Sex at office? Spy cams see it all in India

By Allen O'Brien
June 17, 2005

Move over MMS, for hidden cameras are here. A strategically-placed camera in a leading Mumbai-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit shows a couple having sex in an office cubicle.

While the first clipping shows a woman in a brown salwar-kameez and a man wearing a white shirt and black trousers kissing, by the end of it (the eighth clipping), the series gets progressively more explicit. Delhi Times takes a look at the BPO bondings.

So what's new? Asks Lalit Tiwari, a former employee of Wipro Spectramind, "Sex happens on a large scale in call centres. However, people generally desist from such acts within the premises. This is because most of the BPO execs live alone as PGs or rent a house. At the most, in office, one gets to see arms around the waist/shoulder, two people hand-inhand or couples coochie-cooing in empty corridors."

Adds Sanjay Salooja, CEO of Empower, "This has nothing to do with the BPO sector. It happens everyday in every job. It is all about mutual attraction - two people can be attracted to anyone, anywhere. It is just that hotels, PG digs and hostels don't have hidden cameras, while BPOs have hidden cameras all over."

Why does it happen? When in Rome, do as the Romans do - this is exactly what seems to be the mantra of the BPO exec. So they are making a point of aping America - be it their lingo or lifestyle.

As Sanjay Shah of Daksh (name changed) says, "Execs want to portray a cool, modern attitude and for them it translates into blindly following the US, even in sexual mores." In other words, they believe in living life American ishtyle in every way.

"Most of the people working in call centres are either in college or have just completed their education. Suddenly they start getting a great pay packet and enjoy immense freedom. This is soon followed by an urge to 'experiment'," adds Tiwari.

Where's the time for EQ? Surprisingly, even the high attrition rate fuels the passion. Says Ankur Biswas of IGTI, "Most executives feel that since they would be leaving their company within six to eight months, they can do whatever they want. So even if they get physical, they don't have to carry the baggage for long." In other words, where's the time for EQ (emotional quotient)!

What's rank got to do with it? And in case you though 'sexual hanky-panky' happened only at the junior level, here's more.

Says call centre exec Hemant Singh, "The sky is the limit. It could be a junior or a very high-ranking official. It could even be a junior and a senior."

Of course, a senior-junior linkup is all about climbing the ladder fast. Says Teresa Darlong, a call centre exec with IBM.

"No doubt those who work hard are paid well, but at times sexual favours and promotions do get linked. This makes employees frustrated, many a times forcing them to quit."

Caught red-handed?

Worry not, for there ain't much one can really do. Says Siddharth Goel, Manager Operations, Baxy Infosol, "Termination... nothing more than that."

As a matter of fact, even the law has no say in the matter. Informs Amit Khemka, advocate, High Court, "Being caught in the workplace (even other than a BPO) is not seen as a criminal offence. It will be regarded as a violation of the terms of contract or misuse of place. One can be terminated only on the grounds of indiscipline."

In fact, it is all a question of luck. As Lalit Tiwari, former employee of Wipro Spectramind tells us, "It depends purely on what you are caught doing and who catches you doing it.

If the President spots you even holding hands, you've had it... if it's the Vice-President, holding hands would be accepted but getting closer would be a danger zone.

In case you are caught by the Assistant Vice-President, you can go scot-free unless the act is as serious as making-out in an empty corridor... in that case you get the pink slip!" However, the company makes sure that anonymity is maintained.








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