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China’s mistress culture and corruption
China’s leader Xi Jinping has made a crackdown on corruption a centerpiece of his administration. He’s vowed to root out corruption from the bottom to the top, or to use his expression, to “go after the tigers as well as the flies”. 24-3-2013share
Rare glimpses of Iran’s lost underworld
Kaveh Golestan was 52 on the bright spring day he died. He was killed in a minefield in northern Iraq in 2003 while working as a cameraman with the BBC. Unigue works documenting prostitution in Tehran opens in an exhibition. 24-3-2013share

Art exhibit highlights sex work stigma
Exhibit looks at sex work stigma
Art work that explores themes of HIV, stigma & discrimination of sex workers share
Efforts to combat teen prostitution in Israel lacking
Efforts to combat teen prostitution in Israel lacking
Government apathy and no data make fight harder share
One woman's struggle against a Jewish prostitution ring
One woman's struggle against a Jewish prostitution ring
Dirty laundry is made public about sex work in Israel share
Teaching prostitutes to spot fake cash
Teaching prostitutes to spot fake cash in India's red-light districts
Sex workers taught about getting the real thing share
Korean sex workers Japan
Sex work booms in Japan
Over 50,000 Korean women selling their sexual services in the Land of the Rising Sun share
Playboy's new Hebrew edition Israel
Sex slavery iin Hong Kong
A Thai woman's trip to Hong Kong as a tourist turned out to be a nightmare share
Syrian refugee prostitution
Syrian refugees and sex work
In the UN camps Syrian women are turning to their only option to earn money; prostitution share
Asian serial mistress
Life of the serial mistress
Serial mistress reckons married men make better lovers and should all have mistresses share
Asian madams in Australia
Asians in Aussie sex trade
Young Asian "madams" are running multimillion-dollar call-girl rings in Australia share
Younf Filipinas sex work
Underage Filipinas & sex work
The Philippines' and female minors drawn in by foreigners to prostiution share
Twitter's video sex app
Move to decriminalize sex work
Activists push to decriminalize prostitution in effort to gain rights for sex workers

Japan's Yokohama, Ikebukuro sex businesses to engage in price war
Businesses and eateries along the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line are expecting an upswing in activity once the line merges with the Tokyu Toyoko Line at Shibuya Station on Saturday. The theory is that the union will attract riders seeking another direct connection between major hubs Yokohama and Ikebukuro. 21-3-2013 share

Woman denies prostitution charge in UAE saying she was forced
The woman, 'SL', 20, from Morocco, told the Criminal Court in Abu Dhabi this week that she reported the three people to police on two separate occasions, but was ignored and instead, charged with prostitution. She said she arrived in Abu Dhabi last October under the sponsorship of an Egyptian man, but that when she arrived he handed her over to a married couple. 21-3-2013 share

Two accused of male prostitution in UAE
Two men have been accused of profiling themselves as male prostitutes over a social media network, Whoshere, where they offered their dancing and sexual services for money. Prosecutors accused the Emirati defendants, 22-year-old 'AS' and 30-year-old 'AH', of earning their living through prostitution. 21-3-2013 share

Fundamentalist group demands city close buildings used for prostitution
Two men have been accused of profiling themselves as male prostitutes over a social media network, Whoshere, where they offered their dancing and sexual services for money. Prosecutors accused the Emirati defendants, 22-year-old 'AS' and 30-year-old 'AH', of earning their living through prostitution. 21-3-2013 share

Japanese females under 18 in demand for innumerable illicit endeavors
The busts in January of massage parlors featuring high-school girls has shed light on the various other workplaces that staff females under 18 years of age, reports Spa!. “First, we’ll send them to entertainment production offices,” says a scout specializing in girls under 18. 14-3-2013 share

Escaping the shackles: A Filipina's story
The woman, the caretaker associated with the home, is now mobile. Anywhere but the Philippines is the better option. The struggling mother, always with her children’s future in mind, cannot bear to see her children go hungry. So she seeks beyond the scarcity she sees. In her dreams, that future can never be built in our own land. 11-3-2013 share

Traffic jam: One town in Thailand
The beach town's famed nightlife was already in full swing. Pattaya is a "Wild West" of bars, massage parlors, brothels and strip clubs. I watched as inebriated men wandered up and down the red-light district with its neon-sketched bars to the left and right. 28-2-2013

Voluntary sex work may be kept out of criminal law ambit
The government has decided not to treat voluntary sex workers above the age of 18 years as victims of trafficking, in its new definition of the offence in criminal law. 20-2-2013

Human trafficking, prostitution thrive in Afghanistan
Thousands of Afghan girls and boys are trafficked into neighboring countries and sold into slavery each year. Though it is taboo, prostitution is alive and thriving - at the cost of those forced to work in it. It is the oldest trade in the world and exists in probably every country in the world. 9-2-2013

Indian momen seek exit from prostitution
Two women, who are not related, were forced into prostitution as adolescents. Now in their mid-30s, they are trying to get out. Wrapped in saris - Salma in orange, green and yellow, Salena in embroidered maroon - they spoke with our group of students and professors from New York University in Kolkata's Eden Gardens park. 9-2-2013

Koreans 'biggest clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia'
Koreans rank among the top clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia, ahead even of Japanese and Chinese travelers, extensive research suggests. The conclusion comes from research by the Korean Institute of Criminology that included field surveys in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. 5-2-2013

Bid to decriminalize prostitution in the Philippines
Social Welfare Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman said the Anti-Prostitution Bill was one of the agency’s priority pieces of legislation. The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has endorsed a bill that is pending in committee in the House of Representatives which would decriminalize prostitution but punish those who control and profit from the flesh trade. 25-1-2013

Nat Purwa: Where prostitution is a tradition
Like most other villages around here, Nat Purwa suffers from abject poverty. But one element makes the village stand out from others in the area: Here, prostitution is a hereditary occupation, passed on from one generation of women to the next. 19-1-2013

Sex trade: Where are the signs?
Landing at the airports in major cities in SE Asia in countries like Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietnam a traveler can be totally unaware of a dark secret sometimes operating in the very hotel they will soon be staying in. 19-1-2013

Wanganui nurse helps former sex slaves
There's nothing remarkable about the girls - certainly nothing to suggest that once they were forced to work as sex slaves in the Cambodian prostitution trade. It's girls such as these who persuaded Ms Southcombe to pack up her life and move to Cambodia to help in the rehabilitation of rescued prostitutes.. 19-1-2013









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