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Japan's top court nixes sex slave, Korean veteran’s suit
The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a damages suit against the government by Korean wartime sex slaves and former Korean soldiers forced to serve the Imperial Japanese Army during the war. 11-30-2004

Angeles City moves to shut down Internet prostitution
The police has created a task force here to clamp down on Internet prostitution following a series of raids that confirmed the existence of the illegal Internet activity. 11-30-2004

Survey exposes sexual harassment problem in Taiwan
A survey has revealed that 72 per cent of people in Taiwan Province have been the victims of sexually harassment in the past two years, reports the news website

Southeast Asian countries declare war on human trafficking
Southeast Asian countries agreed Monday to jointly wage war against human trafficking, especially of women and children, an often-overlooked problem that has been fostered by widespread poverty and weak law enforcement in the region. 11-29-2004

Indian students expelled after MMS sexual video
'The infamous pornographic video involving two Delhi students was shot to gain 'popularity' among peers and 'have some fun'. Or so the popular perception seems to be among youngsters, most of whom seem to have access to it. 11-29-2004

Want to learn about safe sex? Visit an Indian barber
Concerned about the rapid spread of AIDS in Andhra Pradesh, the state government is enlisting the support of barbers and religious leaders to spread awareness. 11-29-2004

Most Singaporean men not practising safe sex abroad: survey
A worrying trend has emerged: a local study has shown Singaporean men are practising safe sex at home but are less likely to do so abroad. 11-29-2004

Women's issues neglected in Taiwan's legislative campaigning
"Gender issues are encountering a backlash, with public figures, especially politicians, often abusing women verbally." 11-29-2004

Textbooks in Japan avoid wartime past
Japan’s education minister has praised recent history textbooks that reduce references to the country’s past atrocities, including the military’s use of sex slaves, news reports said today. 11-29-2004

Asian Aids - A disaster waiting to happen
Taking the fight against Aids to those most vulnerable, government officials and aid workers from the Asia-Pacific region opened a three-day conference today in Pakistan aimed at helping women and girls avoid the deadly disease. 11-29-2004

Delhi school sex video now on Internet
The Delhi schoolgirl video controversy has now blown into India’s own Paris Hilton-Rick Solomon story. The sexually-explicit footage was shot by the girl’s own classmate on his mobile phone and circulated in schools all over the city about two weeks ago. 11-28-2004

India offers safe sex cocktail
India, home to the world's second-largest HIV population, may have found a perfect cocktail for safe sex - a free condom with every bottle of alcohol sold at liquor shops. 11-28-2004

Japan jerks its sperm banks around
Sperm banks in Japan have long held a reputation for, well, seediness, but it seems red tape and prudishness have stopped the Japanese jizz biz from going through the growth spurts it has witnessed in other parts of the world, judging by Cyzo. 11-28-2004

HIV rises in China, India
The massive populations of China and India are sitting on potential HIV timebombs. While Africa is still acknowledged as the world's HIV/AIDS crisis zone, Asia is gaining ground, recording the steepest rises in HIV infection over the last two years. 11-28-2004

Delhi students in porn video
The infamous pornographic video involving two Delhi students was shot to gain 'popularity' among peers and 'have some fun'. Or so the popular perception seems to be among youngsters, most of whom seem to have access to it. 11-27-2004

Singapore blasted for gay sex law
A group that promotes AIDS awareness blasted a Singapore law that prohibits gay sex, saying it impedes efforts to educate homosexuals about the dangers of HIV transmission through unsafe sex. 11-27-2004

Singapore intensifies battle against AIDS
Singapore, facing a rise in AIDS cases, is considering making it compulsory for pregnant women to be screened for HIV/AIDS, an official said on Saturday. 11-27-2004

Japan's elderly urged to have more sex
"Sex is my prime method of health maintenance. The more sex I have, the more energy I get," Koichiro Fujita, a sexagenarian sex specialist and Japan's preeminent scholar of parasites, tells Shukan Gendai. 11-26-2004

Korean minister urges domestic sexual violence legislation
It is high time to punish a husband for having sex with his wife against her will, Gender Equality Minister Chi Eun-hee said Friday. 11-26-2004

