Hong Kong: Magazine cleared of pop singer wet t-shirt pics child porn charges
Easy Finder magazine was acquitted yesterday of publishing child pornography when it ran pictures of a young pop singer in a wet T-shirt. Kwun Tong Magistrate Gary Lam Kar-yan conceded that one of the four pictures of Renee Lee Wan, published last June when she was 14, did suggest the outline and shape of her left breast and nipple. 21-4-2007
Nude web chats are fine, thanks to loophole in Chinese pornography law
Chinese prosecutors have had to drop charges of "organising pornographic activities" against a 36-year-old woman after it found that nude chat rooms were not defined in China's laws. This oversight in the law meant that the woman's use of a webcam to chat to other nudists online (whilst naked, of course) could not be deemed illegal. 21-4-2007

China: The sex industry is everywhere but nowhere
Guess what's the fastest-growing industry in China?
Open parade of alleged prostitutes fuels civil rights controversy in China
Human rights protests ensue
Dating cruise for millionnaires sets sail in China
Looking for love, members of China's new rich
First lesbian helpline opens in China
Child celebrity turned sex symbol in the Philippines
Big crowds attend fourth annual Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival
Sex toys and lingerie at sex expo in China
Chinese blogger solicits penis pictures
China's newest blogger wants to see your manlihood
China: Actress records alleged sexual harassment on blog
Entertainment industry is facing another sex scandal
Swinging in the Middle Kingdom
A night out with China's swingers is an experience like no other
Hong Kong tabloid slammed over nude photos of pop singer
Tabloid in hot water for running photos of Gillian Chung
Sexual suppression frustrates migrants
China's migrants trying to deal with sexual tension
Sex product show spices up Shanghai
Shanghai's third ADCEXPO  sexual health exhibition
'Love hotel' site of sex workers' film fest
This film festival is all about prostitutes
Boys Town: Shenzhen style
A foreigner spends a night out in one of China's gay bars and tells his story
China's unrepentant bare-assed blogger
Women, romance novels and revealing snapshots
China: Topless ad apology
TV presenter forced to apologize for topless ad for women's health
Sex assault survey sparks controversy
'Which Chinese starlet would you like to sexually assualt?'
Maggie Q: 'Love Asia'
Maggie Q and 9 other Asian beauties participate in documentary, 'Love Asia'
Nude bloggers upset beauty contest
Bloggers bare all in beauty contest upsetting authorities
Strapping it on in China
Chronicles and adventures in trying to acquire a lesbian sex toy or two in Beijing
China's nude breed of blogger
Mu Mu's one China's hottest bloggers who writes and shows just about everything
"Help me practice my English?"
A topless Chinese woman asks the Westerner for help with her English
Lucy Liu in China for AIDS film
Lucy Liu is returning to her Chinese roots for a new movie about the AIDS epidemic
Using nudes at expo in China
Even China knows sex sells and some are hopeful nudes might help sell - real estate
Swinging in Shenzen
The tawdry tale begins at the Chicago Bar where our reporter finds more to do than dance
China: Sex work to support the family
She works as a sex worker after finishing her daily work
China: Love the bunny
I didn't set out to become a Rabbit vibrator missionary, it just kind of happened
China: In praise of No. 118
Number 118 works at the massage parlor across the street from my apartment
Cooking up condom awareness
New 'AIDs restaurant' Condoms and Cabbages has now swept into Shanghai
Hong Kong: Two trains running
Two very different kind of women, two very different experiences in China
China: Foreign relations
Meeting people in China can be anything but ordinary as Justin Davis finds out
Asian model loses panty war
Not just anybody can call themselves a "sexy little thing", a Manhattan court has ruled
WTO protest: 'Sex work is work'
Asian sex workers have marched through Hong Kong demanding rights
Sexual revolution sweeps China
The online world in China is often a lurid affair as bloggers push the sexual limits
Up close and personal
Michelle Krusiec has no hangups about her lesbian sex scene in 'Saving Face'
Hooters still hot in Shanghai
One year on Hooters find it has the right recipe for success in Shanghai
Nudity shoots for lovers emerges in China
Romantic photography of nude couples on the rise
The lady works alone - or does she?
What are the services on offer in Hong Kong and why?
Naked Nazi escapes Hong Kong fury
Elxploring Hong Kong's love affair with Nazi Germany
Tang Jia Li: A class act
One Chinese harrowing tale of overcoming nude controversy, and her ongoing success
Shu Qi: Actress and adult model
One of East Asia's top actresses and model is a sex symbol for good reason
China: Internet, porn and news go to far
Chinese authorities renew efforts to crack down on media
Hong Kong women take hold of their sex lives
With sex toy now available in Hong Kong women prove keen
Gays: A difficult life under social bias in China
Gays often victims of extortion, violence and blackmail
Some gay sex laws discriminatory, Hong Kong government admits
Calls for gay rights renewed
Hong Kong: Fetish Fashion is forced to submit
Whips and wardrobe fall to the wayside
Made in China
Westerners are increasingly adopting Chinese babies and orphans
China reviewing law to protect men from sexual harassment
'Women shall not harass men' is a controversial draft law
Nude art exhibition sparks controversy
Queries about the line between art and pornography
Exhibition of naughty toys draws a crowd
Sex toy, flavored condoms, and dildos invade Shanghai
Yearning for some romance
Eugenia Yuan is hoping for more romantic comedies and romanace as an actress
Some gay sex laws discriminatory, Hong Kong government admits
Calls for gay rights renewed
The last emperor's great-great-granddaughter a model?
"Who cares who she is? What's her phone number?"
Hong Kong's karaoke clubs lure girls into prostitution
Schoolgirls are being lured to work as prostitutes
'The Great Internet Crime Trial' in China
11 defendants were sentenced in online porn case    
Chinese pressure ousts Miss Tibet from pageant
Chinese pressure has caused Miss Tibet to drop out
Drag queen underworld in China soliciting tolerance
She-males & flamboyant drag queens are a rarity in China   
Hong Kong couples 'don't know how to make babies'
Young Hong Kong couples are seeking professional help  
Hong Kong actress' unauthorized nudes
She had gone for a massage to relieve the stress of filming  

