Petchara (aka Vivian Lin) still a lead

Editors' thanks to Asian Sirens for the ongoing attention to this up and coming model that keeps us up and ... well, up and "hardened" to the issues that face all people of Asia.

By William Sparrow and agencies
September 13, 2005

First reported by Asian Sex Gazette as "Vivian Lin" (aka Petchara, Wong Sze Ka), this girl has been making waves as a top Internet model and in 2004 was voted Surfers' Choice Model at Asian4You, taking 41% of the final tally of thousands of votes.

But the fledgling adult model has also garnered film roles in Thailand's movie industry, playing a supporting role in She's Ann, which starred none other than Natt Kesarin (aka Natt Chanapa). Natt Kesarin recently answered charges that she appeared in an adult movie (full story here).

She's Ann
tells the story of an ordinary woman who leaves her boyfriend to pursue a relationship with another man in hopes of a better life. But the plan goes awry, and the title character Ann (played by Kesarin), ends up in the sex industry instead.

ASG's early coverage drew international attention and criticism alike.

Of Thai porn and politics: Natt Chanapa pornography scandal, Act II
Kesarin to answer porn video charge
Thai actress faces summons over porn film

ASG pointed out that Lin had previously worked in Thailand's sex industry, making far less than she does now as a model.

The change of careers happened by accident - literally. While she was still employed in the sex industry, she was badly injured one night by a hit-and-run driver. As she was recovering, she took stock of her life, and when her beauty caught the eye of local pornographer 88Square, which presented her with a modeling opportunity, she gave up sex work.

Some took issue with ASG's article 'Stunning' Thai go-go dancer quits prostitution to become pornstar' saying she was giving up one form of exploitation for another.

Asian Sex Gazette stands by our original report that contends she went from one form of voluntary sex work to adult modeling and now mainstream acting - and that the latest career is arguably one in which she is at less risk of exploitation, trafficking and/or sexually transmitted diseases. She had been noticed for her modeling beauty - even if that was an adult form of modeling.

Lin's recovery was not easy. And it is not made easier by those pundits contemplating her level of morality within the differing views of Thai society and beyond. By and large, the photos of this stunning vixen are within the fragile lines of Thai law.

As we have witnessed recently, Thai authorities seem keen to prosecute and demonize women in their culture and society who make the ill-fated decision to involve themselves in the adult industry.


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