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For idol Mitsu Dan the beat goes on
Japan’s current pin-up queen, Mitsu Dan, continues to boost her celebrity. Known for her sharp tongue and admitted lesbian interests, the 32-year-old will be starring in a sequel to last year’s SM flick “Be My Slave,” reports evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai. 14-5-2013share

Playboy's new Hebrew edition Israel
Playboy launches Hebrew edition
Hebrew language edition came to the holy land as Israelis get a taste of Playboy share
China porn star
China's porn star politician
Former softcore porn star Diana Pang enters the public spotlight in Chinese politics
Desi porn star: No dowry required
Vivid girl Sunny Leone announces plans to marry
China Barbie takes on Mattel
US company facing bad PR decides it best move is to redirect attention to a pornstar
The state of Asian porn
Asian erotica sites were once considered a unique niche, but now the web is awash  
Korea: Amateur porn website busted
Operator of a porn site with 10,000 members arrested
Israel, sex and tourism
A new advertising campaign for tourism using sexy Israeli women is making some blush
Japanese beauty Maya Sakura in Playboy
Stunning new Asian model graces Playboy
Sunny Leone renews as a Vivid Girl
Leone has signed a contract for up to six more movies
Nude web chats okay, thanks to loophole in Chinese porn law
Nude chat rooms are not defined in China's laws
Porn again: Suzi Suzuki redux
Our hero takes a porn star to the Rolling Stones and learns he has made her shortlist
Whore or hero? Singapore porn star's life on stage
Annabel Chong has courted controversy in her career
Porn video tops Yahoo Korea
A pornographic video clip posted for about six hours on Yahoo Korea
Naked News, Asian style
Yukiko Kimura is a naked newscaster and she really gets into delivering the sports
Sinking starlets see nothing wrong in stripping naked to save career in Japan
Stars go nude in Japan
Thai porn: Nong Natt's comeback
Thai model, actress and occasional porn acctress makes a comeback
Mika Tan on adult industry
Porn star Mika Tan recently posted answers to some 'frequently asked questions'
Oring makes hardcore debut
Nicole Oring started to do hardcore movies with her boyfriend that release soon
Porn being sold in Malaysian bookstores
Magazines like Hong Kong Penthouse being sold at stores
Mothers' let kids strip for cash in Japan
Youth 'nearly porn' on the rise and supported by parents
Japan: Porn in public nets arrests
Actress Arisa Shimizu and her produder for indecency
Sex product show spices up Shanghai
Shanghai's third ADCEXPO  sexual health exhibition
Porn anime boasts big US beachhead
Popularity of Japanese anime was again highlighted
Playboy editor, model named as suspects in Indonesian indecency case
Porn, politics and religion
The Melody and Mimi show
A Filipina who made her money as a porn star has turned her marketing talents to US politics
Russia's porn producers' woes
Producing pornography in Russia is an industry filled with hurdles and bugs
Indonesian stars trying to help out Tiara
Tiara is looking for alternative work than posing nude
Indonesia: Playboy back with more skin
More skin, more controversy with the second edition
Strapping it on in China
Chronicles and adventures in trying to acquire a lesbian sex toy or two in Beijing
Thai model in intimate detail
Tailynn is a 20 year old fashion model in Bangkok, Thailand who shows all on her website
Throwing it all in the ring: Asian-American porn star seeks Nevada governor's job
Meet the candidate, Mimi Miyagi
Playboy falls flat in Indonesia
Only one issue of the magazine reached stands, plan scrapped for a second
SDF girl drops the rifle and joins the ranks of the adult industry
'Text you in the morning' -  Japan makes it an industry
An Asian teenage pornstar
She's wanted to be in pornography since she was fifteen years old
Indonesia gets its own Playboy
A toned-down edition of Playboy went on sale this month in Indonesia
China: Love the bunny
I didn't set out to become a Rabbit vibrator missionary, it just kind of happened
Japan: Soaplands and love hotels
In land-deprived Japan, where physical space is always intimate
Japanese porn starlets' inspiring new careers
AV Idols talk about their lives after being pron stars
Turning tricks helps keep families together in Japan
Sex movies, compensated dating and prostitution
Naked Nazi escapes Hong Kong fury
Elxploring Hong Kong's love affair with Nazi Germany
Hong Kong women take hold of their sex lives
With sex toy now available in Hong Kong women prove keen
Russian Porn: Battle in the ex-Soviet bloc
Russian MP trys to prove that porn and politics do mix    
Top Asian porn star finds love in the All Blacks
Actress Ashley Simpson may quit porn to follow her heart
Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone becomes Vivid girl
Stunning ethnic Indian model and Penthouse "Pet of the Year" in 2003, has become a Vivid Girl
Pakistani porn actress wins case
It will be difficult to convict those charged with acting in porn movies in Pakistan
Japanese spice up game shows as "sex game shows"
An end to boring game shows in Japan?
Thai go-go dancer quits prostitution to become pornstar
Sex work to porn: Good career move?
Thai actress faces summons over porn film
Mainstream actress Natt Chanapa under scrutiny