Asia: The value of a girl
Nature, left to its own devices, produces roughly an even split between newborn baby boys and girls - for obvious reasons. Tragically, however, human intervention has skewed those numbers in many Asian countries. The result? Experts say that tens of millions of females are now effectively "missing" from expected demographic patterns. 31-12-2006

China gets it up on tiger power
China is pushing to legalize international trade in tiger parts, valued for everything from insomnia to impotence, to the horror of animal rights advocates. 24-12-2006

Hong Kong: Girls warned over teen sex
Nearly 50 percent of teenage girls interviewed in a survey have had pre- marital sex, according to the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. With the festive season around the corner, the group warned young girls of the potential danger of attending parties, saying they should be rational and avoid having casual sex. 24-12-2006

Beijing more open to sexual education
What grade does China's sexual education for its massive population of teenagers deserve? A failing one. 24-12-2006

Gender discrimination blamed for sex imbalance in China
Discrimination against the female sex remains the primary cause of China's growing newborn gender imbalance, with an average of 123 boys being born for every 100 girls, a researcher in women's studies said on Friday. 24-12-2006

Alleged sexual harassment and assault mars China's image in Doha
Allegations of sexual harassment and assault are marring China's image at the Doha Asian Games, the Qilu Evening News reported this week. 16-12-2006

China: Anti-vice drive targets prostitute's haunts
The sight of prostitutes beckoning clients on the street or from windows has become rare in Beijing, with police saying the "profession" has been "basically stamped out" in the capital city. 16-12-2006

Foreign brides will change China forever
We all know about the problem of China's missing girls: the tens of millions of female babies who were selectively aborted after their sex was determined by ultrasound, or were born and then just allowed to die, as families seeking sons took drastic measures to cope with the one-child-per-family rule. 12-12-2006

China sentences fake sex pill kingpin
A Chinese man was jailed for eight years for making 60 tonnes of fake sex pills, state media reported on Friday as the country cracks down on pirates who copy nearly every product. 26-11-2006

Taiwan's human trafficking issue
Police in Taoyuan recently announced they had busted a smuggling ring run by a former national taekwondo athlete who had brought young women into Taiwan from southeast Asian countries and China under the pretense of arranged marriages but then forced them into prostitution. 26-11-2006

Taiwan: Sexual assault parolees to wear electronic name tags
Rules are Rules: In case of parole violation, the justice ministry said that serious transgressions could result in a prolongation of the parole period or its cancelation. 26-11-2006

China: Porn for pandas, not people
"It works," enthuses Zhang Zhihe, a leading Chinese expert, about showing uninitiated males DVDs of fellow pandas mating. It is one of many techniques tried over the decades to get captive pandas - notoriously poor breeders - to do it. 24-11-2006

Mao's home province puts sex on the Internet
A school in Mao Zedong's home province, slower than most to adopt reforms that have now swept the country, has launched its first sex education Web site to stop children feeling embarrassed by the subject. 24-11-2006

Lanzhou mandates condom-use for sex-workers
Lanzhou, the capital of Northwest China's Gansu Province, has created a 100 per cent Condom Use Programme (CUP) for entertainment places in an effort to stop HIV/AIDS spreading from high-risk people to the general public through sexual contact. 24-11-2006

China: School under fire for pimping students
A dancing school in Guilin, in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, broke the law when it arranged for its students to work as bar girls, legal experts said. 24-11-2006

China bans sales of condoms bearing image of Chinese hero
A condom manufacturer in China has been ordered to stop the sales of condoms that bore the image of Lei Feng, a communist hero model worker from the 1960s. 18-11-2006

China: Nude site owners arrested
Changing District Prosecutors' Office today arrested a couple who allegedly set up a porn Website providing real-time nude performances and chats. 12-11-2006

China's Comrade Condoms
In his unremarkable 22-year life, which ended ingloriously in 1962 when a PLA comrade accidentally backed a truck into a power pole that fell and crushed him, Lei Feng wanted to be nothing more than a selfless "revolutionary screw that never rusts." 8-11-2006

