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China’s mistress culture and corruption
China’s leader Xi Jinping has made a crackdown on corruption a centerpiece of his administration. He’s vowed to root out corruption from the bottom to the top, or to use his expression, to “go after the tigers as well as the flies”. 24-3-2013share
Sex shop owner's wake up call has developers worried about future
Rattled by her message, some developers have described Ma Jiajia as 'an alien'. The young sex shop owner has become famous from the unexpected controversy. 24-3-2014share
Japan to announces review of lead-up to WW2 comfort women statement
Japan will form a team to review the lead-up to a 1993 statement which acknowledged its wartime use of sex slaves, its top spokesman says 24-3-2014share

Hong Kong sex comedies
Hong Kong likes sex comedies
Once they flocked to concoct martial arts dramas. Now it is all about sex comedies share
Chinese abortions
True scale of China abortions
Chinese doctors have performed over 330m abortions under the one-child policy share
Chinese Thai sex show
Agents push Thai sex shows
Chinese travel agency pressured its clients to attend overpriced sex shows share
Playboy's new Hebrew edition Israel
Sex slavery iin Hong Kong
A Thai woman's trip to Hong Kong as a tourist turned out to be a nightmare share
Garbage sex babies
Sex, lies and garbage
With population over 7 billion there are more people to have sex with than ever, but... share
China budget hotel sex
Sex funds China’s budget hotels
Hotels are the space where the Chinese can pursue sexual freedom share
China's left over women
China's 'leftover women'
Over 27? Unmarried? Female? In China, you could be labelled a "leftover woman" by the state
China porn star
China's porn star politician
Former softcore porn star Diana Pang enters the public spotlight in Chinese politics
Gay rights Hong Kong
Gay rights in Hong Kong
Hong Kong still struggling to protect the right of homosexuals in China
china sex
Schizophrenic sexual revolution
China is letting brothels proliferate, so why is pornography still under attack?
yoni massage
Revisionism Tokyo-style
People of Nanking were in one of the worst atrocities in history 75 years ago
Police warning as nude photos spread
Pictures of the Hong Kong celebrity sex scandal spread

China's top ten porn search terms
Pornography search engine PornMD has released a country-by-country breakdown of top ten search terms, revealing some interesting online masturbatory habits, particularly amongst Chinese searchers. The top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a 6 month period from China might not be what you'd expect. 14-3-2013 share

State-sponsored sex
Doomsayers used to worry about the “population bomb.” Now demographers warn that some nations aren’t procreating enough. In the US, the fertility rate is at a 90-year low, which means Americans are producing too few offspring to maintain the current population. Here, some of the more creative ways that countries facing a baby drought have tried to intervene. 8-3-2013 share

China: Officials still want to see sex tapes
Chinese police threatened a muck-raking investigative reporter on Monday with arrest for concealing evidence if he did not hand over further tapes in his possession after a sex video he released of an official with a mistress went viral online. 20-2-2013

Sex change patients getting younger and are more likely to be women
Transsexuals in Hong Kong are now seeking gender-changing surgery at a much earlier age than two decades ago, and those coming forward are more likely to be women seeking to become men. "It seems that more and more patients are in their 20s," said Dr Albert Yuen Wai-cheung, chief of service and the only specialist performing sex reassignment surgery at the city's public hospitals. 5-2-2013

Chinese party and business officials fired in sex scandal
China’s state news media reported this week details of a sex extortion ring that brazenly operated “honey traps” in the southwest metropolis of Chongqing for several years. The widening scandal, which first emerged late last year, has led to the dismissals of at least 11 officials of the Communist Party. 1-2-2013

Police visit Chinese blogger who exposed sex scandal
Two months after exposing a scandal involving sex tapes, blackmail and lucrative government contracts, which resulted in 11 officials losing their jobs, blogger Zhu Ruifeng received a surprise visit from Chinese security officials Sunday night. 1-2-2013

10 dumb smartphone sex and dating apps
The future is incredible. Not only does my phone tell me where I am, keep me in touch with everyone I know and practically run my life, but it can also meddle with my love life! Want to find out an eerie amount of information about a blind date, or "sexulate" your... sex? These apps are here to help. 1-2-2013

The war on female sexuality: Is globalization to blame?
Women’s bodies have become a global battlefield. The brutal New Delhi gang rape case, and the fierce protests it sparked, is just one example. From education of Afghan schoolgirls to veiling in France, female sexuality and freedom has come to symbolize a global conflict “over the nature of the self.” 25-1-2013

Chinese censors chop references to prostitution, torture in 'Skyfall'
Moviegoers in China finally got to watch “Skyfall” on Monday when the latest installment of the James Bond franchise opened in the country, but the version they saw was different to the one the rest of the world got to watch. 25-1-2013

‘Brothel’ opens for business inside a Chinese hospital
Don’t panic just yet. It’s still a credible institution, and its connoisseurs aren’t actually curb-crawling. But they are having sex, and are encouraged to milk it for all it’s worth. Enter the “sex wards” of Songziniao Hospital. 19-1-2013

Web tell-all on an affair brings down a Chinese official
Viewed through the lens of the Marxist tenets he so ardently promoted, Yi Junqing’s relationship with a female researcher would have probably been categorized as exploitive. Mr. Yi, 54, an impish scholar who held the job of China’s top guardian of Communist literature, is said to have provided the woman with a fellowship at his research institute in exchange for $1,600. The sex and jewelry came later. 19-1-2013









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