Court reserves verdict on Kerala sex abuse suits
The Kerala High Court Thursday reserved its orders on three public suits on the sex abuse scandal involving Industries Minister P.K. Kunhalikutty. 11-26-2004

Japan to crack down on human trafficking
The Japanese government has drafted an action plan to combat human trafficking, including funding for private shelters that care for trafficking victims. 11-25-2004

Pakistan: IOM developing strategy to counter human trafficking
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) held a one-day seminar in the northwestern city of Peshawar this week, as part of a series of meetings across the country to help develop a national strategy to combat human trafficking. 11-25-2004

Indians most open about matters of sex
If you think that Indians are the most repressed lot when it comes to discussing matters about sex, think again. 11-25-2004

Officer in sex video 'a good soldier'
Army Major Ferdinand Ramos is a good soldier and even performed better than other officers, according to Philippine Army spokesman Major Bartolome Bacarro. 11-25-2004

HIV in women: liberal attitudes
The number of HIV-positive women has increased rapidly worldwide over the past two years, according to a new United Nations (UN) study, but Pakistan is among countries where prevalence is low. 11-25-2004

Plan sees sex hotels as modest lodgings
The government has an innovative plan to increase the supply of low-priced hotels in Korea for Southeast Asian and Chinese tourists. 11-24-2004

A sex racket leads police to Bollywood
Rekha Naik posed as a film producer and allegedly lured unsuspecting women into prostitution. She used the money from the commercial sex racket to finance C-grade Hindi films, police said. 11-24-2004

Amarinder rues declining female sex-ratio in Punjab
Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Tuesday expressed concern at the declining gender ratio in the state and said 42 doctors had been prosecuted for conducting sex-determination tests. 11-24-2004

'Sex in the City' star gets cover-up in Israel
"Sex in the City" star Sarah Jessica Parker's fashion sense raised the ire of ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel who demanded that billboards featuring the actress in a skimpy dress be covered up. Photos of Parker lying in a skin-revealing, spaghetti strap gown were pasted on billboards across Israel promoting Lux soap. 11-24-2004

Japan plans to slash visas to Filipinos to curb sex trade
Japan plans to slash ten-fold the number of visas issued to Filipinos as "entertainers" in a bid to stop sex trafficking, a problem of which the the scale has seen Japan put on a US watchlist. 11-24-2004

Japan's 'Kowtow King' molests one woman too many
An elite businessman cops disparagingly referred to as the "kowtow King" because of a propensity to prostrate himself to the ground and blurt out profuse apologies finally looks like getting his comeuppance after molesting an Osaka female commuter and being arrested for the fifth time, according to Shukan Post. 11-24-2004

Rewards for human trafficking high: seminar
Speakers at a human trafficking seminar on Tuesday said it had become one of most lucrative businesses in the world alongside the trafficking of drugs and guns. 11-24-2004

Asia at critical stage of AIDS battle as infections top eight million
The booming sex trade has contributed to an HIV/AIDS crisis in Asia with more than eight million people now living with the virus and numbers rising sharply among women, the United Nations reported. 11-23-2004

Experts: Russia lacks will to fight AIDS
AIDS and the HIV virus are spreading at an alarming pace in Russia, but the government lacks the political will to combat the epidemic that may claim tens of thousands of lives within the next few years, leading experts warned Tuesday. 11-23-2004

Tainted Miss Jammu gets offers from Bollywood
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, currently at the centre of a pornography scam uncovered by the Jammu and Kashmir police, is being wooed by Bollywood producers to appear in their films. 11-23-2004

Sex-cessfully surviving in the Japanese jizz biz
Plenty of indicators exist to determine what makes a hit product, like, say a movie grossing 100 million dollars or a book selling 1 million copies. Japan's netherworld, Spa! notes, has its own benchmarks, too, even after taking the double punched dealt by the economy's Lost Decade and an increasingly belligerent police force. 11-23-2004