China's relaxed attitude towards sex
Chinese sociologists said that the country should promote bolder attitudes toward sex, but that wife-swapping was off the agenda, state media reported Monday. 8-11-2006

3/4 Shanghai husbands satisfied with sex
A new survey shows that men in Shanghai, China's most affluent city, are not only more likely to get rich, but also are more likely to have a satisfying sex life. 30-10-2006

China: Draft bill details sexual harassment
Telling sexist jokes, emailing porn to colleagues or sexually-salacious texting are all set to be outlawed under a draft bill currently under review by the city authorities. 30-10-2006

Taiwan busts 11 suspected of smuggling Chinese women
Taiwan authorities have detained 11 people, including a senior immigration clerk, on suspicion of collaborating with gangs that smuggle Chinese women to the island for prostitution, local media reported. 30-10-2006

Chinese students more open-minded to premarital sex
Although Chinese college students are more liberal to sex issue than before, they still don't have enough knowledge about sex health. Many students have little knowledge about contraception and there is still a high rate of induced abortion among college students, causing damage to their mental and physical health. 21-10-2006

China: AIDS lecture sparks prostitution row
A local health authority's decision to lecture sex workers in a bid to curb the spread of HIV/AIDS has ignited another round of public debate on prostitution. 21-10-2006

Chinese surgeons 'succeed' with sex organ transplant
Surgeons in China say they carried out the world's first penis transplant. The doctors claim the operation was a success - even though the organ was later removed when the patient and his wife suffered "psychological problems". 18-9-2006

Taipei prostitutes ask job be legalized
Prostitutes in Taiwan's capital are demanding their jobs be legalized again as 6 percent of them have committed suicide in harsh living conditions. 18-9-2006

Pay me or I will sell nude phone clip
HK TV star threatened by man who finds her lost handphone. When her boyfriend lost his handphone in a taxi, the Hong Kong television star probably didn't think much of it. Then she received an SMS from a stranger. 8-9-2006

Rainbow flag to grace Taipei city hall
Civic officials sponsoring a gay festival in Taipei, Taiwan, will hoist the rainbow flag September 17 above the city hall in what they term a first for an Asian city, the Taipei Times reports. The annual "LGBT Civil Rights Movement-Queer-friendly Taipei" has been hosted since 2000 by the city's Department of Civil Affairs, with an annual budget of about $30,000. 8-9-2006

China: Sexual assault victims still too scared to talk
One year on and the country's first programme to help sexually assaulted women is struggling to survive in this southern booming city. 8-9-2006

Hong Kong sting traps sex offender
Police posed as a 15-year-old girl on the Internet to trap a teacher who was using chat rooms to find underage victims for sex. 8-9-2006

Court rejects suit over right to sex
A Chinese court has rejected a woman's claims for compensation for her sex life, which was ruined when her husband was injured in an accident, the Shanghai Daily reported last week. 4-9-2006

China to probe TV commercial advertising potency drug
A Chinese television commercial that features businessmen boasting of how they win over female clients with a potency drug has come under attack from members of Internet forums, prompting state TV authorities to launch an investigation. 31-8-2006

Group dating popular among white collar in China
Hu Liu blushed when a young man came up to ask for her phone number. Dressed in a Chinese gown, with delicate makeup, Hu sat quietly in her chair, a little out of place in the bustling atmosphere inside the hall. She timidly answered the man's questions. 31-8-2006

Exotic dancers banned from performing at funerals in China
A striptease show is not what most mourners would expect at a funeral. But the more people that come to a funeral in China, the better the deceased is likely to fare in the afterlife, which is why some families have taken to hiring exotic dancers to keep attendance figures high. 26-8-2006

Family life in modern China
The ancient Chinese sage Confucius once described the harmony between husband and wife and children as "the music of lutes and harps". The influence of Confucius on Chinese family life - particularly his teachings on filial piety and on the relationship between stable family life and a stable state - is still felt today. 21-8-2006

HIV rife among Asian men
Stigma, intolerance, and government inaction are fuelling the rapid spread of HIV - the virus that causes Aids - among gay and bisexual men in Asia, says a report. 16-8-2006

Fixing the child porn loophole in Taiwan law
Last month, the Ninth Investigation Brigade of the Criminal Investigation Bureau and the Taiwan chapter of the End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism (ECPAT) campaign joined forces to bust a Web site peddling child pornography CDs. 1-8-2006

The 'pink parlours' of Lhasa
Once a sacred Buddhist pilgrimage destination, the Tibetan capital Lhasa is rapidly turning into a hot spot of 'pink parlours' where flesh trade thrives under China's modernisation drive, a US couple says. 17-7-2006

Chinese sex education videos 'too boring'
An American adult education video maker is aiming to market its products in China, amid concerns that citizens find Chinese-made family planning videos 'boring' and are turning to hardcore porn instead. 28-6-2006

China will not ban sex-selection abortions despite gender imbalance
The Chinese government has decided it will not prohibit abortions used to prevent the birth of girl babies even though sex-selection abortions have contributed to a stark gender imbalance that is creating a host of social problems. The nation's state-owned media reported the plan to scrap the idea. 28-6-2006