China's top ten porn search terms
Pornography search engine PornMD has released a country-by-country breakdown of top ten search terms, revealing some interesting online masturbatory habits, particularly amongst Chinese searchers. The top 10 most commonly searched terms on porn sites over a 6 month period from China might not be what you'd expect. 14-3-2013 share

Japan: How low can the pseudo pedo-porn go?
Japan's child cheesecake market is thriving, but Spa! says the borderline kiddy porno business is on the verge of belatedly being busted. Scores, sometimes hundreds, flock daily to a store in Tokyo's Akihabara district that deals exclusively in products featuring models all aged under 15. 2-10-2007

Japan's porn clampdown
The man, a staff member of a producer of adult videos (AVs), relates to Weekly Playboy what befell his company August 23, when a 300-strong force from Tokyo Metropolitan Police spread out to conduct raids on some 20 locations. 13-9-2007

Thailand: Pornography filmakers arrested
The Thai resort town Pattaya reported on a serious case where Police Major Khunawut from Banglamung Police station headed a Police task force in the early hours of the morning on September 6 acting on information that unusual activity was taking place near the Jitapwan Temple Naklua. 13-9-2007

Shanghai show is all about sex
Sex, a centuries-old taboo in China, created a whirlwind in Shanghai, as an international metropolis in what is still a largely conservative country. The fourth China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition, Asia's largest adult show, opened last week at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center in Changning District. 22-8-2007

Playboy Mansion opening in Macau
The Chinese gaming resort of Macau will soon see construction of a new Playboy Mansion, furthering Playboy Enterprises' revival of its once booming club arm. Macau is a 10 square-mile enclave with a population of 500,000 that last year surpassed Las Vegas as the highest-grossing gaming region in the world. 1-7-2007

Pakistan tops list of 'sex surfers'
Surfers in Pakistan search more for 'sex' on Google than in any other country while those in the Indian capital top the list of those hunting for the three-letter word on the Internet. 1-7-2007

Iran: Pornography producers to get death penalty under new law
The culture committee of the Iranian parliament approved on Monday a bill sentencing to death producers of 'pornography', videos and films deemed vulgar by the country's censorship. 12-5-2007

Israel: Consul worker moonlighted in porn
An employee at Israel's New York consulate resigned recently after it came to light that he had been moonlighting as a star in pornographic films. 12-5-2007

21-year-old Chinese student arrested for operating porn web sites
Chinese police this week said they had arrested a 21-year-old student for running five pornographic Web sites with 210,000 registered users, amid a nationwide crackdown on online pornography that authorities say is "perverting China's young minds." 1-5-2007

Baidu web site with links to porn blocked Inc., operator of China's most-used Internet search engine, said its Japanese Web site, which has links to pornography and critics of the Chinese government, has been blocked in its home market. 21-4-2007

Japan: Ex-porn star wins 1.7 million yen for infringement of privacy by gossip magazines
A former porn actress has won compensation from a major publishing house after two of its weekly magazines reported on her private life after she retired. 21-4-2007

Malaysia movie pirates turn to porn
Malaysia's movie bootleggers are selling more pornography to offset financial losses following a government crackdown using two Labradors that have found huge stashes of pirated DVDs. 21-4-2007

China announces new campaign against online porn, saying it has 'perverted' young minds
The Chinese government is launching a new crackdown on online pornography which it says has "perverted China's young minds," a state news agency said Friday. 14-4-2007

China threatens jail for cell-phone porn
Beijing police are threatening jail and fines for people who transmit pornography via cell phones after merchants were caught selling such movies on phone memory chips, a report said last week. 14-4-2007

Porn domain: Muddy waters
ICM Registry, the company that wants to launch the .xxx internet domain for pornography, is considering taking ICANN to court, after the domain name system overseer rejected its proposal. No matter what, court battles and lawsuits seem to be the future of the .xxx domain. 6-4-2007

Korean ministry blocking porn sites
Internet pornography soon may be harder to find for people living in South Korea. The Korean Ministry of Information and Communication has decided to block about 180 foreign pornography sites by the end of May, South Korean officials confirmed. 6-4-2007

