Japanese beauty Maya Sakura in Playboy

May 28, 2007 (Updated with interview, details on June 8, 2007)

Maya Sakura in Playboy
Japanese beauty Maya Sakura in Playboy
Maya is a Japanese beauty who is currently in America as a college student attending school and living in Scottsdale, Arizona. She says she likes America because she doesn't have to be shy.

She likes to go see movies and go dancing and says both are very different here than in Japan.

Sakura is a welcome addition to Playboy for the magazine that is often chided for usually featuring only buxom blondes that seem to be the preference of the popular men's magazine's founder Hugh Hefner.

Sakura joins the ranks of other Asian beauties recently featured in Playboy including Kay Sivilay and Hiromi Oshima, the later of whom is also from Japan.

Maya spoke exclusively to Asian Sex Gazette to help us get to know her a bit better and update readers on her future plans.

Asian Sex Gazette: What's the future of your modeling career - what are your plans, do you have any up coming jobs, appearances, photo spreads coming out?

Maya: "I enjoy mosts types of modeling. I had a great experience at Playboy and would definitely do it again. While I have no problem with nudity (obviously), I am very selective about whom I work with. I only want to do that style with more "well established" companies or for my own website. As for my future in modeling, I would like to be able to appear in a few movies (not adult), commercials, and do a lot of print work. Over the next few months I will be doing several shoots for my website. I also have shoots scheduled for calendar work and some bikini companies. And I will be making some nightclub appearances over the summer. Just keep an eye on my website or my MySpace profile for any announcements."

ASG: You said you first got into modeling when you were back in Japan, tell us more about that.

Maya: "I didn't do a lot of modeling in Japan. I mainly did spokes model or promotional work."

ASG: Tell us about growing up in Japan, family, friends and the culture.

Maya: "I was born in Kanagawa, but I grew up in Tokyo. I am an only child and was very shy when I was younger. Especially with boys. I had my first boyfriend when I was 15. No girlfriends in Japan. One big cultural difference is that Japanese are much more focused on how old a woman is. Here in America, age is a factor, but how the woman looks is much more important. In fact, I have seen many models here that are in their 30's and 40's who are very beautiful and work a lot. It also not unusual for a woman in America to be in her 40's or 50's, or even more, and be dating and having a good time with the opposite sex. I really like this about American culture. A woman is more free to do whatever she wants to do without having to worry about being judged."

"One more thing," Maya chirps, "the tipping system in America still amazes me sometimes. I have found that if you tip someone well you get good service. If you don't, the service is usually bad. I think that the service should be good no matter what the tip. I am not too crazy about this here. This might be because there is no tip system in Japan and I am just not used to it."

ASG:You made a brief comment on your MySpace page that you like modeling in the US more than in Japan. Why? What is the industry like there?

Maya: "Mainly because I didn't do a lot of work in Japan. And, believe it or not, I am starting to get a little too old for Japan. Another thing is that models in Japan are usually more cute than sexy, and more westernized looking, (big eyes, etc.), than Asian in appearance. So, I don't think I'd be as popular in Japan. What do you think?" She asks with a wink. ;)

ASG Editor mumbles something approvingly, shuffles papers.

ASG: Want to tell us your birthdate/age? How about your measurements and other vital stats? Don't worry - we won't ask you your blood type like they do for all the AV idols in Japan (by the way - do you know why they do that? It's strange)?

Maya: "Let's see; mid-twenties, Libra, 5'7" (167cm), 110lbs (50kg), 34C-23-34 (86-58-86). In case you are dying to know, my blood type is A+. And yes, I do know why people want to know. It is because people believe you can categorize a person's personality by the type of blood."

ASG Editor, murmurs, 'A+ indeed'.

ASG: TV's a bit delayed here (in Hong Kong) but I was watching Miss Universe last night when I was finalizing the site for [initial] upload. I couldn't help drawing the connection of Miss Japan winning the title, while I am working on an article of a lovely Japanese woman. It certainly made me appreciate Japanese beauty. So I guess the obvious question is how did it make you feel to have one of your country women getting the title?

Maya: "It's about time!!" She laughs, "you're just starting to appreciate Japanese beauty now?? Maybe you need someone to help you with some research!!" Maya says with a sly smile. :)

ASG Editor; shuffles feet, makes note underlining 'research'.

ASG: Um, so what do you miss most about Japan? Editor: ('Say proximity to Hong Kong, say proximity to Hong Kong.' Crosses fingers).

Maya: THE FOOD! Family and friends.

ASG Editor, grumbles, 'Damnnit!'

ASG: Noticed that you describe yourself on your MySpace page as "Bi". *Stifles a shudder* And you also mention that you are in a relationship. Care to divulge on either of these topics? Your current boyfriend/girlfriend? Past relationships? Development/realization of the Bi thing?

Maya Sakura at The Playboy Mansion
Maya Sakura at The Playboy Mansion
"I am in a relationship with a guy. And yes, the Bi thing is true. I don't think there was ever any one moment where I realized this, I have always appreciated attractive men and women. As for experiences, I never really did anything until I moved to America. I generally prefer men, but women are soft and sexy."

ASG Editor needs a stiff drink.

ASG: You mentioned a Playboy mansion visit. Tell us about it.

Maya: "I hope this doesn't make me look a little too silly, but when I first shot with Playboy, I wasn't sure who Hugh Hefner was. I was a little embarrassed! I definitely know now! When I went to the Playboy mansion, I was actually body painted like a Budweiser beer bottle, (see picture at right). I did meet Hugh Hefner. He was very nice and friendly. A good looking man, too. It was a very nice experience and I hope to be able to go again."

ASG: Final thoughts? Is there anything that you would like to add?

Maya: "I am not quite sure that movies and dancing are very different between America an Japan - other than the language.

"Please be sure to visit my site (www.MayaSakura.com), which will be up by the end of June. Also, I have a profile on MySpace. That address is www.MySpace.com/MayaSakura."

For more photos and video of Maya Sakura visit Women of Playboy.

Her personal site: www.MayaSakura.com
Maya's MySpace page: www.MySpace.com/MayaSakura

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  Maya Sakura in Playboy  Maya Sakura in Playboy  Maya Sakura in Playboy


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