Vietnam: Photos of nude models uploaded illegally onto Internet

March 25, 2006

Vietnamese public opinion is angry with the phenomenon of students at Hanoi Fine Art University photographing and uploading photos of their nude models onto the Internet.

People can easily find photos of nude models on the Internet. Some photos even clearly show their faces. In one picture, viewers even see a student using his mobile phone to photograph his nude model.

Of the problem, N. Duong, 26, a student of Hanoi Industrial Fine Art University (HIFA), said angrily: "As a rule, students must not photograph nude models. If they want to take a picture to finish their painting later, they must ask for the model's agreement."

Another student, L.H, also said angrily: "I won't believe it until I see the photos on the Internet". V.H.Hai, 24, a student of HIFA said: "Photographing nude models and uploading their images onto the Internet is a very bad act. It does not only affect the models themselves, but also puts fine art on a level with dirty things."

Nude models are an indispensable part of the apprenticeship of a painter. Many already successful painters pay their gratitude to the nude models who appeared in their artworks from the beginning to when they achieved success.

However, public opinion in Vietnam now still looks work of the models as something "not serious", causing most nude models to hide their work from their own family and friends.

Pham Hoc Hai, an official of Hanoi Fine Arts University said: "Nude modelling is special work. It must be seriously honoured and protected. Students who do bad things to nude models will be punished strictly".








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