Naked News, Asian style revisited

By William Sparrow and agencies
February 24, 2007

Naked Yukiko Kimura in an enthusiastic presentation of sports
Asian Sex Gazette has reported on The Naked News here before, with Lily Kwan the featured anchor. However, Lily is and has not been the only Asian member of their nude news team.

Yukiko Kimura has been a naked newscaster since September 2005 and, as you can tell from the clip; she really gets into delivering the sports. And, interestingly, one of her hobbies is glass blowing.

In January of last year Asian Sex Gazette reported that Naked News was breaking into the Japanese market (story here, with video). To a certain extent the success was believed to be in part due to news presenter Lily Kwan, who proved to have a strong following in the Japanese market.

Some beleive that signing on of Yukiko onto the team might have been related to the push into the Japanese market.

As we reported in January, beneath a banner proclaiming Naked News as "The program with nothing to hide," Sunrise Corp. CEO Takuya Uchikawa described the service as "a unique concept for the Japanese market."

Sunrise, which specialises in sales of goods and services via the Internet, and Naked News owner eGalaxy Multimedia have set a target of 10,000 mobile subscribers in the first year.

"We would not have dared to come to Japan unless we were convinced that there was a definite market, and we now see there is a massive market here, we have a partner that understands that market and the technological skills to provide an enjoyable product," eGalaxy Multimedia Inc. CEO David Warga said.

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