Blues for Japan's blue film industry

By Peter Payne and staff
December 29, 2005

Japan's Adult Video (AV) world suffered a tragedy last week when innovative indies director Hajime, of Hajime Planning, died suddenly.

Hajime started out as a salesman inside Japan's maverick indies AV studio Soft on Demand, working his way up through the ranks until he was able to become a director, creating the kinds of videos he wanted to see made under his Hajime Kikaku label.

He always had a knack for making interesting productions using off-the-street raw talent, with fresh ideas like "Study of Whale Shower."

Members of the online store J-List had developed a unique relationship with Hajime over the years.

A member of J-List's marketing team Tomo Fujita had a great relationship with Director Hajime, and attended his funeral Tuesday. The ceremony was a Who's Who of Japan's AV world, with everyone in attendance, from SOD founder Ganari Takahashi to Dogma director Tohjiro to stars like Kurumi Morishita, and even the legendary Kazuhiko Matsumoto, (who invented the most infamous AV genre to come out of Japan in the past decade), attended.

Hajime had expressed happiness to have his works reach fans outside of Japan through J-List over the years, and the J-List team told Asian Sex Gazette that they were very glad to be able to help people around the world learn about his colorful and amazing works.

Peter Payne is the owner and operator of J-List Japan ( Asian Sex Gazette staff contributed to this report.








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