Files of Kerala sexual exploitation found missing
Crucial files relating to Shari S. Nair, a young unwed mother who died Nov 13 alleging sexual exploitation by political bigwigs, were found missing Monday from a case diary submitted by the police in Kerala. 11-23-2004

RP, Japanese recruiters to police ranks for human trafficking
Legitimate Philippine and Japanese recruitment agencies said they would police their ranks to stop the trafficking of women, a Filipino recruiter said. 11-23-2004

Jammu porn queen gets film offer
One-film old Bollywood director Ashok Pandit ( Sheen ) has offered to rehabilitate former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, who has been in the news for having acted in locally-made pornographic films. 11-22-2004

Rape in the Holyland: 21,000 people seek help
More than 21,000 women and men applied for help at sexual assault crisis centers in Israel in the first nine months of 2004, according to figures released Sunday in preparation for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. 11-22-2004

Weekly drug busts put a damper on Bangkok's night life
Police burst into the dark nightclub after midnight, weave through the crowd and lock the doors, trapping nearly 400 customers inside. The lights flicker on and a voice over loudspeakers orders everyone to submit to urine tests for drugs. 11-22-2004

Letter from Phnom Penh: Gay marriage accepted here
Anyone disheartened by the way many U.S. leaders cast gay marriage as a "threat" to moral values should remember that there is a world beyond the reach of America's courts and legislatures, where gays and lesbians and their unions are acknowledged and accepted, often without great fanfare. Take my story, for instance. 11-21-2004

Singapore's gay sex prohibition slammed
A group that promotes AIDS awareness blasted a Singapore law that prohibits gay sex, saying it impedes efforts to educate homosexuals about the dangers of HIV transmission through unsafe sex. 11-21-2004

State Duma turns down bill for punishment of prostitution
The State Duma has turned down a proposed bill on Friday that envisages criminal punishment for prostitution. Only 78 against the necessary 226 votes supported the proposed bill. 11-21-2004

Japan blasted over human trafficking
Victims of human trafficking in Japan are not protected and are treated like criminals, according to a special report compiled by the International Labor Organization. 11-21-2004

Sexual harassment of women through SMS on the rise
There is an alarming rise in sexual harassment of women through SMS and mobile photography, the country's largest women's body today said and called for implementation of an effective mechanism to check this. 11-21-2004

Wheelchair-bound man found guilty of sex tourism
An 86-year-old American grandfather was Friday found guilty of engaging in international sex tourism after he was arrested on his way to the Philippines to sleep with two pre-teen girls. 11-21-2004

Veitnam, Cambodia vow crackdown on human trafficking problem
Cambodian and Vietnamese officials on Tuesday agreed that public education campaigns were urgently needed to halt the rising incidence of cross-border trafficking of women and children. 11-21-2004

Women combat modern slavery
"Victims are not going to call us," said U.S. Assistant Attorney General R. Alexander Acosta at the 66th annual Conference for the National Foundation of Women Legislators going on this weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota. 11-21-2004

College girls go nude before camera for eternal beauty
They are college girls in Xi'an, an ancient city in landlocked Shaanxi Province, which served as the capital city of some 13 dynasties in the Chinese history, including the worldwide glamorous Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). 11-18-2004

From porn to pop culture
Ai Iijima had precious little idea what speaking at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan entailed, or what the FCC was for that matter. 11-18-2004

Purpose key in porn trial
No evidence linking the former Australian diplomat Robert Scoble to distribution of pornography was presented on the first day of his trial in Bangkok yesterday. 11-18-2004

No freedom in slavery: Forced prostitution
You are a teenage girl growing up in Estonia. You're dirt poor. Your prospects are dim. One day, you see a want ad in your local newspaper: "Agency seeking young women to work as au pairs. High paying opportunities throughout the European Union and United States." 11-17-2004

Alleged US sex tourist goes on trial
An 86-year-old alleged American sex tourist was arrested as he headed to the Philippines, armed with chocolates and sex toys, to sleep with preteen girls, a court heard Tuesday. 11-17-2004

Human trafficking in Cambodia tackled
Diplomats, aid workers and Cambodian officials met Tuesday to discuss ways to fight human trafficking, a severe problem in this impoverished Southeast Asian nation. 11-17-2004

