Sex video star hired as anchor on Macau TV

March 24, 2007

Chu Mei-feng
A former politician who became infamous after a friend secretly taped her having sex, was hired by a Macau television station as its news anchor, local television reported this week.

Her friend then gave the footage to Scoop weekly magazine, resulting in Chu's downfall from politics as the VCD quickly circulated throughout South-East Asia.

Chu capitalized on the publicity by writing her biography,"Confessions of Chu Mei-feng," and opening a cafe in London with her Chinese boyfriend.

Chu said the lesson she learned from the incident is that one should never give up.

It is a lesson that seems to have made her stronger.

Video clip of Chu Mei-feng minutes after the 'action'
"I want to tell everyone: Even if you are down and out and feel there is no way out; never give up. At this moment you might see only darkness, but the next minute you may see stars in the sky. That was my experience," she said in a January TV interview.

In 2006, Chu's former friend was sentenced to four-and-a-half years in jail and in January the publisher of Scoop magazine was sentenced to two years.

Though the porn film is in her past, it is often hard to leave these types of indiscretions behind. Asian culture can hold strong taboos over such issues.

Considering that the video was taken without her knowledge it is likely that this contributes to the communities' fogiveness.

The video clip was extremely popular in China and Hong Kong and represented a early internet pornography clip of a known personality - all too common in western culture - for East Asia.

Nonetheless, it is likely that the Macau TV station is enjoying the publicity that the new hire is generating. Fans can look forward to seeing her on video again soon.








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