Malaysia's top celebrity Hannah Sarah Tan

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January 13, 2005

Twenty four year old Hannah Sarah Tan (or Hannah Tan) has proven to be a top Malaysian celebrity and model.

Hannah Tan was catapulted into the limelight when she represented Malaysia in the 2002 Miss Global Petite World Finals and achieved Second Runner Up. Hannah has appeared alongside Hong Kong star Karen Mok in a popular Lux TV commercial, and in print advertisements for Pantene, Vanessa Diamonds and Versace Makeup.

She can be seen on Malaysian TV hosting Ringgit Sense (TV3), Girls' Club, Looking Good Feeling Good and Sketches (Ntv7). Hannah is currently working on her debut solo album scheduled for release next year.

A computer science graduate from the University of Lincolnshire in Britain, and with two music diplomas to her name, Hannah is not just a pretty face. And today, apart from modelling and TV hosting, she works as a financial consultant too.

If life is a roller coaster, then model/TV host Hannah Tan is in for a joyful ride. Ever since she bagged Miss Malaysia Petite and second runner-up in the Miss Petite International contest in Montreal, Canada, in 2002, her life has been full of sweet surprises.

"I was a 21-year-old student when a talent scout urged me to sign up for the competition. I was initially hesitant, as I didn't have any experience or confidence in modelling. But by God's grace, everything fell into place," said Hannah, who is blessed with dazzling hazel coloured eyes, a slim figure and long, dark brown hair. Her exotic features come from her mixed parentage Chinese and Kelabit.

Soon after the competition, Hannah began receiving offers to model for magazines, billboards and TV advertisements.

She sounded enthusiastic when she spoke about the show and is eagerly awaiting future recordings as the upcoming season has a lot of interesting topics to offer. Although the series is more challenging than Girl's Club, Hannah is geared up for it. She said, "Girl's Club was scripted and its content focused on everything that might interest today's modern woman."

According to Hannah, the upcoming season promises to be more exciting, contemporary and upbeat. It will cater to a wider audience and the topics discussed will be more accessible.

"Basically, people from all walks of life can tune in to the show. It's more tangible, lifestyle-based and not too technical."

Hannah confessed that she has a tough time juggling her professional career with modelling and TV. Although work consumes a large portion of her time, she is enjoying every moment of it. "It can be tiring and it can get frantic at times but it's the passion that keeps me going, hopefully," said Hannah, whose hobbies include singing, cooking, go-kart racing, fishing and horseback riding.

Apart from having her hands full with work and hosting, Hannah fervently awaits the day when she will be able to release her very own debut English album. The multi-talented young woman has written a few tracks and hopes to clinch a recording contract with the right label. She plans to come up with an alternative contemporary album with touches of fusion jazz.

"I've got lots of dreams and ideas. I am also planning to venture into acting, too. I've already tried modelling and TV hosting so it would be an experience dabbling in a local sitcom!" she said.

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