Bollywood: Mona Chopra nude MMS controversy

April 5, 2006

A controversy started with the circulation of a two minute MMS clip, which allegedly shows upcoming actress Mona Chopra undressing. The clip allegedly shows a woman taking off her clothes as she argues on the phone with someone from the production unit over the choice of outfits she is required to wear.

Mona Chopra is not sure about it and says that she has to see the clip to ascertain if the woman in the clip is really her. If it happens to be her "then it is a serious breach of her privacy," said Mona Chopra and further added that in that case she plans to take legal advice from her lawyer. But, the media grapevine doesn't rule out the possibility of it being a publicity stunt.

Mona Chopra, who is known for her sexy image, made her debut in 'Timepass'. Interestingly, Mona Chopra is reported to be doing a nude scene in 'Red Swastika', which has been directed by Vinod Pande of Sins fame, if the media reports are to be believed.

Mona is reported to have told in an interview, "In Red Swastika I play a psychotic killer. She kills people in the most gruesome manner but has no regrets over it. In this film there's a sequence that I am sure will make headlines. It's the film's USP too.

I am shown taking a shower and my back is naked from top to bottom. I am going to be shot from behind and I expect some part of my side profile to be visible as well. But it's going to have an aesthetic appeal. The audience won't find it vulgar or obscene."

Then, she opines further, "Who will notice me if I don't expose? I have therefore decided to do these bare-dare scenes at the beginning of my career. Once I have caught people's attention, I will concentrate on acting rather than exposure. I will have to expose at first; only then will people know me and respect me as an actress."

Looks like the redefinition of the word 'acting' is imminent and so is its degeneration.








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