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K-pop: Sex or over-sexed in Korea
Following years of girl groups treading the sexy-cute line, the latest trend in K-pop is to go so all-out sexy that some of their music videos look like three-minute soft-porn movies. 24-3-2014share
Wartime sex slaves urge Japan's PM to drop plans to re-examine 1993 apology
Outrage at Shinzo Abe's review of statement recognising country's role in ordeal of 'comfort women'. 24-3-2014share

Korean sex workers Japan
Sex work booms in Japan
Over 50,000 Korean women selling their sexual services in the Land of the Rising Sun share
Asian madams in Australia
Asians in Aussie sex trade
Young Asian "madams" are running multimillion-dollar call-girl rings in Australia share
Sexting gone wrong
When sexting goes wrong
There are many awkward moments in life but 'sexting' the wrong person is rough share
North Korean defectors
North Korea: “The Defector”
Escaping one of most notorious countries in the world and human trafficking for sex
Twitter's video sex app
Twitter’s new micro-video app is predictably flooded with porn
Porn? On the Internet? Who would have thought
korea prostitution
Korea’s sex trade in legal limbo
Are voluntary sexual relations that are then followed by money illegal?
South Korea's nude ballerina
A topless photo of ballerina Kim Joo-Won in Korean Vogue has cost her part of her salary
North Korea: Busting out
Breat augmentation is becoming more popular among the wealthy class
Korea: Amateur porn website busted
Operator of a porn site with 10,000 members arrested
North Korean's exploited abroad
North Koreans sent to work overseas are subject to harsh conditions and prostitution
Porn video tops Yahoo Korea
A pornographic video clip posted for about six hours on Yahoo Korea
Korea's rampant prostitution
We are surprised at the survival power of the sex industry
Sex clubs thrive despite clampdown
The number of red light districts has gone south
North Korean trafficking victims speak
Prostitution, human traficking and women seeking escape

'Bang with Friends' takes fun out of 'friend sex'
And now, introducing the app that was definitely only a matter of time: Bang With Friends. It doesn't require too much of an introduction, considering the subtlety-free approach of its name. It works like this: you sign into the app with Facebook and choose the friends you'd like to get naked with by clicking a box under their profile picture that says "Down to Bang." 14-2-2013

Koreans 'biggest clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia'
Koreans rank among the top clients of prostitutes in Southeast Asia, ahead even of Japanese and Chinese travelers, extensive research suggests. The conclusion comes from research by the Korean Institute of Criminology that included field surveys in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines. 5-2-2013

Fearing class warfare, North Korea places nationwide ban on 'Girls'
North Korea, which has always been a place of equality and freedom, fears all may be lost, thanks to a new sketch comedy video that has surfaced early this week. The video depicts a parody of HBO's Girls, replacing the girls with robots in a comedic fashion. Kim Jong-Un, the country's fearless leader, deems the video inappropriate, and fears it will cause an uprising of the lower class. 5-2-2013

South Korea uses chemical castration on sex offenders
In 2011 South Korea adopted a law authorising the use of chemical castration to treat sex offenders. Since then the court has ordered chemical castration on two convicts. 19-1-2013

Being gay in South Korea
Like neighbouring China and Japan, South Korea doesn't criminalise male homosexuality, but nor does it have antidiscrimination laws that cover gay men, lesbians or members of the transgender community. In addition, military service discrimination and discriminatory censorship of LGBT publications is also a problem. 20-8-2008

Seoul: Death penalty sought for sex crimes against kids
People who commit sexual assaults against children under 13 and kill them will likely face the death penalty or life imprisonment. At a Cabinet meeting recently, the Ministry of Justice said it would instruct the prosecution to stiffen punishment on sex offenders against children or young students through revisions of the law. 20-8-2008

'Love shot' can be sexual harassment: South Korean court
South Korea's "love shot" drinking ritual amounts to sexual harassment if the woman in question is unwilling to take part, the country's top court ruled recently. 20-8-2008

Asian men seek brides from poor nations
Changing attitudes about love and marriage in rich Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea are pushing many desperate bachelors to seek out brides in other, poorer nations around the region. 29-2-2008

Korea: Hwang apologizes for sex scandal
South Korea international Hwang Jae-won publicly apologized for the "disruption" he caused after being linked with Internet-based rumors that he pressured his girlfriend to undergo an abortion after she was found to be pregnant. 22-2-2008

South Korea arrests 24,000 in prostitution crackdown
South Korean authorities caught nearly 24,000 prostitutes, pimps or clients in a two-month crackdown on the sex trade, the National Police Agency said last week. 14-11-2007

Sex party organizer busted in Korea
In October last year, a 38-year-old office worker identified as Kim posted a message on a website looking for a one-night stand for W1 million won (approximately USD $1,100). 3-11-2007
Korea: Abuse of Vietnamese wives
It is a national shame that foreign wives living with Koreans have suffered spousal abuse. This issue surfaced again on Tuesday when Vietnamese President Nguyen Minh Triet asked the South Korean government to help Vietnamese married to Korean men lead better lives here. 3-11-2007

