Thai porn: Nong Natt's comeback

October 1, 2006
By William Sparrow

Bangkok - Natt Chanapa (a/k/a: Nong Natt, Natt Kesarin) is not going away and has resurfaced again. She is making a comeback in her native Thailand after answering chages early this year for appearing in a pornography production. She was featured in a set of photos with an interview in a recent tabloid VCD Digest.

She told the Thai publication that she has landed a book deal and after that she is going to get back into modeling.

The Thai tabloid included a photoset of the popular Thai model and actress that charged to domestic and international fame via a pornography film that was widely circulated in 2004.

Nong Natt also said that after she does some modeling to show that she still has it and that she wants to get into another line of work. Some speculate that she will never be able to enter mainstream modelling or entertainment, yet Thailand seems more forgiving. Thailand seemed rapt with attention to this saucy tale.

So interested in the sordid affair were the Thais that sales of the pirate VCD skyrocketed on the streets of Thailand; and not just amongst men and horny teenagers, but female maids, hotel workers, massage therapists and sex workers who clamored to buy the pirated VCD disks as the story broke in 2004.

Natt dodged reporting to police for almost two years for indecency charges relating to the pornography film. She finally answered charges earlier this year and paid the statutory fine - 4,000 THB, (about $100 USD) - and said she wanted to move on.

But she excelled in drawing media attention to the affair of answering the charges by showing up with her 'girlfriend'.

In the newest tabloid account, she also gave some details on her relationship with her Tom girlfriend. (A Tom is what local Thais call a masculine lesbian in Thailand, after the English 'Tomboy').

"We have been together for three years" Natt said. "And we always go out together so boys never hit on me."

And so the tawdry tale of the Thai entertainer turned pornstar continues to entertain the masses as the public waits for the next twist in this saga.

Asian Sirens contributed to this report








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