Kiliroor sex scandal: 'VIP' visit haunts doctor
Dr K. Sankaran is a shaken man by the turn of events in the Kiliroor girl's case. "It pains me that even medical persons are commenting without going through the treatment records properly," he told this website's newspaper. 11-17-2004

'No let up in sex scandal probe'
Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on Tuesday said there would not be any let up in the investigation into the 'Kiliroor sex scandal.' 11-17-2004

Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet: Lynn Thomas
Lynn Thomas' (a/k/a: Linn Thomas) mother is Vietnamese. Her father is Scottish, Irish and Italian. She calls herself "your basic mutt breed." We call Lynn Thomas the perfect blend of all cultures. Born in Newport News, Virginia, Lynn tells the story of how she became affiliated with Playboy magazine in her own words. 11-16-2004

Porn CD scandal continues to shake Jammu
The Jammu police have arrested a former general manager of a local cable network in connection with the porn CD scandal in which former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta was taken into custody on November 4. 11-16-2004

Beware stealth IDD charges from porn sites
Those, ahem, adult-entertainment sites that you or certain poorly-supervised members of your family sometimes enjoy surfing to could wind up costing you a pretty penny, warns TM Net Sdn Bhd chief executive Datuk Baharum Salleh. 11-16-2004

Sri Lankan man gets 4 years for harbouring, employing woman for prostitution
Colombo Chief Magistrate and Additional District Judge Ms. Sarojini Kusala Weerawardena sentenced Jagath Indratilleke of Kegalle for four years rigorous imprisonment when he was found guilty on two counts, with having knowingly harbouring an Uzbekistan woman without a visa and employing her for prostitution. 11-16-2004

Average Chinese has 19.3 sex partners: Durex
Durex 2004 Global Sex Survey showed the Chinese have the most per capita sexual partners as 19.3, while with the most gloomy sex ardour. 11-16-2004

UN: Internet porn is fuelling child abuse
An explosion of child pornography on the Internet is fuelling global child abuse. Minors are also being sold into prostitution, according to the United Nations. 11-16-2004

Nazareth court sets precedent in same-sex couple case
Same-sex partners are eligible to be considered common-law spouses according to the inheritance law, Nazareth District Court ruled yesterday in a precedent-setting decision. 11-15-2004

Plump Thai men warned of sexual problems and other diseases
Plumpness in Thai men may be generally viewed as a sign of being well-off, but the Ministry of Public Health has warned that obesity might cost them their happiness, especially in their sex lives, and adversely affect their reproduction systems. 11-15-2004

Moscow deputy: Legalize prostitution
The Yaroslavl legislature will consider legalizing prostitution as a way to increase welfare payments to young parents and bolster other social programs. 11-15-2004

Commodification of children
Barrister Geraldine Van Bueren, University of London’s Child Law Director, posits that cultural perceptions and treatment of children have often led to their exploitation and dehumanization. Traditionally, children have been treated by their parents as inferior beings who should abide by parental dictates. 11-15-2004

Kerala Chief Minister struggles with sex, lies and laundered money
Two-and-a-half months after assuming office, Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy is not finding the going easy with a host of scandals hitting his government hard. 11-15-2004

An Olympic disappointment
Much like the Parthenon, the Olympics are in shambles, and there's only one possible solution that would restore the wonder and mystique that once surrounded these much-celebrated games. 11-15-2004

Facing the facts about sex
Do you konw where your 18.5 year old is? That's the average age that Taiwanese youth are losing their virginity, according to a world-wide Internet survey conducted by condom manufacturer Durex. 11-14-2004

Child sex trade becoming lucrative, Pan-Asian epidemic
The United Nations estimates that more than 1 million children around the world enter the global sex trade every year. The children are tricked or lured away from their families and are often taken abroad. 11-14-2004

Japanese cops in draconian crackdown on Kabukicho
Touts simply being on the streets, gangsters walking in groups and those handing out pamphlets advertising sex services will be banned and offenders possibly jailed under draconian new restrictions police want to impose to clean up Tokyo's entertainment districts, the Mainichi learned Saturday. 11-14-2004

