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Girl's plight: Abortion, sex work, rape
A woman in India faces obstacles from the moment she is conceived. Families who see girls as an economic cost, rather than benefit, may abort female babies or leave infants to die after birth. 24-3-2014share

Sunny Leone in new Bollywood movie
Sunny Leone hits Bollywood
American pornstar makes successful crossover to 'regular' media in Bollywood share
Hong Kong sex comedies
Hong Kong likes sex comedies
Once they flocked to concoct martial arts dramas. Now it is all about sex comedies share
Japanese strip show
A Tokyo stripshow tryout
I am just desperate enough to reply to it. I need the work that badly that I'll try it share
Mitsu Dan bondage slave
Idol Mitsu Dan slaves aways
Current pin-up queen, Mitsu Dan, continues to boost her celebrity now with bondage share
Playboy's new Hebrew edition Israel
Playboy launches Hebrew edition
Hebrew language edition came to the holy land as Israelis get a taste of Playboy share

'Bang with Friends' takes fun out of 'friend sex'
And now, introducing the app that was definitely only a matter of time: Bang With Friends. It doesn't require too much of an introduction, considering the subtlety-free approach of its name. It works like this: you sign into the app with Facebook and choose the friends you'd like to get naked with by clicking a box under their profile picture that says "Down to Bang." 14-2-2013

Fearing class warfare, North Korea places nationwide ban on 'Girls'
North Korea, which has always been a place of equality and freedom, fears all may be lost, thanks to a new sketch comedy video that has surfaced early this week. The video depicts a parody of HBO's Girls, replacing the girls with robots in a comedic fashion. Kim Jong-Un, the country's fearless leader, deems the video inappropriate, and fears it will cause an uprising of the lower class. 5-2-2013

10 dumb smartphone sex and dating apps
The future is incredible. Not only does my phone tell me where I am, keep me in touch with everyone I know and practically run my life, but it can also meddle with my love life! Want to find out an eerie amount of information about a blind date, or "sexulate" your... sex? These apps are here to help. 1-2-2013

Chinese censors chop references to prostitution, torture in 'Skyfall'
Moviegoers in China finally got to watch “Skyfall” on Monday when the latest installment of the James Bond franchise opened in the country, but the version they saw was different to the one the rest of the world got to watch. 25-1-2013

Are you qualified to be a sex-toy tester?
Tfound a quiz I thought could give me the greatest sense of accomplishment and know-how was "Do You Have What It Takes to Be A Sex Toy Tester?" It turns out it's an elite fraternity, not unlike the mile-high club or the Illuminati. 25-1-2013









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