China goes easy on poor, first-time prostitutes
China will hand out relatively lenient punishment to poor first-time prostitutes in the country's booming east under updated laws on sex for sale, state media reported on Friday. 6-6-2006

Increasing number of Chinese college students turn to prostitution
A recent investigation into an Internet-based prostitution ring by police from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, discovered that a significant number of the prostitutes are female college students. 6-6-2006

Chinese official calls for criminalization of sex identification
A senior Chinese official has called on the legislature to criminalize the sex identification of embryos for non-medical purposes. 27-5-2006

China shuts down six porn websites
Internet police in China's capital have shut down six pornographic websites to prevent their 'negative' influence on society. 1-5-2006

Bra producers bust out D cups as breasts grow
A recent report suggesting Chinese women are growing larger breast made headlines around the country, but it wasn't news to bra makers, many of whom have been producing larger cup sizes for the last year. 27-4-2006

China slow to awake to need for sex education
When Lao Li was a boy, sex was never discussed at home or school. Little wonder, then, a visit to Shanghai's Sex Culture Museum with its exhibits of 1,000-year-old dildos and Ming dynasty pornographic porcelain stunned him. 23-4-2006

China: Too many men
As China's President Hu Jintao makes his first official visit to the United States this week, his nation faces a demographic time bomb that could affect its stability. 20-4-2006

Sex museum sparks controversy in China
China's first private sex museum in Shanghai has sparked a row over plans to encourage admission to young people and public discussion on sex education for children. 20-4-2006

Hong Kong blocks same-sex civil unions at British consulate
Hong Kong isn't letting British nationals who live there observe a British law on gay marriage. 20-4-2006

China launches sex education, HIV-prevention program aimed at truckers
China has launched a sex education program with support from international organizations that provides long-distance truck and bus drivers with decks of cartoon playing cards displaying sexual health information at no cost. 5-4-2006

China: A lack of morals leads to sexual harassment
The fight against sexual harassment has been stepped up with new legislative penalties. Following nine bills put up by 283 deputies to the National People's Congress, China's top legislature, at its last session in March 2005, the prohibition on sexual harassment against women was written into the revised Law on the Protection of Women's Rights and Interests. 29-3-2006

Student prostitution arouses concern in China
The newspaper Democracy & Law reports that in a recent police operation the Hangzhou police arrested 10 prostitutes, of which, astonishingly, half turned out to be college students. 25-3-2006

Foreigners in China face deportation for texting porn
China's new Law on Public Security Administrative Penalties took effect last week, creating 165 new offenses and setting maximum penalties ranging from 200 yuan ($25 US) to 15 days detention for Chinese citizens all the way to deportation for foreigners. 25-3-2006

Sexual revolution sweeps China
Sex is gradually losing its status as a taboo subject in China, heralding major changes in people's attitudes toward sex. A large number of Chinese are getting into a relationship that they call "living apart together" (LAT) - living the life of a married couple with prior agreement to separate if one partner so desires and to control their sexual behaviour. 27-2-2006

China: Internet regulations to cut pornography
China's Internet media and content providers have pledged to protect cyberspace from pornography, gambling and other "unhealthy content" through self-regulation and legal measures. 27-2-2006

China: Members only restaurant, but not hard to swallow
The menu at Beijing's latest venue for its growing army of gourmets is eye-watering rather than mouth-watering. China's cuisine is renowned for being "in your face" - from the skinned dogs at food markets to scorpion kebabs in street stalls - and there is no polite way of describing Guolizhuang. 20-2-2006

China: Two girls forced into prostitution
Prosecutors in Minhang District laid charges over the weekend against five minors who allegedly forced two young women into prostitution. Because they are minors, they were charged with the lesser crime of detaining others illegally, instead of forcing others into prostitution. 20-2-2006

China: First report on gay sex published
The first report on China's men-to-men sexual behaviors got published, the Beijing News reported last week. 20-2-2006

20 HK men with HIV in net sex link
Twenty men who met through the Internet have been infected with HIV after having unsafe sex, the first such cluster of cases in Hong Kong. 19-2-2006

Beijing karaoke eyed to curb drugs and prostitution
The Government has ordered all karaoke bars and nightclubs to install monitoring equipment and "open up" private rooms in what it says is a crackdown on drugs, prostitution and public safety. 19-2-2006

US: Four Chinese citizens plead guilty to running brothels
Four Chinese citizens pleaded guilty Wednesday to federal charges related to running an underground network that sold Asian women for sex out of Bay Area brothels. 19-2-2006

AIDS winding its way through China
This ancient road has had many names: old tea horse trail. The Burma Road. Route 320. But the label that matters most today is one that appears on no sign at all: the AIDS road. 8-2-2006

New law criminalizes sexual harassment in Taiwan
Those who make unwelcome advances toward members of the opposite sex or tell obscene jokes in their presence may now get a prison sentence for their troubles. 8-2-2006

China: Sex culture museum earns first profit
Thanks to a new location and a growing openness to sex, the city's sex culture exhibition hall earned a profit last year for the first time ever. 8-2-2006

'Geisha' banned in China for fear of anti-Japanese reaction
In the debate over whether Hollywood overstepped some boundaries by using Chinese actresses to portray Japanese geishas, China made clear its position this week by banning Memoirs of a Geisha. 8-2-2006

