Philippines bar raided for nude show

By Kristine L Alave
March 7, 2008

Manila - Acting on a tip, the Pasig City police raided on Sunday night a beer joint that allegedly showed nude women dancing on stage, but failed to arrest the owner.

Instead, they picked up 12 of the establishment's workers and charged one of them with indecency.

A report from the Pasig City police said the JMC 101 Karaoke Bar on Visitacion Street in Barangay San Joaquin was raided after the City Hall police detachment received a report from the office of Mayor Robert Eusebio about the illegal activity in the establishment.

In his statement, SPO1 Dindo Tanteo said Eusebio's office received a text message tipping them off about the bar's nightly shows reportedly featuring nude women.

Upon receiving the complaint, the police immediately sent three men to the bar on Sunday night to verify the information. One of them later took pictures of a woman dancing naked on the stage, Tanteo said.

After gathering evidence, the police immediately raided the KTV bar and arrested a dozen women, two of them teenagers.

According to the police, the women worked as guest relations officers in the club. Some of them also danced naked on stage.

The police released 11 of the 12 club workers Monday but filed indecency charges against May Espino, 24, the woman who was photographed by the police.

Espino, a resident of Barangay Pinagbuhatan, is now detained at the Pasig City police station.

Police said they were verifying the identity of the owner of the bar who was not in the establishment during the raid.








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