Japanese gays bummed out by dangers of walking on wild side
Tokyo's gay quarter in the Shinjuku 2-Chome district is fast becoming one of the capital's most popular tourist spots among Japanese heading in from the sticks for a sight of life in the big city, according to Shukan Shincho. 11-14-2004

UN launches online sex worker Aids campaign
A first-ever online AIDS toolkit, launched by the World health Organisation (WHO) and the German technical assistance agency (GTZ), aims to help sex workers protect themselves and their clients against HIV. 11-14-2004

Kiliroor sex scandal victim dies
Shari S Nair, the girl at the centre of the sensational Kiliroor sex scandal died at the Medical College Hospital (MCH) here on Saturday after a prolonged battle with various infections developed after delivery, hospital sources said. 11-14-2004

Kerala Govt recommends CBI probe into Kiliroor sex scandal
Kerala government has recommended to the Centre to order a CBI inquiry into the Kiliroor sex scandal involving a teenage girl, who was allegedly sexually exploited by many "prominent" persons. 11-14-2004

Muslims prepare for joyous end to fasting, introspection
Upstairs, the faithful were engaged in solemn prayer on one of the last nights of Ramadan, Islam's holy month of fasting. But in the basement on Thursday night, all was merriment and excitement, as the mosque's women and children enjoyed Chand Raat, or preparations for Eid al-Fitr, the holiday that marks the end of Ramadan. 11-12-2004

Miss Jammu: From IAS aspirant to porn queen
One of her brothers is in denial; the two younger ones have stopped going to school. Her mother has swallowed the humiliation and is back at her teaching job, valiantly trying to get the family past the tribulation. And her father doesn't even know yet. 11-12-2004

Former NFL cheerleader scores touch down in Japan
Luscious Ai Yasuda spent three years as a member of Gold Rush, the cheerleading squad for the San Francisco 49ers, until March this year. Yasuda reached the pinnacle of NFL cheerleading success when she was chosen as her team representative for the Pro Bowl All-Star games in Hawaii in February. 11-12-2004

Karaoke ban angers some; Police link crime
A temporary ban on private rooms in karaoke clubs is being criticized as insensitive to Asian Americans, but city officials say it's needed because people have been using the rooms for a lot more than singing. 11-12-2004

Korean heartthrobs leave Japanese stars steaming
Choi Ji-woo is spearheading the Hanryu Boomu, a craze for things South Korean that has seen millions of Japanese cast aside traditional apathy they may have felt for their nearest neighbors and, apart from the local entertainment world, have embraced them heart and, well, Seoul, according to Shukan Taishu. 11-12-2004

Naturalist pair bare it all in search of perfect beach
Aoi Natsuumi and her husband, Yu, have taken a natural approach to writing, baring their souls and more to be at the forefront of Japan's nascent nudist network, according to Asahi Geino. 11-12-2004

HIV/AIDS brings huge losses in Korea
Korea is expected to suffer a large sum of social and economic losses from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), with the lifetime costs for a 30-year-old man with HIV/AIDS estimated at 645 million won ($575,000). 11-12-2004

Japanese Baby Boomers bonkers about boom-boom
"I've got a sex friend. Every time I meet her, I make a mark in my diary. I counted the marks up the other day - I met her seven times in a month, staying over with her on three nights. Even I was surprised. 11-11-2004

School girl pimps friends to doctor
A doctor who paid some 70 girls a total of 10 million yen for sex after receiving several introductions from a high school girl has been arrested in violation of the law banning child prostitution, police said on Wednesday. 11-11-2004

Female Israeli soldiers banned from G-strings
A hard-nosed Israeli army officer at a base near Tel Aviv has banned young women soldiers from wearing skimpy G-string underwear, the Maariv daily reported. 11-11-2004

Fight child prostitution by curbing demand - Groups
Child rights experts are urging governments and societies across East Asia and the Pacific to shed their long-held cultural practices and throw their weight behind children in order to save them from being exploited as prostitutes. 11-11-2004

