Malaysia: Amatuer flashes her ID and more in porn movie

September 7, 2005

Kuching - Yet another VCD pornographic movie featuring locals has been selling like hot cakes in the city despite the authorities efforts to curtail the distribution of pornographic materials.

The star of the VCD, a woman in her 20s, can be clearly seen showing a Malaysian identity card bearing her name and address.

Sarawak Criminal Investigation Department (CID) head Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC 11) Karn Kam Peng has ordered an immediate investigation. Malaysia has been in the midst of a crackdown on pronography distributors and vendors. Authorities have gone so far as to conducting random spot checks of people's mobile phones to see if they have any pornographic material on them. 

Yet the hunger for locally made and authentic Malaysian porn seems insatiable. Leading some to believe that the purposeful showing of the ID card was intended as a selling point to atest to the video's authenticity.

This is the second time in four months that a locally produced pornographic VCD has been widely circulated here.

Four secondary school teachers were arrested on July 20 for distributing pornographic materials of a naked student all over Siburan.

Nude pictures of the student were said to have been taken by the teachers at a hotel here.

All pornographic materials and their production are illegal in the conservative and Muslim majority nation of Malaysia.








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