Lights out in Shenzhen's 'Mistress Village'
A 36-year-old pimp who goes by the name Zhao was about the only public face of the formerly bustling sex trade in a Shenzhen district frequented by Hong Kong visitors Friday, a day after an unlikely public demonstration by an estimated 2,000 prostitutes and owners and employees of the establishments that cater to the visitors. 25-1-2006

Members of prostitution ring sentenced
A local court recently sentenced 10 members of a criminal ring to jail terms ranging up to 12 years for organizing prostitution in the city since June 2005, police announced Thursday. 15-1-2006

Hong Kong: Woman of the Year
Hallyu star actress Lee Young-Ae, born 1971, topped the list in Hong Kong for Woman of the Year in 2005. On December 31st, RTHK, a public network in Hong Kong, released the results of a mail-based poll of 1,398 citizens. 13-1-2006

Chinese wives suing mistresses over gifted properties
As the number of mistresses grows in China, the question of whether property given to them by their lovers is legally theirs continues to be an issue. Judgments by local courts gave the answer: The law does not protect the rights of the mistresses given the property in most cases. 3-1-2006

Hong Kong gays fight sodomy laws, triggering debate in traditional society
When William Roy Leung made legal history in Hong Kong by successfully challenging antigay laws, the 20-year-old gay man told a crowd outside the courthouse he could finally be in love without living in fear of being thrown in jail. 3-1-2006

China says winning war on Internet pornography
China is winning the war on Internet pornography but it will be hard to eradicate entirely as many Web sites are based outside of the country. 2-1-2006

China: Mixed reactions over campus sex education BBS
Li Feng, a sophomore at a Hebei university, used to feel sick over misguided fear of having contracted STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) despite not having any intimacy with his lover. 29-12-2005

Desperate Housewives fail to turn on Chinese
Chinese broadcasters tidied up Wisteria Lane, the fictional suburban setting for the American comedy series Desperate Housewives, cutting out some of the sex and violence before its debut on state-run television. 22-12-2005

Same-sex unions promoted in Taiwan
Around a hundred people attended an engagement ceremony for a gay couple on International Human Rights' Day to urge the government to squarely face homosexual rights issues in Taiwan, including legalizing same-sex marriage and giving rights to homosexual couples. 16-12-2005

China: Reporting porn Websites can bring money
Guangdong public security department agreed with local telecommunications companies to pay a reward of up to 2,500 yuan (US$309) to people who report porn Websites in the province, a Guangzhou-based newspaper reported today. 16-12-2005

Sex scandals find a buyers' market in China
Writing a kiss-and-tell novel about the officials and financiers at the heart of China's fledgeling financial markets is a venture hardly likely to win approval from state censors. 12-12-2005

Chinese students lectured on dangers of sex trade
Even by the standards of a country where the divide between the private and public parts of someone's life is often blurred, the situation at Chongqing Normal University is unusual. 6-12-2005

Taiwan must combat human trafficking
Taiwan must formulate and implement comprehensive policies to curb human trafficking in and out of our country in order to realizing our own standards of building a human rights state and fulfilling our obligations as a member of the international community. 6-12-2005

WHO says AIDS may infect 10 mln in China by 2010
Some 10 million people in China may be infected with the AIDS virus by 2010, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Tuesday, as it called for stronger political will by Asian governments to stop the spread of the disease. 4-12-2005

Number of HIV/AIDS patients reaches 130,000 in China
More than 130,000 confirmed HIV/AIDS carriers and patients have been reported nationwide by the end of September about 50,000 higher than the figure in the end of June last year. 1-12-2005

Hite's sex lecture fails to satisfy Chinese
Dr Shere Hite, renowned US researcher on sexuality and gender, received a less than warm response from college students at Renmin University where she delivered a lecture last week. 29-11-2005

Prostitutes, migrants need more sex education
Prostitutes and migrant women in the city need more access to sex education to reduce the spread of sexual disease and cut down on the high abortion rate in Shanghai. 29-11-2005

China's sexual blogolution
Lost Sparrow, Sister Lotus and other Chinese women are changing the rules between the sexes -- and prompting government censorship -- as they post intimate details of their lives online. 24-11-2005

Forced work as bar girls in Hong Kong
"We were deceived by illegal recruiters who guaranteed us work in Hong Kong because when we arrived there, we were made to work as GROs (guest relation officers)." These were the complaints by five Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who said the illegal recruiters. 24-11-2005

Hong Kong: Watchdog considers action over topless porn star photos
The government's media watchdog is considering acting against Oriental Sunday Magazine after several people complained about the publication running a photo of a topless porn star on its cover recently. 24-11-2005

Convicted for prostitution ads in Hong Kong
Watch what you advertise online in Hong Kong. That seems to be the message of a sentence handed down in a Hong Kong court this week. 23-11-2005

China: Police detain 9 for operating porn sites
The four websites involved about 600,000 registered members. They were mainly managed by a gang of young people in their twenties, while the servers were based in the United States to evade the monitoring of porn websites in China. 23-11-2005