Sex trade claiming more children in East Asia and Pacific, UN delegates say
More and more children are entering the sex trade in East Asia and the Pacific, with exploiters using the Internet and mobile phones equipped with cameras to lure minors, child rights advocates said Wednesday. 11-11-2004

Kin, friends send Filipino children into prostitution - study
Family and close friends sometimes help to recruit children for prostitution in the Philippines, according to preliminary findings of a rare study on the crime released here Wednesday. 11-11-2004

Asian countries report on progress in fighting child sexual exploitation – UNICEF
Three years after Asian countries committed themselves to fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children, new initiatives in the region are leading the way in countering the scourge, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today. 11-11-2004

Bollywood: Bold becomes nude
Model-turned-actress Tanvi Varma was muted as the latest stunning new-comer willing to show all in the name of art. 11-11-2004

Tajikistan: New hope for children of HIV-infected mothers
Twenty seven-year-old Shakhlo (not her real name) was not happy to find out that she was pregnant. She couldn't face having a baby. "What fate can a child of an HIV-infected woman face?!" she asked herself. The young woman had an abortion during the first month of pregnancy. 11-11-2004

Pakistan: New machine-readable passport could reduce human trafficking
"We have filled in all the basic requirements of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). The new passports contain digitally printed personal data with a photograph, which cannot be tampered with like the previous manual ones." 11-11-2004

You must remember this, a kiss is just not a kiss
If a man really wants to display how deeply he feels for a woman, the best way is to pucker, Japan's foremost expert on the science behind love tells Nonno. A single smooch should be all it takes for a woman to know she has met the man who'll change her destiny, the women's glossy claims. 11-11-2004

Historical enmity behind worsening Japan-China ties
From submarines to soccer and sex, everything seems to bedevil Japan-China relations these days.
And with growing perceptions in Tokyo and Beijing of a military threat from the other side, security experts say ties will worsen unless the Asian powers find ways to ease a long-standing mistrust that seems to colour every event. 11-11-2004

Boys will be girls
The first ever beauty competition for transvestites has been held near Bangkok in Thailand. Twenty-four cross-dressers and transsexuals who have had operations to change their appearance took part in the event. 11-10-2004

Porn gives youth complexes
The advanced sexual techniques and stamina displayed by porn stars gives teenagers hang-ups about their sex lives. Watching pornography, now readily available via the Internet, also promotes sexual experimentation, the KSO (Clinic for Sexual Information) reports. 11-10-2004

'Slut glut' thrusts working girls into real world
Cop crackdowns on brothels, humdrum and an oversupply of willing workers causing, to put it crudely, a slut glut, have combined to drive sex workers out of Japan's ejaculation industry and into more respectable lines of work, as Spa! finds out. 11-9-2004

Ex-Miss Jammu caught for starring in a porn CD
As a child, she had dreamt of becoming an IAS officer one day. But Anara Gupta's life took an altogether different turn when she won the Miss Jammu crown at the tender age of 15 on October 7, 2001. 11-9-2004

Japanese reality TV catches fingers in honey pot
"Shinjuku Nozoki Beya (Shinjuku Peep Show)," one of the most popular programs on Paradise TV, Japan's prime purveyor of puerile porn, has returned to the screens bigger and better than ever following a three month hiatus, according to Asahi Geino. 11-9-2004

Women in Japanese porn get head jobs without acting
"I studied sexuality during my postgrad course, so I've always had something of an interest in working in a place where sex was always out in the open," Rui Oda, a 25-year-old woman working in the porno industry, tells Spa! 11-9-2004

Japanese youngsters succumb to evils of sex
Considering its reputation in some areas for proliferating pedophilia and pedaling pedophilic porn, Japan could well lay claim to being the Land of the Lolicon. 11-9-2004

Keeping a look out for human cargo
Besides keeping a close watch for narcotics, the policemen who monitor the flow of vehicles from the Burmese border to this northern Thai town are on guard for a different type of merchandise -- women and girls being trafficked into a thriving sex industry. 11-9-2004

