Hong Kong actress' unauthorized nudes

Pictures of a Hong Kong actress taken secretly in massage center

July 4, 2005

She had gone for a massage to relieve the stress of filming.

Instead, Hong Kong TVB actress Sherming Yiu Lok Yee is now fretting over nude pictures secretly taken of her during the massage.

An anonymous reader had sent the photos to Hong Kong tabloid magazine East Weekly, saying he wanted to 'share' them with the press.

The actress, who is well-known for her 34E bust and is often photographed in a bikini, was seen lying or sitting on the massage table.

In some of the photos, she is seen clutching a towel for modesty.

She discovered the photos only when reporters asked her for details at a promotional event last Saturday.

'Could you have mistaken me for another person? Does that person resemble me?' she asked anxiously.

When Sherming saw that she was indeed the subject of the photos, she asked if her private parts were shown in any photos.

'When I went to the massage centre, I stripped naked so I could be massaged by a female therapist. I hope full-nudity pictures were not taken.

'People who do this are despicable, it's just perverted!'

The actress has been in showbiz since 1998 and often acts with veterans Simon Yam and Francis Ng.

She doesn't have a clue who the culprit is.

'I trust my massage therapist. Perhaps it was after I had woken up from my massage and was still in a daze that a passer-by photographed me.'

She often goes for massages because her filming schedule wears her out.

Now, she'll only go to massage centres that she's familiar with.

She'll also inspect every room carefully to ensure there are no hidden cameras before lying on the massage bed.

'My greatest fear now is whether the photos will be made into pornographic VCDs. If it happens, I'll be very upset.'








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