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Brutal ‘martial arts’ babes pummel porno pipsqueaks in Japan

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After decades of being ruthlessly exploited as sex objects for the pornography industry, Japanese women are getting some of their own back, says Spa!. Mind you, they’re taking revenge through acts aimed at titillating men.

“Strong women” movies, as one of the hottest new lines of adult entertainment in Japan are being called, feature females more physically powerful than the men they appear alongside and, as it turns out, beat into submission and otherwise pummel purely for the thrills of guys who buy this stuff.

Retired female professional wrestlers and one-time women’s amateur grapplers are also finding no trouble getting work in high-class sex joints, offering “marital arts” tackling in more ways than one to guys with a yen to be roughed up by a member of the fairer sex.

“As women become the more powerful sex in society, there’s been a growing number of masochistic men who have a yearning to be subjugated,” says Makoto, a spokeswoman for IZM, Japan’s prime purveyor of porno featuring tall and powerfully built female stars, or flicks about women who rape men. “In some of our martial arts adult videos, the female stars don’t even take their clothes off and there are no climax scenes. What you do get, though, is big girls using all their might to pound little guys, put them into strangleholds and generally beat them, which provides all the excitement masochistic men need to find sexual satisfaction.”

IZM typically matches gigantic women up against the frailest of masochistic men with an average height of just 155 centimeters. Bruising and broken bones are little more than occupational hazards in the brutal babe business.

“Just the other day, one of our actors ended up with a couple of broken ribs,” Makoto tells Spa! “I was really surprised when we’d finished filming the guy came over in agony and said, ‘Aagh, that was bliss!'”

Adult moviemaker mouthpiece Makoto says IZM’s offices are flooded daily with offers from men yearning to be clobbered on camera by a big, beautiful, though not necessarily bountiful, babe.

“Talking to a lot of these guys and you learn that there’s a typical pattern where a lot of them were traumatized by beatings lashed out by their mothers or a female teacher when they were little children. Now they’re adults, being subdued by a powerful woman gives them a sexual thrill,” Makoto tells Spa! “Perhaps it’s fundamentally a matter of Oedipal complexes.”