Porn industry is booming globally
Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being produced in the United States. Every second, 28,258 Internet users view pornography worldwide and 372 Internet users are typing search keywords looking for adult-oriented material. 16-3-2007

A not so intimate encounter with a Japanese love hotel
On the way back from Naha one day, my friend and I noticed one of the love motel billboards and it sparked an interesting conversation. I always assumed love motels were for those looking for extra-marital affairs because Japanese men are famous for their mistresses in the city with their wives holding the fort back home, wherever that may be. 4-2-2007

Japanese porn director pushes the virtues of married women
Aspiring adult moviemakers looking for the most intense sex should turn toward married mothers. 4-2-2007

Sony refuses to help the porn industry with Blu Ray licenses
Sony declared recently that it will not provide any help to the adult film industry for their movies on its proprietary Blu-ray disc format, but it will not try to stop them completely. 23-1-2007

Indonesia's Muslims: Playboy "global icon of pornography"
The editor-in-chief of Playboy Indonesia trial contnued this week as he faces charges of publishing indecent material. 16-12-2006

Japanese co-ed loses virginity on film
It seems that Friday got wind of the upcoming December release of a new movie entitled "The University of Tokyo Virgin Inspection: Painful Entry through the 'Red Gate,'" from a distributor named @JUNKIE. 9-12-2006

Pornography keeping Pakistan cinema alive
New chairman of the Pakistan Censor Board, Ejaz Ilahi Paracha has been told by his country s film distributors and exhibitors that screening of pornographic films was keeping the dying cinema houses in Pakistan alive. 21-8-2006

Thailand 'a world porn leader'
The top official in the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology claimed today that Thailand is among the top 5 nations of the entire world in pornographic websites. 16-8-2006

Anti-porn fight tests Muslim tolerance in Indonesia
A battle brewing over a draft anti-smut law has laid bare deep divisions within Indonesia and, say critics, threatens its traditionally tolerant approach to Islam. 1-8-2006

Russian Deputies seek to limit sex on TV
Six United Russia deputies submitted legislation to the State Duma on Monday that would restrict erotic programming on television and ban television ads for phone sex and sex-themed cell phone messages. 5-7-2006

Porn CDs seized, Internet cafe owner held in India
In a shocking incident, the city police found that a browsing centre operator was allegedly videographing obscene pictures of young college girls after giving them intoxicating substances. 28-6-2006

Japanese girls want their porn softcore
Picture the scene... A woman wearing a floral micro miniskirt and white jacket enters a room with her boyfriend. He gently sits her down on a chair and approaches her from behind. He raises her arms and wraps a blindfold around her. She seems worried as he slides a hand into her underwear. 14-6-2006

Japan cracking down on love hotels
Romping rooms are poised to disappear from Shibuya's renowned Love Hotel Hill as politicians move toward cleaning up one of the favorite spots for young Tokyoites, according to Weekly Playboy. 14-6-2006

Spring romance goes high tech with the latest condom goodies
Ah, spring! A time for romance. And, judging from Japan's plummeting birth rate, also the time for contraception --- the most popular means of which is still the humble condom. It's clear, nevertheless, that in Japan condoms owe their long-standing popularity to ongoing technological progress. 23-4-2006

Moving beyond the love hotel trade
They are sometimes regarded as seedy or as eyesores, but Miro Mijatovic sees the love hotels that dot Japan as a model for a new type of endeavor that will give friends and families a place to entertain themselves--at flexible rates. 20-4-2006

Hungry housewives make a bit on the side through amateur porn
Japan's literally desperate housewives are finding the close relationship between the Internet and adult entertainment can help them pick up a handy profit, according to Shukan Post. 5-4-2006

Philippines: Pornography leads to addiction to sex, perversion
Citing the need for parents and the government to guard children on the dangers of pornography, Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Pimentel Jr. called on the youth to resist the evil attraction of pornography. 29-3-2006

The wacky world of love hotels
Love hotels are big business in Japan. The economy would probably collapse without them, says love hotel industry "consultant" Vitamin Miura. Miura, who runs the Miura Love Hotel Total Research Office, reports that there are 37,000 love hotels in Japan and that nearly 500 million couples visit them each year. 25-3-2006

Porn bill meets opposition in Bali
Hundreds of people on Indonesia's resort island of Bali Friday expressed their opposition to the pornography bill being deliberated in the House of Representativesin Jakarta. 25-3-2006

Foreigners in China face deportation for texting porn
China's new Law on Public Security Administrative Penalties took effect last week, creating 165 new offenses and setting maximum penalties ranging from 200 yuan ($25 US) to 15 days detention for Chinese citizens all the way to deportation for foreigners. 25-3-2006

