Angelica Panganiban: Filipina sex bomb

November 18, 2006

A former child star with a resume well worthy of an IMDB entry, Angelica Panganiban has blossomed into a full blown sex symbol who wowed her fans when she dropped her teeny-bopper image and starred in her first adult role that called for a sex scene with fellow young star Jericho Rosales.

It seems she's fully matured, and now Angelica is one truly sexy star with an innocent lolita-esque appeal.

Not one to stop there, Angelica then snags the cover of the very first issue of Maxim Philippines and forever ingrained her image in the hearts and minds of every red-blooded filipino fan.

Her obviously blessed figure and all natural curves were plastered in huge billboards all over the metro, cementing her spot as one of the Philippines' newest sexy star, further distancing her from her childhood movie roles.

Adding fuel to the fire, a major asian clothing label then signed her to star in their latest swimwear/underwear campaign, alongside another rising star, Bianca King. The subsequent Bench ads and billboards of Angelica and Bianca were a runaway summer hit, even making waves on the internet.

Angelica tops it all with her latest appearance as 2007's muse in a calendar that is famous for featuring the sexiest stars in Philipine cinema.

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