HIV increase in gay Hong Kong
Hong Kong's health department reports an increase in the number of new HIV cases among gay men, while the rate amongst heterosexual people remains steady. 23-11-2005

Hong Kong: Groups urge media boycott over porn
Activist groups seek to shut down Chinese publications portraying excessive sexuality. A coalition of 17 concern groups yesterday called for a boycott of several Chinese newspapers and magazines over what they labelled "sleazy" content. 9-11-2005

Controversial nude photography in China This week, exotic flowers at Beijing's World Flowers Park no longer appeared very exciting, as two naked models posing in the park attracted all the photographers' attention. 27-10-2005

1/4 Chinese women dissatisfied with sex life: poll
About a quarter of Chinese women are not satisfied with wedlock sexual intercourse, according to the result of a nationwide online poll released here Sunday. 27-10-2005

China busts 87 prostitution dens
Guangzhou police closed down 87 suspected prostitution dens during a special cleanup campaign targeting prostitution, gambling, online pornography and fake certificates. 25-10-2005

China:  Online vice ring cracked
Police have cracked a prostitution ring operating in Shanghai that was being masterminded from Sichuan Province using the Internet, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau announced this week. 14-10-2005

China's kids and sex ignorance
Chinese kids being influenced by the West isn't news. Many sport the baggy pants, tinted hair, pierced body parts, and listen to hip-hop and make all the right dance moves. But when it comes to their bodies and sex, they could still learn a little something. 14-10-2005

China: Sex-slave gets probation in theft
Lian Mei, who drugged her abusive sexual partner, a foreigner, and stole cash, cell phones and other property, was sentenced to three years' probation Monday. 4-10-2005

Prostitution in shrine makes Beijing see red
Mixing prostitutes and patriotism is dangerous business in China: five people received jail sentences of up to 12 years for running a call-girl ring in a revolutionary martyrs shrine. 26-9-2005

Taiwan: Sperm extraction sparks controversy over legislation
The controversy surrounding the sperm extraction procedure from the body of late Army company leader Sun Chi-hsiang yesterday continued to occupy the center stage of public attention. 13-9-2005

China: Teenage girl offers sex education to peers
When 18-year-old Zhangshan prepared to teach her classmates how to correctly use condoms, a huge gust of laughter burst out in the classroom. However, Zhangshan continued her class regardless and finally completed it successfully. 9-9-2005

China: Student gets clipped after massage turns nasty
One is a social elite, a college student who said he just wanted a simple massage. The other says she is a simple beauty parlor massage girl. Now, the two who were seemingly distant to one another are linked in a legal case that will have to be decided in court.6-9-2005

A deadly mix of violence, sex and expats
The American wife of a high-flying Merrill Lynch banker has been jailed for life in Hong Kong for murdering her husband after disabling him with a doped milkshake. 3-9-2005

China: Beware of nude web chats
A Chinese researcher has warned of a new threat to public health and morality - naked internet chatting. 1-9-2005

Trafficking of women, children on rise worldwide: UN
Human trafficking is on the rise worldwide, with millions of women and children ending up as sex slaves, beggars and mine laborers each year, UN officials said on Tuesday. 1-9-2005

Pardons urged for jailed gays in Hong Kong
The High court's ruling on gay discrimination not only sparked a legal challenge, but also demands for erasing past criminal records for consensual sex between men under 21. 24-8-2005

China says sex ratio not related to policy A Chinese official said Wednesday that China's birth ratio of 100 girls to nearly 120 boys was not related to the national family planning policy. 24-8-2005

Nun or prostitute? Tibet's women face few choices
It's evening in Shigatse and the lights are coming on. In the Chinese district of the Tibetan mountain town, strings of fairy lights flicker around rows of shopfronts where women perch waiting for customers and men stumble out from backroom corridors. 19-8-2005

Shanghai University to offer gay studies
A university in Shanghai is offering China's first class on homosexuality and gay culture and several hundred students have applied for the 100 openings, a professor in charge of the course said Tuesday. 17-8-2005

China: Wild parties, orgies leave the Great Wall defiled
The "Wild Dancing Party" recently landed on China's flag construction -- the Great Wall. However, while party animals from both home and abroad celebrated with glee, the senior wall was wailing. 12-8-2005

Taiwan: Photo exhibition featuring comfort women opens
The Taipei Women's Rescue Foundation (TWRF) yesterday officially opened a photography exhibition featuring local comfort women for the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II. 12-8-2005

Free films keep migrant workers off porn
Wang Qingjun, a migrant construction worker in Beijing, always goes to an open-air cinema on weekends instead of playing cards and shooting the breeze like he used to do. 11-8-2005

Internet lovers warned on sex crime in Taiwan
Online predators: A women's foundation and the police warned young people to take basic precautions if they choose to make a real-life date with an online pal. 11-8-2005

I'm no porn star, says Taiwanese actor Lee Kang Sheng
Taiwanese art-house master Tsai Ming Liang, 48, had no problem with the controversy surrounding his latest film The Wayward Cloud. Last week, he jokingly dared us to "promote my movie as pornography". 7-8-2005