Seoul mulls female-only subway cars to prevent sexual harassment
Women-only subway cars may be reintroduced in Seoul next year as part of efforts to reduce sexual harassment of female passengers, subway operators said this week. 3-11-2007

Korea: Disputes raging over prostitution laws
The government announced a plan to seize the passports of people caught buying sex overseas, following recent news reports that a growing number of South Korean men are being arrested for the sexual exploitation of trafficked women while traveling abroad. For instance, 30 South Koreans citizens have been detained in China for buying sex as of July this year, up from 11 last year. 26-9-2007

Korea: Sexual crimes on trains increase
The number of sexual crimes on trains and at stations has increased, yet crackdowns and precautionary measures are still insufficient. 13-9-2007

Korea: Police shut down group sex website, arrest participants
Police have arrested scores of men and women who engaged in group sex encounters arranged through a commercial website. They include a substantial number of social leaders such as professors, doctors, civil servants, middle school workers and senior executives of a large corporation. Married couples and lovers engaged in partner swapping through the website. 6-9-2007

Sexuality issues in North Korea
North Korea, until 1980s, was not open about sex. A conservative aspect remained in their consciousness and under the socialist setup that emphasized rules, the sexuality issues were not an important topic in everyday life. But recently, with exposure to more information from the outside world, a freer atmosphere regarding the issue of sex has been forming. However, North Korean women cannot be free in the midst of sex-related violence. 8-8-2007

South Korea, Singapore turn birthrate tide with immigration
Declining birthrates are a problem that Japan shares with South Korea and Singapore. But unlike Japan, which has yet to open its doors widely to immigration, these two countries are welcoming people from elsewhere in Asia to fill the gap. 1-7-2007

Korea: Middle school girl forced into prostitution
Police have arrested three suspects on charges of detaining a middle school girl and forcing her into prostitution with 800 men including a college professor and a doctor. 8-6-2007

Korea: Teenage sex crimes tripled in 8 years
A rising number of sex crimes among teenagers is becoming a serious problem in Korea. The number of reported sex crimes including rape, indecent assault, and attempted rape more than tripled in eight years, from 567 cases in 1999 to 1,810 cases last year. The trend is in contrast with the US and Japan where teenage sex crimes are decreasing. 14-4-2007

Korean ministry blocking porn sites
Internet pornography soon may be harder to find for people living in South Korea. The Korean Ministry of Information and Communication has decided to block about 180 foreign pornography sites by the end of May, South Korean officials confirmed. 6-4-2007

More Koreans engage in sex trade in US
The number of Korean women engaged in prostitution overseas - both voluntary or forced - has been steadily increasing after the government's crackdown on the domestic sex industry in 2004. 24-3-2007

South Korea raps Japan's PM over sex slave comments
South Korea rapped Japan's prime minister Saturday for disavowing his country's responsibility for using Asian women as sex slaves for Japanese troops in World War II. 8-3-2007

North Korea upbraids Japan for 'sexual slavery' during WWII
The political and moral image of Japan whose past is bespattered with crimes, has not changed in the new century, claimed observers of the North Korean Central News Agency. 8-3-2007

Korea: Sexual violence on children rises 33%
Child molestation is becoming a serious social problem with the number of cases of sexual violence on children under 13 increasing every year. In 2006, the number of victims under 13 was 980 or 6.4 percent of the total of 15,326 reported cases of sexual violence, according to the National Police Agency. 24-2-2007

North Korea: Sexual abuse part of daily routine for US forces
The Rodong Sinmun, a newspaper published by the ruling party in North Korea, has stated that "the US forces in South Korea are infected with an abnormal sexual desire and sexual abuses are part of their daily routine". 23-1-2007

Korean hookers busted in US visa scam
Police have busted 42 prostitutes for using forged documents to get a US visa. Police in Seoul also detained a broker identified as Kim (47) on charges of faking a variety of documents to help them get the visas. 31-12-2006

'Naked truth' site shut down in Korea
A website recently launched in South Korea, featuring semi-nude photos of a North Korean actress and defector along with human rights messages, was apparently shut down last week. 24-12-2006

Prostitutes tell of abuse, abandonment
A growing number of South Korean males in their late teens and early 20s are going to Southeast Asian countries to buy sex, as the crackdown on the sex trade here is intensifying, a report showed. 16-12-2006

The sexual concerns of Korean men
Middle-aged Korean women have the world's highest awareness of sex but Korean men the lowest, surveys suggest. Both men and women in Korea consider their sex life a very important aspect of their life in general, but the difference was that Korean men cared little about the satisfaction of their partners. 9-12-2006

Asian sex ring busted in US
A Highlands Ranch couple and a Thornton woman have been charged with running a Korean prostitution ring out of three Denver-area "brothels," using women they flew in from out of state. 24-11-2006

The sexual concerns of Korean men
Korean men are not very considerate of their sexual partners, but they are more interested in sex. They are also more willing than their counterparts elsewhere to treat sex problems like impotence, though it seems they do not back up their words with action by seeing a doctor for accurate diagnosis of their condition and taking the right medication. 18-11-2006

South Korea's answer: Sex
Condom sales and bookings at several of South Korea's pay-by-the-hour "love motels" surged after North Korea's nuclear test, according to statistics released on Thursday. 30-10-2006









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