Teenagers welcome at Chinese sex festival promising to be 'open and bold'
A sex festival has kicked off in south China's Guangzhou city, promising to be "open and bold" about its subject matter and welcoming teenagers to explore its exhibits, state media said. 11-8-2004

Sex-deprived Japanese women find help in squad of volunteers
Craving sex after repeated rejection by their partners, women who felt doomed to join Japan’s growing ranks of the “sexless” are being offered a prescription: a squad of well-dressed men ready to assist free of charge. 11-8-2004

British sqauddies make lesbian sex show in Iraq
These sickening scenes are from the secret lesbian sex show video at the centre of a Ministry of Defence investigation. The depraved film of two pretty girl soldiers performing degrading acts as drunk squaddies jeer them on was shot six weeks ago—inside a British Army tent in the heart of the Iraqi war zone . 11-8-2004

Japanese girls bare breasts online for appraisal
Though the more politically correct are bound to titter, a website where visitors can appraise pictures women post of their boobs is proving to be a major hit in Japan, according to Shukan Post. 11-8-2004

Kuwaiti sex-change woman fights a lonely battle against Muslim conservatism
Her father and brothers beat her. The government suspended her from her job. A group of Muslim fundamentalists screamed abuse at her outside a courtroom. 11-8-2004

Reality of legalized prostitution
Mothers and children go shopping for swimsuits in a store across the street from a brothel. Brothels are located on residential streets and vibrant shopping districts. Children walk past brothels on their way to school. 11-8-2004

U.S. forces increase patrols of Korean red-light districts
The U.S. military said Monday it has stepped up patrols to prevent its personnel from visiting illegal prostitute districts in their host country. 11-8-2004

USFK committed to zero tolerance on prostitution crimes, LaPorte warns
Nearly 400 U.S. servicemembers in South Korea have been punished this year for offenses related to prostitution, and military commanders promise continued efforts to end any activity associated with the sex trade or human trafficking, the top U.S. officer in South Korea said. 11-8-2004

Nude model busted for faking SNU diploma
Seoul Central District Court indicted 27-year-old nude model Ms. Choi on Sunday for counterfeiting a Seoul National University (SNU) diploma and SNU graduate school enrollment certificate. 11-8-2004

Nepal pardon for women prisoners
Nepal's King Gyanendra has given an amnesty to 12 women prisoners who had been jailed for having abortions. 11-8-2004

Sex offender 'jailed for lying'
A Singapore court ordered a convicted American sex offender to spend seven months in jail for lying about his past to get a teaching job in Singapore, a newspaper reported today. 11-8-2004

Political Science: How the US conservative right is affecting world health
Scientists at Johns Hopkins and around the United States — whose research involves politically sensitive subjects such as prostitution, AIDS, and drug use — are under scrutiny as never before.. 11-4-2004

From clients to porn stars
Brothels in Hong Kong are turning customers into unwitting porn movie stars by filming their antics on secret cameras, a news report said on Thursday. 11-4-2004

People's Republic gets to peek-in at Japanese strip tease
"Only in Japan has the striptease become a cultural icon," asserts Katsuya Ueda. "But I'd certainly like to see it succeed in setting down roots in China. I think many fans are waiting to watch it, and promoters seem to be eager to get in on it as well." 11-4-2004

In China, it's a man's world
While Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City may complain endlessly how hard it is to find a good man in New York, she would be shocked at how difficult it is in Shanghai (and China) where the odds presumably favor women. 11-5-2004

Korea's prostitution crackdown sees whiskey sales in a slump, but soju flying high
Whiskey sales this year have been sobered by economic woes and government regulations acting as a vice around the once robust business. 11-4-2004

In Malaysia, 'Islamic civilization' is promoted
In a remote village that locals call the Sky Kingdom, Malaysian villagers revere a giant teapot and follow the teachings of an illiterate 61-year-old man who claims to be the reincarnation of holy figures from the world's major religions. 11-4-2004

Israeli woman dance nude in India?
India's northwestern state of Rajasthan has punished local officials after residents complained a group of Israeli women motorists had danced in the nude near a town revered by Hindus, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. 11-4-2004

