Japanese porn queen's mysterious death - murder or suicide?

By Ryann Connell
July 12, 2005

Mystery surrounds the recent untimely death of Yumika Hayashi, star of over 400 blue movies and a woman referred to as Japan's Original Adult Video Queen, according to Friday magazine.

Fans of the veteran porn starlet who passed away aged just 34 have not hidden their shock at her late June demise, with many doubts remaining about whether she was a victim of her own hand or something more sinister.

Hayashi started working in the water business -- Japan's ever-flowing entertainment trade -- before making her debut as a videotape vixen in 1989, the heyday of the Japanese AV industry.

Over the following 16 years, she made flick after flick doing what the Germans call fick. And it wasn't just dirty movies, Hayashi also starred in the documentary "Yumika" and "Tamamono," a full-length feature good enough to earn invitations to a number of international film festivals.

Hayashi's body was found in her Tokyo apartment early on the morning of June 28. An autopsy revealed she had died two days earlier, the day before she would have turned 35.

"About 11 o'clock that night, all this noise suddenly broke out. I looked out the window and saw all these cop cars outside the apartment block. I wondered what had happened and later learned she'd died in there," a neighbor of the late actress tells Friday.

Hayashi's body was found by her mother, AV director Katsuyuki Hirano and an AV production associate. The director was upset that Hayashi had failed to turn up for work for a couple of days and contacted her mother to go up and check on the actress, but instead made the ghastly find of her body.

"Yumika was lying in her bed and the three people who found her thought she was sleeping. When they realized she wasn't breathing, they quickly called for an ambulance, but it was already too late," a pal of the actress says. "Yumika's mom was shattered, screaming, crying and going half crazy."

Nothing appeared to have been disturbed in the home and police have yet to determine the cause of the actress's death, with neither suicide nor murder ruled out.

"She had no particular health worries, so it's hard to tell whether she was killed or killed herself," an AV production company associate says. "What sticks in my mind, though, is the massive amount of sleeping pills found in her room. She'd also packed down quite a bit of the booze she loved before she went to sleep."

Yumika's friends deny any possibility that she took her own life.

"She was a really bright kid. She'd told me that she'd just found a new boyfriend and was really happy. I cannot believe she could possibly have committed suicide," Yumi Yoshiyuki, director of what turned out to be Hayashi's final movie, tells Friday.

Others aren't so sure, pointing to Hayashi's busy love life that left a long trail in its wake and past reactions to failed relationships.

"About three months before she died, Yumika broke up with the considerably younger porno production company worker she'd been dating," another AV company worker says. "They'd lived together for a while. She seemed to have been pretty shocked when the relationship came to an end."

Hayashi's neighbor adds: "About three months ago, she had a huge fight with a guy that forced the cops to be called to our apartment block. A pile of men's photos and underpants came flying out of the window of her eighth floor apartment and landed on passers-by." (By Ryann Connell)

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