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Delhi school sex video now on Internet

By Shradha Sukumaran
November 28, 2004

The Delhi schoolgirl video controversy has now blown into India’s own Paris Hilton-Rick Solomon story.

The sexually-explicit footage was shot by the girl’s own classmate on his mobile phone and circulated in schools all over the city about two weeks ago.

Now, the home video has surfaced on the net, in different porn sites. According to the link, nearly 29,000 surfers have already viewed the video, many of whom have posted their comments on the girl “in the white school uniform”.

The clip shocked Delhi schools and parents, prompting a debate into allowing children to have camera-enabled phones.

Both the girl and the boy were expelled from Delhi Public School, but the video has already passed through hundreds of students in the capital. With it now posted on the web, this Delhi schoolgirl is now infamous.

Camera-enabled phones have already become controversial all over the world.

Japan has taken note of phone-stalkers, the US is coming down on “up-skirt” pictures, UK has forbidden it in strip clubs and theatres, and countries like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have banned it.

Although hoteliers in Mumbai are considering banning camera-enabled cell phones from the private areas of hotels such as swimming pools, saunas, spas and changing rooms due to privacy concerns, the phones itself are only catching on in India now.

According to the Asian School of Cyberlaws in Pune, it is because of this that mobile phone videos posted on pornsites is a new phenomenon. In this case, as the girl is underage, the issue also enters the realm of child pornography.

“This falls into the Section 67 of the Information Technology Act. Its sentence is five years of imprisonment for the first offence, or a fine of Rs 1 lakh and ten years of imprisonment for every subsequent offence, or a fine of Rs 2 lakh,” says Vicky Jaiswal, head of education and consultation at the Asian School, adding that this sentence is irrespective of whether it is a child pornographic act. This is the sentence for electronic pornography.

However, Jaiswal points out that it is difficult to keep track or monitor these clips because there are almost four crore pornographic websites. “Often, the lady in the clip has no clue that her picture is on the net.”

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Delhi students in porn video


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