Thailand: Pornography filmakers arrested

September 13, 2007

The Thai resort town Pattaya reported on a serious case where Police Major Khunawut from Banglamung Police station headed a Police task force in the early hours of the morning on September 6 acting on information that unusual activity was taking place near the Jitapwan Temple Naklua.

They discovered 6 Japanese men, 2 Japanese women and 3 Thai men involved in making a pornographic movie in a shed area in Naklua.

All suspects were arrested and detained and a variety of film equipment was seized. They were taken to BPS were a variety of obscenity charges were laid against them.

The latest update on this story is that the matter has been now referred from the Pattaya Civil Court to the higher Pattaya Provincial Court after more detail regarding the circumstances was forth coming from Police and extra charges of prostitution have now been included in the warrants of arrest, and a determination could be made for deportation if the Provincial Court assesses the matter with this more detailed information.

All the arrested people have applied for bail through their solicitor which has been granted on some conditions but is pending a further court hearing soon.

The penalties for such a case can include 3 years jail / a 6000 Baht fine and possible deportation with a permanent blacklisting against their names as these matters are taken very seriously by Thailand Courts.

We'll keep you updated as more information regarding this case becomes available.

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