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Thailand produces the world's smallest porn star share

By William Sparrow
October 2, 2007

'World's smallest porn star' Thainee
'World's smallest porn star' Thainee
She hails from Udon Thani in Thailand's Northeast, an area known as Isaan, but also known for its poverty, rice farming and beautful women that often constitute the majority of the girls working the bars in tourist haunts of Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket.

This particular teenaged Isaan girl has, by choosing to work in pornography over bars and being a mere 134 cm (4'5") tall and weighing only 32.9 kg (72.5 lbs), gained the title of 'world's smallest pornstar'.

Some basic research into the subject seems to prove that the appropriately stage named 'Thainee' with stats of 74B-54-70 (28B-21-27) is in fact the world's smallest pornstar - at least of the non-midget variety.

Even former adult star and Vivid contract girl Kobe Tai, (a/k/a: Carla Carter, Clara Scott, Blake Young, and Brooke Young), of Taiwanese decent and loved for her petite figure seems statuesque and portly at 81-55-81 (32-22-32), 41 kg (90 lbs) and 160 cm (5'3") when compared to Thainee.

Adult Career

She made her adult career debut - albeit of the amatuer variety - about 2 months ago via her website Thainee does the full gamut in her porn performances from still photography to hardcore gonzo/POV style male-female sex scenes.

Though she is new on the scene, she appears to have been quite busy in her eighteenth year of age producing hundreds of photographs from dozens of photoshoots and a few dozen more videos for her website.

Asian Sex Gazette had the opportunity to speak with Thainee in an exclusive interview recently.

Thainee, who turned 18 this year in April, was raised in Kanchanaburi Province 30 minutes outside of Udon Thani near the Laos' border. Sadly, her parents died when she was young, and she moved to Pattaya when she was 11 to live with her aunt who runs a beauty salon.

Living in Pattaya did have positive effects though. When asked about the sex industry in terms of prostitution, she says, "I learned about the entertainment business through many girls who came to our shop everyday. They spoke of good and bad stories but I was too scared to ever try".

How she got into modeling and pornography was the question then, "I was approached while shopping one day by a man who asked if I was interested in doing modeling. I said no at first, but after a lengthy discussion I decided that it would be exciting."

"I love getting to travel around the country and stay at really nice hotels. I love the beach and many of the locations have been in remote parts of Thailand," she says pointing out some of the advantages of her career.

Besides the fringe benefits there is of course the money factor that makes adult modeling and pornography an enticing career move. Thainee explains, "So far it's more money than I've ever seen in my life. I hope to have my own beauty salon someday. And everything during the production has been free. I get to keep the clothes and I have a really nice mobile phone, plus all the travel expenses were paid too." She says enthusiastically, immediately adding, "I have a really nice apartment and a new motorbike but they took away my keys because I had a few accidents already. They think I'm too tiny for it so now it sits outside doing nothing," she laments trailing off.

Her website has been doing well since its debut. Thainee also adds that she was paid an initial fee and gets a lifetime percentage of the profits from her website, she also notes, "I don't know how many members I have but I think it's already a few thousand. I am spending more and more time answering emails everyday."

The petite size that has made her the 'world's smallest porn star' wasn't always an asset in terms of dating. "I don't have many men speak to me maybe because they think I am still 13 or something," Thainee says, pointing out that she only had one Thai boyfriend prior to meeting her co-star and now boyfriend.

"I was then introduced to my boyfriend at the end of April," Thainee says, "He works for the company that makes my website. I feel very comfortable having sex with him and we have a great time together."

Thainee is of course a stage name, "My real name is long and like most models in my profession, stage names are invented that represent a character or personality. I think they were searching for a tiny girl and the ironic part is that for many years I have heard foreigners refer to me as Tiny. So I believe it was a perfect match!" Thainee explains.

In concluding our discussion about her new career, Thainee summarizes by saying, "I didn't choose pornography, pornography chose me. I was just working in a Beauty Salon dreaming of something better when a man introduced me to something that sounded really fun. I never even saw a sex video until I started making them. I do what comes natural to me and making love to my boyfriend is natural. I don't really consider it being a porn movie or that people will watch it." She adds with a laugh, "I don't even know what a porno star is!"

And yet Thainee is making a big hit as the 'world's smallest porn star'.

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