Turkey: Porn cinema comes to an end

August 16, 2005

Ankara - Perhaps the world's only porn cinema to be located in a former parliamentary meeting place is to be closed down in the southern Turkey city of Antakya, reports said on Saturday.

The Anadolu news agency reported that local officials had ordered that "Gunduz Sinema" be closed down as it had a negative effect on children.

The cinema with its graphic posters for pornographic films clearly on display for all passersby to see is located in the centre of Antakya and its film hall is the actual meeting place used for the short-lived Republic of Hatay (1938-1939).

Following World War One, Hatay came under French mandate but the head of the newly-established Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, made it clear that he wanted the area to be a part of Turkey proper.

After rioting between ethnic Turks and Arabs in the area in 1938, the "Republic of Hatay" was formed and a parliament chosen in elections monitored by the Turkish army where many Turks from the provinces of Adana and Gaziantep voted.

In 1939 the same parliament with its majority of ethnic Turk representatives voted to join the Turkish Republic. With war in Europe seeming almost certain, France readily agreed to accede power.

Arab-speaking people in the province considered the authorities' continued acceptance of the porn cinema in an historic building to be an insult not just on religious grounds but also because it involved "their" parliament, even if it was run by ethnic Turks.








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