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Adult Profile: Sakura Sena

August 19, 2004

Sakura Sena is the Japanese equivalent of Francine Dee. With her blonde hair and measurements (bra size 40G) she topples Francine (33DD-23-33; 5'3"). She is 3 years older but what the heck, she is still fetching with her 29 years!

Who is Sakura Sena?

Japan has its own big boob cult and Sakura Sena is one of their local babes holding the flag in the boob-job parade. Better late than never, right? For years, the Japanese bust magazines Bachelor and DCup have published photo sets of the American and European big tit models. Of late, Sakura's been making waves, tsunami level waves, of her own in Japan, and the boys over at Tokyo Topless, Asia's #1 adult website, are ga-ga over her.

Sakura Sena was born in Tokyo on January 31, 1975. At the age of 13 years she saw her first foreign adult video and this, "rocked her world!"

Name: Sakura Kena, Also known as Shiho Fujiwara, Misaki Karan Miho Kanda, Miki Kagawa
Date of Birth: Januari 31, 1975
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity: Japanese
Measurements 40(40G)-23-34"; 5'4"; 108 lbs

In October of 1994, she made her video debut in Kaikin as Shiho Fujiwara. Shiho's style was innocent, shy but lusty! In May 1995, Shiho Fujiwara exploded onto the stage in her strip debut. In October 1995, she started posing as Shiho Fujiwara for the SM magazine Bishojo SM Sashinsu. From October to December 1998, she also worked under the name of Misaki Karan. In May of 1999 she decided to stop her SM career as Shiho Fujiwara. Till that time she performed in 69 videos as Shiho Fujiwara (you might also find some videos wherein she is credit as Miho Kanda or Miki Kagawa).

An Autobiography, By Sakura Sena

Hello! I'm Sakura Sena, I'm currently, Japan's bustiest, Adult Entertainer and independant Web Mistress! I stand 5' 4" and measure a full 40-23-34. As I my boobies can completely overfill my hard to find 32G cup bra and my waist is so tiny, all in all, it sure makes life hard finding properly fitting hot pants, jeans, thongs and sexy bras.

I come from an average Japanese family with 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother. My father is a carpenter. I guess I`m kind of a tomboy type of girl. By the time I was 13 , I managed to sneak into my ol' mans' stash of videos and saw something that forever shaped me to this day. It was the first time I saw an adult video (foreign as well, I might add), I mean this flick totally rocked my world! I was really curious to know just what were these people moaning in pleasure about?

As I grew up I had thoughts of going to design school or just doing something different than your average Japanese girl who goes with the flow. In my late teens on advice from a talented photographer, I decided to pursue a serious career as a nude model. Subsequently, offers began pouring in and I made my Japanese Adult Video debut as Shiho Fujiwara in the Japanese Adult Film: "Kaikin."

I gained instant stardom and began a hectic lifestyle of dancing in cabaret style strip clubs all over Japan. I decided to hang up my heels after 2 years. I just couldn`t stand the 10 day, 4 show, 1 day off lifestyle! It became difficult to have friends or meet siblings during the holidays.

By 2000, I wanted something different than a life lead by inept managers who work for fly by night talent agencies that reneg on wages. I started feeling like I was owned by the agency 24 hours a day! My cell phone rang and rang night and day, I was going crazy. Finally, after I became really depressed by the whole thing, I decided to go independant. This is not an easy thing to do in Japan. It`s almost unheard of and most if not all of the people in "the biz", Adult or otherwise, must belong to a guild. If you don`t belong, nobody will answer your calls for work. It`s a closed shop in Japan.

To date, I really don`t know of any Japanese performer who has ever had a second "coming out" like me. When I came back to Japan from getting my recognizable assets enhanced in Florida along with the Score Magazine debut layout, the Japanese media went wild! It was the first time ever a Japanese woman had appeared in the legendary Score Magazine.

Back in Japan, it was like a bomb exploded. The press went nuts and I made several new video/dvd releases as well as countless magazines shoots. Really, the most beautiful place that I visited on a photoshoot was when I went down to Okinawa in Southern Japan. White sand and beautiful coral.

You know that when I was given the chance to re-debut in the adult video scene again, I finally got the respect from the media. I just could not believe my eyes when read that "Sakura Sena is a long legged, beauty-queen style sexual kitten with great talent and breathtaking looks. With her heavy leg and stocking themes, especially ripped stockings, and bukkake, lesbian sex and great lingerie nipple play make this actress a pleasure to see on video..."

Now, I`ve got the freedom to choose what I want and put most of my time and energy into Sakura Mania Club. I really enjoy the the freedom as well as the personal touch that I can now give to my fans. It`s something that I never could do before. I feel really good now knowing that what I do makes you feel good. I would like to thank all my fans in the members area of my site and [throughout the world].

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