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Asian Sex Gazette is a fast growing media concept unrivaled in either posture or market penetration. We offer a unique opportunity for advertisers seeking a unique reader demographic.  Read on, or go directly to our Media Kit

Cutting-edge technology to track and control your marketing needs
You are unlikely to find a better advertising value for your marketing dollar 
A unique market opportunity to expose yourself to a mature and intelligent market
Realtime stats, admin access, and creative control give you the power to manage
If you're not happy with your advertising expenditure & the result, we will work to fix it

A word from our editor
Online news and therefore online advertising is the wave of the future.  We implore you not beleive us but to listen to such media moguls as Rupert Murdoch who recently said that the Internet was the future, and he would seek it as such for his media empire.

We understand that you're not - we're not - Rupert. But that is what also makes Internet advertsing so intriguing and valuable - to publishers and advertisers alike. A sort of 'equal opportunity' in advertising and access to viewers is offered at varying prices affordable to most advertisers across the web.

Asian Sex Gazette is proud to offer advertisers a unique media opportunity at an affordable price.  There are very few publications, and as of this writing, essentially no online publishers that offer the insight, focus, breadth, and coverage that Asia Sex Gazette does.

As an advertiser you can rest assured that we will give your campaign IAB (International Advertising Beraeu) standard advertisements and statistcal reporting that is open-source and true to its roots. Finally, understand that we as a publisher understand that if we run an ad that does not work for our advertiser on Asian Sex Gazetter, that it does not work for us.

A failed ad campaign is dollars lost to the advertiser and clout lost to our site.  We want you to succeed in your campaign with us.

For this reason, we use our editorial oversight of advertising to insure that the 'Get new Smilies' and 'Get a US Visa' ads do not distract our readers nor deter from the marketing value of our ad space and YOUR advertisement.

Be aware that we operate from a very traditional [off-line] metality that the 'customer is always right'. As a result we work to meet your needs and settle and differences in your favor, catergorically.

I urge you as a potential advertiser to take a moment to read though our online Media Kit , which will offer you more technical and specific information as to placements and their cost, while balancing that with return on your investment.

Please also see our Editorial Policy for guidnace of acceptability of content and how we define ourselves an an organization.

We thank you for your interest in Asian Sex Gazette and look forward to being of service to you.

Best regards,

William Sparrow
Editor in Chief








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