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Thai intolerance of LGBT a surprise
Thailand projects itself as an oasis of tolerance in a continent where roughly half of the countries outlaw homosexuality. The Land of Smiles is a gay-friendly playground of brazen ladyboys and sexual license, right? Well, not quite. 24-3-2014share
Bill could OK Vietnam same-sex marriage
Experts are urging the government to legalize same-sex marriage as lawmakers are scheduled to vote on an update of the Marriage and Family Law in May. 24-3-2014share

Art exhibit highlights sex work stigma
Exhibit looks at sex work stigma
Art work that explores themes of HIV, stigma & discrimination of sex workers share
Teenage pregnancy Thailand
Curbing teen pregnancy
Thailand is working on efforts to slow the number of teenage girls falling pregnant share
Vietnam transsexuals
Engendering law in Vietnam
Daily life of being at odds with your sex of birth and what it means in Vietnam share
Chinese Thai sex show
Agents push Thai sex shows
Chinese travel agency pressured its clients to attend overpriced sex shows share
Playboy's new Hebrew edition Israel
Sex slavery iin Hong Kong
A Thai woman's trip to Hong Kong as a tourist turned out to be a nightmare share
Sex education Thailand students
Thai students' sex perspective
Teaching girls to put on a condom - using cucumbers as substitutes share
Asian serial mistress
Life of the serial mistress
Serial mistress reckons married men make better lovers and should all have mistresses share
Sex education Thailand students
Thai students' sex perspective
Teaching girls to put on a condom - using cucumbers as substitutes share
Younf Filipinas sex work
Underage Filipinas & sex work
The Philippines' and female minors drawn in by foreigners to prostiution share
Jakarta transgender home
Jakarta's transgender home
A new home to care for transgendered elderly has opened in Jakarta
Nok Air nude calendar
Thais roused by sexy calendar
Pictures of women in bikinis for PR draws criticism for Nok Air in Thailand
Maria Ozawa porn star
Japanese porn stars for kids
She is one of the most popular Japanese AV actresses, even with school kids it seems
Indonesia sex holiday
Indonesia: Valentine’s is sex day
Indonesian officials and Muslim clerics called on people to skip Valentine’s Day this year

Fundamentalist group demands city close buildings used for prostitution
Two men have been accused of profiling themselves as male prostitutes over a social media network, Whoshere, where they offered their dancing and sexual services for money. Prosecutors accused the Emirati defendants, 22-year-old 'AS' and 30-year-old 'AH', of earning their living through prostitution. 21-3-2013 share

Escaping the shackles: A Filipina's story
The woman, the caretaker associated with the home, is now mobile. Anywhere but the Philippines is the better option. The struggling mother, always with her children’s future in mind, cannot bear to see her children go hungry. So she seeks beyond the scarcity she sees. In her dreams, that future can never be built in our own land. 11-3-2013 share

Australian, 93, on child-sex charges in Thailand could be released
A 93-year-old Australian man accused of raping four young Thai sisters in one of the worst child sex abuse cases investigated in Thailand is likely never to face justice. Karl Joseph Kraus, a former railway worker from Sydney, wants a court to drop the charges because he says he is suffering from terminal prostate cancer. 8-3-2013 share

Traffic jam: One town in Thailand
The beach town's famed nightlife was already in full swing. Pattaya is a "Wild West" of bars, massage parlors, brothels and strip clubs. I watched as inebriated men wandered up and down the red-light district with its neon-sketched bars to the left and right. 28-2-2013 share

Thai gay rights network calls for state support on same sex marriage
A gay rights activist network is planning to draft a civil partnership bill supporting same-sex marriage and demanding rights comparable to those accorded to male-female married couples. 20-2-2013

Prostitution? Yes please!
Prostitution is known as "the world's oldest profession." If it has been around for centuries, then why is it illegal? Shouldn't everyone have a right to do what they please with their body? "To the moralist, prostitution does not consist so much in the fact that the woman sells her body, but rather that she sells it out of wedlock." 14-2-2013

Photo contest aims to remove discrimination against sex workers
Through the lens, an organization advocating sex workers’ rights is aiming to stop discrimination against them. A photo competition that would depict the condition of sex workers was launched here on Thursday during a forum on sex workers and prostitution. 14-2-2013

Koreans 'biggest clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia'
Koreans rank among the top clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia, ahead even of Japanese and Chinese travelers, extensive research suggests. The conclusion comes from research by the Korean Institute of Criminology that included field surveys in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. 5-2-2013

Bid to decriminalize prostitution in the Philippines
Social Welfare Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman said the Anti-Prostitution Bill was one of the agency’s priority pieces of legislation. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has endorsed a bill that is pending in committee in the House of Representatives which would decriminalize prostitution but punish those who control and profit from the flesh trade. 25-1-2013

Burma gets steamed up by sex education magazine
With its glossy pages of pouting models and racy romance tips, Myanmar's first sex education magazine has got the usually demure nation hot under the collar as it cashes in on new-found cultural freedom. 19-1-2013

Sex trade: Where are the signs?
Landing at the airports in major cities in SE Asia in countries like Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam a traveler can be totally unaware of a dark secret sometimes operating in the very hotel they will soon be staying in. 19-1-2013

Condom use still low by Bali sex workers
The Bali Health Agency is reaching out to sex workers to boost the rate of condom use to 80 per cent from a current 39 per cent to prevent the spread of HIV. 19-1-2013

Wanganui nurse helps former sex slaves
There's nothing remarkable about the girls - certainly nothing to suggest that once they were forced to work as sex slaves in the Cambodian prostitution trade. It's girls such as these who persuaded Ms Southcombe to pack up her life and move to Cambodia to help in the rehabilitation of rescued prostitutes. 19-1-2013

Asian girls harmed by Canadian sex tourists find refuge, but abuses continue
At a non-nondescript, discreet compound in Cambodia, young girls form an orderly queue to be served noodles in the NewSong centre. Routine lapses when the newest among them, a seven-year-old nicknamed Srey, barges past the line, grabs fistfuls of the slippery food and bolts out the door. She's spotted in the backyard, furtively stuffing her face like an animal. 19-1-2013

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