China: Internet regulations to cut pornography
China's Internet media and content providers have pledged to protect cyberspace from pornography, gambling and other "unhealthy content" through self-regulation and legal measures. 27-2-2006

Indonesia: Condemning pornography easier than dealing with corruption
The House of Representatives might want to consider this saying as a House special committee deliberates the controversial pornography bill. 19-2-2006

War on web porn heats up in Thailand
The Information and Communication Technology Ministry (ICT) is taking another crack at banishing pornography from the country, this time by using hundreds of cyber watchers and closed-circuit television (CCTV) in post offices. 8-2-2006

Dangers of porn in Karachi
With Muharram approaching, the carnal desire of people in Karachi has come under constraint as the local cable-wallahs have stopped showing porn films. But, those addicted to it thought that they could satiate their appetite for blue films by watching them at a local cinema hall. 8-2-2006

Japanese sex industry 'king' laundered huge funds
A high-school dropout who became the "king of the sex industry" in Tokyo's Kabukicho entertainment district laundered his enormous profits through dummy companies and offers of hush money, police sources said. 8-2-2006

China: Sex culture museum earns first profit
Thanks to a new location and a growing openness to sex, the city's sex culture exhibition hall earned a profit last year for the first time ever. 8-2-2006

Erotic bloggers strip porn stars of hard-earned living in Japan
In a stark contrast to the '90s when payouts were bigger the closer women got to being starkers, Noughties Japan now pays more to gals who wear clothes, albeit not too many, where once they would have bared their souls and more. 2-1-2006

India: 'Playboy is no fun without nude bunnies'
A toned-down Indian cousin of the "infamous" Playboy is expected to hit stands next year. It'll be a Playboy sans nudity. Now what would that be like? Though according to the magazine chief in the US, Christie Hefner, "The Indian version won't contain nudity," to which male celebrities echo in unison - "if it doesn't have nudity, it's not Playboy." 2-1-2006

China says winning war on Internet pornography
China is winning the war on Internet pornography but it will be hard to eradicate entirely as many Web sites are based outside of the country. 2-1-2006

Condoms fine, but is India ready for sex toys?
A recent survey confirms the fact that there has been a growing awareness among Indians about their sexual life and ways to break the monotony. The usage of sex toys is one among them. 29-12-2005

Blues for Japan's blue film industry
Japan's Adult Video (AV) world suffered a tragedy last week when innovative indies director Hajime, of Hajime Planning, died suddenly. 24-12-2005

Cyber porn: Net cafe owners steer clear in India
Owners of internet cafes now have something new to grapple with, after State home minister Siddhram Mhetre assured the upper House of initiating steps to curb pornography in internet cafes. 22-12-2005

Japan: More women's handbags abuzz to good vibrations
The buzz on Japan's streets nowadays is that just about any young woman is carrying around her own vibrator, according to Shukan Post. 16-12-2005

China: Reporting porn Websites can bring money
Guangdong public security department agreed with local telecommunications companies to pay a reward of up to 2,500 yuan (US$309) to people who report porn Websites in the province, a Guangzhou-based newspaper reported today. 16-12-2005

UAE: Attempts to smuggle in sex stimulants foiled
Federal health authorities in the United Arab Emirates have foiled several attempts to smuggle thousands of medical products, including sexual stimulants, at one of the country's entry points, said a senior health official. 16-12-2005

Japan: Magazines with seals move more gals to peel
In order to safeguard minors from printed matter containing nudity, violence and other adult contents, local governments in Japan have begun to oblige magazine publishers to affix a seal preventing their magazines from being opened while on the newsstand. 6-12-2005

Playboy exploring men's magazine for India
Playboy is in talks to launch a men's magazine in India, but one that does not include its trademark nudes or even its name, Chief Executive Christie Hefner said on Thursday. 4-12-2005

Thailand to block online porn, again
Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra Friday vowed to block all access to website pornography by year-end, although details on how the government will do so remain fuzzy. 29-11-2005

Singapore sex exhibition under close police watch
Singapore opened its first sex exhibition on Friday with police saying they will also attend to make sure organisers and exhibitors comply with the city-state's strict laws. 23-11-2005

Cyber cafes caught with porn to be shut down in Malaysia
Cyber centres and cyber cafes found to be allowing pornographic content and running gambling activities will be closed, said Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting. 29-9-2005

India's rape capital gets thrills, inspiration from rape porn
The target audience for the 'rape and abuse' CDs is apparently huge. "We get all kinds of buyers," says another Palika Bazaar shopkeeper. "Most people are 14 to 15 years old. But then, we have older customers too." 29-9-2005

