "close friend" reveals. 12-1-2004

Missing Thai teenager turns up in porn video
A fruit vendor who had not seen her 16-year-old runaway daughter since August saw her on Friday - in a sex video left near her street market stall, a news report said on Wednesday. 12-1-2004

Japan logs on to cyber porn
Japanese condom sales are sagging as a passion for the internet leads the Japanese to choose unprotected sex, if any sex at all, the nation's largest condom manufacturer has said. 12-1-2004

Saudi son faces the cruellest cut of all
A young Saudi man who had a sex-change operation is fighting to save the fortune he inherited from his father. Relatives insist that, under Islamic law, as a woman he is entitled to only half as much. 12-1-2004

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