MRPs in Pakistan to help control human trafficking
Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) issued by the government would help control human trafficking menace said Director Passport and Immigration Department, Dr Azhar Hussain. 11-4-2004

A sad day for sex, Asia
As this edition of Asian Sex Gazette was being put together journalists of all nationalities are watching as the US election draws to a tight close. Right now it is 254 to 252 for Bush as we wiat for final word from Ohio, New Hampshire, Iowa and New Mexico. But the outlook is grim for Kerry who trails badly in the clinching state of Ohio. 11-3-2004

Cambodia's child sex shame
After generations of war, corruption and poverty, the sexual exploitation of children in Cambodia has become an epidemic, and only now are a few hesitant steps being taken to protect the young and punish their abusers. 11-3-2004

Metro Sexual in Korea: A new male image or media commodity?
Metro sexual, an unfamiliar word of foreign origin, is no longer strange to us. An Internet portal site encyclopedia defines the word as "a term denoting males who possess feministic esthetic sense and who show great interest in one's looks and fashions." 11-3-2004

Japanese salarymen on front line of AIDS battle
Japanese salarymen from their 30s to 50s are the greatest risk group in a country which remains the only industrialized nation where HIV contraction rates continue to rise, according to Asahi Geino. 11-3-2004

Suspended sentence for trafficking Russian women
A man was sentenced to a two-year jail term, suspended for four, after he was found guilty to make a living off profits made through the prostitution of two Russian women. 11-3-2004

Filipino star lends his voice to AIDS cause
Actor, TV host, singer and song­writer Ogle Alcasid takes on a new role that will definitely digress from his usual image as a comedian in the celluloid world. 11-3-2004

Russian student convicted for turning traffic cops into gay porn stars
A student in the internal Russian republic of Mordovia was convicted of slandering two traffic police officers. He pleaded guilty to publishing a pornographic story about two homosexuals where the officers became the main characters. 11-2-2004

Sex workers go on hunger strike to protest prostitution crackdown
Twenty female sex workers held a rally Seoul's Yeoui-do district to protest against the crackdown on the sex industry. After the rally, the participants went on an indefinite hunger strike. 11-2-2004

Vietnam intensifies fight against human trafficking
The Prime Minister last Friday signed a decision establishing a steering board for an action programme to combat woman and child trafficking. 11-2-2004

Fudan dean resigns amid sex scandal
The dean of Fudan University's Economics College has resigned his post after police caught him having sex with a prostitute, the Beijing News reported yesterday. 11-2-2004

Sex charges cooked up: Kerala minister
Kerala Industries Minister, P K Kunhalikutty today said the fresh charges involving him in the 1996 icecream parlour sex scandal were "politically motivated." 11-2-2004

Nude model busted for faking SNU diploma
Seoul Central District Court indicted 27-year-old nude model Ms. Choi on Sunday for counterfeiting a Seoul National University (SNU) diploma and SNU graduate school enrollment certificate. 11-1-2004

Their 'homes' gone, Delhi sex workers protest
Their lives were pathetic enough, but now around 150 sex workers have been forced to move into already cramped brothels nearby with their children after their own were locked up by police. 11-1-2004

Six Asian nations sign human trafficking pact
China and five Southeast Asian nations have signed a landmark accord here to fight the modern day slavery of human trafficking in the region. 11-1-2004

Prostitution works in movie houses in the Philippines
Some say that if you need a fast buck all you have to do is enter in one of at least three movie houses showing rated R flicks and money will come your way. 11-1-2004

China closes 1,600 Internet cafes
China closed down 1,600 Internet cafes between February and August and imposed 100 million yuan, or 12 million US dollars, worth of fines for allowing children to play violent or adult-only games and other violations. 11-1-2004

Thailand and Laos to sign anti human trafficking agreement
Thailand has planned to sign an agreement of co-operation with Laos to fight trafficking in women and children after the kingdom has established similar collaboration with Cambodia early last year. 11-1-2004

Many Kerala bigwigs in sex scandals
Their lives were pathetic enough, but now around 150 sex workers have been forced to move into already cramped brothels nearby with their children after their own were locked up by police. 11-1-2004

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