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'Sex selfies' in bed explode online
At a time when "selfie" has become a new buzzword on various social media platforms, a surprising number of men and women are increasingly posting "sex selfies" while engaging in the real act. 24-3-2014share
Japan to announces review of lead-up to WW2 comfort women statement
Japan will form a team to review the lead-up to a 1993 statement which acknowledged its wartime use of sex slaves, its top spokesman says 24-3-2014share
Wartime sex slaves urge Japan's PM to drop plans to re-examine 1993 apology
Outrage at Shinzo Abe's review of statement recognising country's role in ordeal of 'comfort women'. 24-3-2014share

Japanese females frustrated
Females frustrated in Japan
Female participants in a recent sex study all made it clear they were not satisfied share
Japanese strip show
A Tokyo stripshow tryout
I am just desperate enough to reply to it. I need the work that badly that I'll try it share
Korean sex workers Japan
Sex work booms in Japan
Over 50,000 Korean women selling their sexual services in the Land of the Rising Sun share
Mitsu Dan bondage slave
Idol Mitsu Dan slaves aways
Current pin-up queen, Mitsu Dan, continues to boost her celebrity now with bondage share
Lesbian couple marries in Japan
Lesbian pair marries in Japan
LGBT blogger and her partner gay couple to get married at Tokyo Disney in Japan share
Japanes girl's thigh ads
Girl's thighs as ad space
Sex sells, and apparently, Japan is buying; includiing ad space on women's legs share
Maria Ozawa porn star
Japan's newest sex symbol
You cannot turn on the TV in Japan without seeing her these days it seems share
Yumi Kazama porn
Yumi Kazama: Still going strong
15 years and 1,000 adult movies under her garter belt with no signs of quitting
Maria Ozawa porn star
Japanese porn stars for kids
She is one of the most popular Japanese AV actresses, even with school kids it seems

Japan's Yokohama, Ikebukuro sex businesses to engage in price war
Businesses and eateries along the Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line are expecting an upswing in activity once the line merges with the Tokyu Toyoko Line at Shibuya Station on Saturday. The theory is that the union will attract riders seeking another direct connection between major hubs Yokohama and Ikebukuro. 21-3-2013 share

Japanese females under 18 in demand for innumerable illicit endeavors
The busts in January of massage parlors featuring high-school girls has shed light on the various other workplaces that staff females under 18 years of age, reports Spa!. “First, we’ll send them to entertainment production offices,” says a scout specializing in girls under 18. 14-3-2013 share

Escaping the shackles: A Filipina's story
The woman, the caretaker associated with the home, is now mobile. Anywhere but the Philippines is the better option. The struggling mother, always with her children’s future in mind, cannot bear to see her children go hungry. So she seeks beyond the scarcity she sees. In her dreams, that future can never be built in our own land. 11-3-2013 share

American teacher in Japan under fire for lessons on Japanese discrimination
Miki Dezaki, who first arrived in Japan on a teacher exchange program in 2007. He taught English, explored the country and chronicled his adventures on social media, most recently on YouTube, where he gained a following for videos like “Hitchhiking Okinawa” and “What Americans think of Japan.” 28-2-2013 share

The “labia pride” movement
Underneath a self-portrait snapped of the ruffly pink flesh in-between her legs, a woman writes, “I am 23 and so embarrassed of my labia that I still have never shown it to anyone — to a guy or even a doctor!” It’s a post submitted by an anonymous reader on the Tumblr “Large Labia Project.” 20-2-2013 share

Japan to outlaw possession of child porn
Japan is to bow to international pressure and ban the possession of child pornography, although the new law is expected to anger child welfare groups by exempting manga comics and animated films. 20-8-2008

Porn makers arrested in Japan
Japanese police have arrested five porn movie producers and a member of an industry self-censorship group on charges their films were too graphic, police said Monday. 7-3-2008

The sordid tale of the Kawasaki love hotel murder
A Kanagawa Prefecture man is now in custody awaiting trial for murder in what appears to have been a case of "love hotel rage," according to Shukan Asahi. Yasuji Baba was arrested earlier this month for the murder of 21-year-old Sumire Abe, a coworker at the same high class love hotel near an exit on the Tomei Expressway in Kawasaki. 29-2-2008









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