Shanghai expected to build memorial for wartime sex slaves
After Japan's non-governmental archives on comfort women opened on Aug. 1 in Tokyo, the first comfort women memorial in China's mainland is expected to be built in Shanghai. 7-8-2005

China: Mother sells teen girl's virginity for 10,000 yuan
Prosecutors in Shanghai have charged the owner of a small beauty parlor in Jiangsu Province with selling her daughter's virginity and then forcing the 17-year-old girl to have sex with the businessman who paid to deflower her. 6-8-2005

Student expelled for sharing bed with girlfriend sues
A 19-year-old student who was expelled from Shanghai University in April after teachers found his girlfriend had spent the night in his dorm hired a lawyer yesterday, who will demand the university reinstate Zhu Bin or issue a letter allowing him to transfer to a different school. 3-8-2005

AIDS experts: 'Mobile men with money' risky business in China
It is feared well-off and upwardly mobile business people in China's largest cities may be contracting and spreading HIV/AIDS - and many do not even know they are infected. 3-8-2005

Bride-trafficking grows as the number of single men soars
When 16-year-old Qing Yang was kidnapped in Sichuan province last year and sold for $360 to a desperate bachelor, it took her family and a private detective six months to track her down in Jiangsu province, hundreds of miles away. By then, she had been raped and forced to live as the wife of the man who bought her. 2-8-2005

Ancient China also cared about female sexual pleasure
In ancient China, men played a dominant role in social issues, politics, families, and sexual affairs. Women were regarded as passive service providers in sex and their role was to satisfy men. 29-7-2005

Woman gets girlfriend after sex change
A 27-year-old Hakka girl told a man, alias Gengzi, who had a sex change in Guangzhou on Saturday she was willing to be his girlfriend, the Southern Metropolis Daily said. 27-7-2005

Chinese skinny-dippers spark morality debate
A heatwave in China has led to a rash of nude swimming this summer, sparking a moral debate over whether such skinny-dips should be allowed, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. 27-7-2005

Yes to Miss Tibet, No to Miss Tibet-China
Tibetan youths are furious that Miss Tibet has been barred from participating in a beauty pageant in Malaysia after China lodged an official complaint with the organisers. Beijing, in turn, wants Miss Tibet Tashi Yangchen to compete as Miss Tibet-China instead. 23-7-2005

Fudan University relaxes sex rules for students
Love on campus is not a rare phenomena in China nowadays and now one university is choosing to abandon rules governing student's personal while others continue to enforce policies and penalizing students for what they consider immoral behavior. 20-7-2005

No-nonsense rules forbidding pre-marital sex for Chinese students make no sense
Revised rules forbidding unmarried students from having sex could lessen the punishment, while at the same time emphasizing a regulation that many feel is pointless. Fudan University students and legal professionals have questioned the legitimacy of the draft code. 19-7-2005

China cracks down on the sex bloggers
For the hundreds of thousands of people who log on to Furong Jiejie's website daily, her saucy self-portraits and delusional diary entries ("I have a physique that gives men nosebleeds") provide something to talk and laugh about during breaks at work. But the dizzying rise of Furong, who has become the most talked-about woman in China, has prompted the Chinese government to assert further its control over cyberspace. 19-7-2005

China: Women in miniskirts enter amusement park at half price
In recent years, pornographic elements have begun to enter China's markets. Century Amusement Park, in Zhengzhou city, allows women over age 18 wearing miniskirts shorter than 38 centimeters (14.8 inches) to enter for half price from July 1 through August 31. 19-7-2005

Injured Chinese model Lin expected back home next week
Injured model Chiling Lin is in good condition and should return to Taiwan next week, her agent said yesterday. Lin fell from a horse while shooting a commercial in northern China last Friday, her agent said earlier. Media reports said Lin was filming in the northeastern port of Dalian. 14-7-2005

Hong Kong saves mother, baby from forced abortion in China
Chinese officials tried to force a mother who was visiting from Hong Kong to abort her six-month-old fetus under China's one-child policy, but Hong Kong's government intervened to save the unborn baby. 13-7-2005

Early sex in the Chinese city a norm
Boys and girls between 14 and 20 in urban China have their first sexual experience at the average age of 17.4, nearly nine years earlier than their grandparents when they were young, according to a survey published on Tuesday. 12-7-2005

China's sexual ignorance outnumbers illiteracy
More Chinese are ignorant to sex than to other knowledge, even including those having received high education and experts of other fields, according to Xu Tianming, president of the China Sexology Society. 12-7-2005

Sex voucher for Japanese soldiers found in China
A tiny little piece of paper, found in a village in North China's Hebei Province, appears to be hard evidence rebutting Japanese government's claim of the absence of sex slaves during World War II. 9-7-2005

Finding 'suitable' spouse gets difficult in China
During her visit home for Chinese New Year, Gan Xiaoge's parents lined up five suitors for her, hoping the migrant worker, already considered an old maid in her village, would finally get married. 8-7-2005

11 jailed in China's largest case of Internet porn
Eleven people have been jailed for up to 12 years for running an obscene website in China's largest case of Internet pornography, the People's Court Daily said. 4-7-2005

