Japanese porn star Ai Iijima needs sex

By Ryann Connell
September 6, 2007

Porn star and TV host Ai Iijima
Porn star and TV host Ai Iijima
Even months into retirement, porn star-cum-celebrity advisor and IT explorer Ai Iijima can't stay out of the news, with Shukan Asahi reporting that now she's moaning about her insatiable urge to break a sex drought.

Citing a serious liver illness, 34-year-old Iijima quit the showbiz world at the end of March, but has since maintained a high-profile blog that has managed to keep people talking about her.

Earlier this month, she used her blog to let it be known that she's becoming sexually frustrated.

"I was thinking the other day that ever since my life started, it has lacked sensuality," Shukan Asahi quotes Iijima posting on her blog. "I haven't got a boyfriend. I haven't even got a sex friend. Oh my god, I'm dying for a bit. I've just got to have some nooky."

The comments were typically Iijima in that they easily shocked. Her request for advice from visitors to her blog elicited over 300 replies, many from men predictably willing to meet her and alleviate her plight.

Despite Iijima lamenting a lack of lustiness, recent reports suggest that may not necessarily be the case. In July, women's weekly Josei Jishin caught Iijima meeting with a guy at a posh hotel.

A couple of weeks after that, Shukan Asahi itself reported that Iijima had developed a very close relationship with Hiroyuki Nishimura, 30, the maverick operator of anything-goes online bulletin board Ni-Chaneru. Iijima works part-time for an IT company in which Nishimura is a director, and she has made no bones about how much she likes his bones. After posting on her blog footage of the interview she undertook with him to get the IT job, Iijima also remarked about her feelings for the board operator.

"I quite fancy this Hiroyuki," the weekly quotes Iijima writing.

Despite the attraction, some pals say it's unlikely Iijima and Nishimura have consummated their relationship.

"Ai is pretty free and easy and it's common for her to whine to her friends about a lack of decent sex. She also complains about the fact that as soon as she leaves her home, the paparazzi are there to swoop on her so she basically has to remain cooped up in her apartment all the time," an Iijima buddy tells Shukan Asahi. "I guess if she's holed up inside all the time, she would be getting a bit bored.

Shukan Asahi (9/7)Iijima won't be offering any insight into her relationship with Nishimura, refusing to divulge any details even for Shukan Asahi, for which she was once a columnist. She wouldn't open up when the weekly approached her for a comment.

"Considering everything your magazine has done for me, I'd really love to help, but in this case, I'm really, really sorry, I just can't cooperate with the story," Iijima tells Shukan Asahi. "I'm really, really sorry."

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