India: Arrests for watching pornography?
High drama took place on late lat week one night at a home when the landlord called the police and complained against his tenant, a woman. The landlord alleged that the woman was watching a pornographic movie with a man who was not her husband. 15-9-2005

Girlie mags must stay abreast of the net
If sex sells, then the internet has become the primary place to purchase it. But the growth of online adult content is likely to mark the end of an iconic, if widely reviled, cultural phenomenon: the 'girlie magazine'. 13-9-2005

India's 'Rebel Pornography'
Rebels in India's north-eastern state of Tripura are making pornographic films to raise money for their separatist campaign, officials say. The information has come from surrendered guerrillas of the National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT), according to police. 1-9-2005

Five arrests over Japanese 'Expo porn'
Five members of a group that filmed a porn video inside a cable car at the Nagakute venue of the world expo in Aichi Prefecture have been referred to prosecutors, police said. 3-9-2005

Malaysia policing mobile porn
Malaysia has launched a crackdown on porn stored on mobile phones, with police authorised to carry out random spot checks to catch culprits, a report said on Monday. 31-8-2005

American arrested in Philippine cybersex raid
Philippine police arrested a 39-year-old American man after raiding a "cybersex" den he was suspected of running near a former US airforce base north of the capital Manila, officials said on Tuesday. 24-8-2005

Hong Kong: Fetish Fashion submits
The city's leading sex shop closed this month, partly because of rising real estate rent costs, but mostly because founder Brenda Scofield wants to lecture on sexuality and counsel the city's "kinky community". 23-8-2005

Singapore: She sells sex toys
For those who don't know her, Madam Jenny Lee has a business that's bound to raise eyebrows. The 40-year-old works in one of the notorious lorongs of Geylang. 22-8-2005

Iraq's porn dealers risk wrath of religious right
Islamic militants threatened to kill him for it, but Abu Mustafa says it was the only way he knew to make a living in the chaos that is Baghdad today. 11-8-2005

Taiwan To lift pre-recorded porn ban
Taiwan currently prohibits local makers from undertaking OEM production of pornographic pre-recorded discs for exports, although some makers have illicitly done so in small volumes, according to local industry sources. 17-6-2005

India bans four X-rated TV channels
Continuing its drive against pornography on television, the government on Tuesday said it has banned transmission of four channels. The channels that were found to be violating provisions on content are - Bluekiss, Bluekiss Express, Bluekiss Promo and TB1-XXX.

Broadcast watchdog bans TV porn channels in Turkey
Turkey's broadcasting watchdog banned four adult television channels Friday, saying their erotic programming flouted Turkish cultural values. The channels, Adult Channel, Exotica TV, Playboy TV and Rouge TV, are available at night via Turkey's only satellite broadcaster, Digiturk.

New Japanese sex laws could crimp adult film industry
A new round of Japanese laws aimed at protecting those under 18 from the child porn trade and other crimes could mean a crimp in legitimate adult entertainment content shooting online and off.

With the end of Saddam-era censorship in Iraq, cinemas look to profit from porn movies
Twenty-five-year-old Nawzad was looking at a poster advertising a racy Turkish film. After 15 minutes of staring at the poster, which featured sex scenes, he went to the al-Rasheed cinema counter and bought a movie ticket.

Cell porn a tough sell
With new functions to send e-mail, take pictures and listen to music, the mobile phone has turned into a portable minicomputer. But the operators of phone networks are resisting new services that proved popular on the traditional personal computer: pornography and violent video games.

Jammu 'porn queen' sues police
Former Miss Jammu Anara Gupta, who was involved in a pornography scandal, has filed a Rs 1 crore suit against the Jammu and Kashmir police for "coercing" her to make confessional statements.

Women in Japanese porn get head jobs without acting
"I studied sexuality during my postgrad course, so I've always had something of an interest in working in a place where sex was always out in the open," Rui Oda, a 25-year-old woman working in the porno industry, tells Spa!

Porn crosses over
A wave of confessionals and self-help guides written by current or former stars of pornographic films is flooding bookstores this year, accompanied by erotic novels, racy sex-instruction guides, histories of sexual particulars and photographic treatments of the world of pornography.

Pornography trade prospers in China
"Yellow movie," she whispers to two passing men - the Chinese slang for pornography. Holding her belly, she guides them to a grassy area, lifting a clump of sod to reveal several knockoff discs from the United States and Japan.

Soft or hard, Mumbai wants porn
A host of celebrities in India's freedom capital yesterday enthusiastically endorsed writer Salman Rushdie's view that porn was vital to freedom and that a free and civilised society should be judged by its willingness to accept pornography.








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