Sex oppression of migrant workers
"Sex just once a week is totally unbearable," reads complaint letter to a popular newspaper based in Shenzhen, a boomtown in South China's Guangdong Province that is built on the shoulders of countless migrant workers. 1-7-2005

China to outlaw sexual harassment
Sexual harassment is soon to become a crime in China under new gender equality laws, state media have said. Changes to laws protecting women's rights which will outlaw harassment have been submitted to lawmakers. 28-6-2005

US asks UN to halt family planning program over China's abortion policies
The United States urged the UN population agency Wednesday to end its family planning program in China until Beijing stops using forced abortions and punishment to enforce its one-child policy. 23-6-2005

Chinese schoolgirls' 3-month rape nightmare ends
The teacher always sent a girl to buy his cigarettes. He left the class unsupervised and waited in his office. When the girl returned to class with flushed cheeks and tousled hair, the other students said nothing to their parents. 22-6-2005

Chinese female applicant accuses professor of rape
The woman at the heart of a sex scandal at Beijing Jiaotong University said she was raped by her professor. The woman said professor Ouyang Lin, 51, threatened to fail her in an entrance examination for a master's program if she refused to have sex with him. 22-6-2005

China encourages couples to have girls in new program
One of the most significant problems resulting from the coercive one-child population control policy in China has been the disparity between the number of girl and boy babies born. 21-6-2005

Shanghai: 149 sex-slave sites discovered
Following 13 years of research, a city historian has identified 149 sites that were used by Japanese invaders to house the women they forced into sexual slavery. His findings on the World War II-era atrocities are documented in a new book called "Shanghai Japanese Army Comfort House Records." 21-6-2005

Taiwan to lift pre-recorded porn ban
Taiwan currently prohibits local makers from undertaking OEM production of pornographic pre-recorded discs for exports, although some makers have illicitly done so in small volumes, according to local industry sources. 17-6-2005

Southeast Asian women main human trafficking victims in Taiwan
In a report on the well-being of foreign wives married to Taiwanese men, Wang Mei-chuan, foreign affairs section chief at the Chiayi County Police Department, reported that an increasing number of foreign women are singing the dirge of being forced into sex slaves.

China's AIDS intervention on prostitutes, addicts sparks disputes
"Intervention on high-risk groups is very crucial and urgent to HIV/AIDS prevention and control today. Health Ministry's plan is definitely instructive to the work of local governments at all levels," said Li Chaoliang, deputy director of HIV/AIDS prevention and control office of southwest China's Yunnan Province.

One year on: China shuts 1,800 porn sites in war on smut
China has successfully shut down more than 1,800 pornographic Web sites in one year in a nationwide campaign, the state media reported on Saturday. Since its debut on June 10 last year, the centre has received 143,000 reports on Web sites with pornographic or other illegal contents.

China: Little sex knowledge means more abortions
More than half of the women in Shanghai who had abortions last year did not use any reliable form of contraception. At least 60 percent of the 200,000-plus Shanghai women who had at least one abortion last year did not use contraception.

Online marriage a mixed blessing in China
More than half of the women in Shanghai who had abortions last year did not use any reliable form of contraception. At least 60 percent of the 200,000-plus Shanghai women who had at least one abortion last year did not use contraception.

Sino-US programme targets HIV/AIDS
US Global AIDS Coordinator Randall Tobias, who made the announcement at a press conference in Beijing yesterday, said a close partnership between China and the United States was vital for tackling the disease.

Taiwanese man nabbed for running same-sex, pedophile web site
The Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) yesterday arrested a man suspected of running Taiwan's largest pornographic Web site specializing in same-sex and pedophile sex films. The CIB investigators seized 6,000 discs with pornographic content.

A sexual revolution silently going on in China
Li Yinhe, China's first female sociologist on sex issues, was born in Beijing in 1952. She is currently the researcher and mentor of doctorates with the Institute of Sociology at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Don't miss the shrimp hiding in her navel
The State Administration of Industry and Commerce has finally banned Chinese restaurants from serving sushi on the naked bodies of young women. The administration has officially issued a notice to a restaurant in southwestern China, which put the order into effect.

Comfort women houses revealed
The Japanese army established seven "comfort women" houses in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan Province, during World War II, two senior citizens said in a letter to the media.

Guangdong offers gays free AIDS tests
Southern China's Guangdong province recently began providing free and confidential access to AIDS and HIV tests to gay men. The move will last one month and is designed to be an annual event.

Hong Kong holds first gay rally
Waving flags of rainbow colours, 16 gay and gay-friendly organisations rallied through one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong to mark the first International Day Against Homophobia.

Child abuse widespread in China: study
The first-ever study into child abuse in China suggests it is widespread, with children raped, molested and bullied, state media said yesterday.

Hefei opens trial in China's top web porn case
The Hefei Intermediate People's Court opened trial on May 11 for the "Jiujiu Porn Forum" case, the "No. 1 web porn case in China".

Hong Kong prostitutes go hi-tech
Prostitutes in Hong Kong have gone hi-tech and are advertising their services through cellphone voice and text messages, a report said on Monday. Hong Kong, second only to Taiwan, is a leading the world in terms of mobile penetration - with 105.75 mobile phones for every 100 people in Hong Kong.








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