Japan: Talking about men who won’t wear condoms

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Why won’t men wear condoms? Schoolgirls have been coming into my clinic one after another seeking prescriptions for the morning-after pill.

When I ask them why they didn’t use protection, I get answers like ‘Well, my boyfriend usually uses it, but this time he forgot.’ I always tell them this: ‘Whether your partner chooses to use birth control is an indication of their sincerity. If a man refuses to use contraception, you can regard them as being insincere and lacking in affection. Guys don’t get pregnant, so they don’t worry about it. When the crunch comes, they run away.’

They reply by saying that they love their boyfriends and they don’t want to annoy them by making them wear condoms. They really love these guys.

There are girls whose boyfriends won’t pay for their abortions, so they use their own money to terminate unwanted pregnancies, but then stay with the same guy after that. Other girls won’t dump a guy even if they know he’s cheating on them. Some girls sell their bodies because their boyfriends have asked them to. And yet these girls still like these guys. They tell me, ‘he’s really kind. He takes me to work and picks me up when I’ve finished every day.’ Is that really kind?

I go around schools carrying out sex education courses. At each place I visit, I tell the students my e-mail address and let them know they are welcome to contact me, anonymously if they like, and I will help them, free-of-charge.

It’s a shock to see how many sad letters I get from these lonely girls. They don’t feel happy at home, they’re out of place at school and, though they may put on a happy face in front of their friends, below the surface they’re hurting.

Typical among the girls contacting me are types who’ve always excelled at school, take part in a lot of extracurricular activities and taken on leadership roles amongst their friends.

They’ve been subjected to the heavy burden of expectation from a young age, have given life their all but then, when they take a close look at themselves, at times they feel that there is nobody else who really understands them.

When a guy comes along who says that he likes them, the lonely and susceptible girls are all too willing to believe him, as well as feel that they’ve finally found somebody who understands them. So, when one of these guys starts looking for sex, the girls are only too happy to please him. Of course, the guy is presented with a girl who will literally do anything for him, so as well as seeking sex, he’ll also be overcome with desires physically, mentally (or perhaps just sexually) and have few qualms about doing it unprotected if they don’t have a condom handy.

The Pill is probably the only form of contraception women can take care of entirely by themselves, particularly as far as teenage girls are concerned. I prescribe the Pill to many girls who visit my clinic.

I always instruct them not to tell their boyfriends that they are using the oral contraceptive. The reason I do so is that unless the boyfriend has done a lot of study or thought a lot about what he is doing, he will regard the girl taking the Pill as giving him free reign to have sex without using a cumbersome condom.

While the Pill may be close to 100 percent effective as a birth control device, it offers no protection against sexually transmitted diseases. With one in four Japanese currently affected by some sort of STD, condom use is absolutely vital. It’s hard for many girls to tell their boyfriends to wear condoms. They’re absolutely delighted to have sex without a sheath anywhere, anytime.

Guys come up with plenty of excuses not to wear condoms — they’re too big for regular sizes, they’re allergic to condoms, whatever. Take a visit to a drug store and check out the condoms they have in stock. They have a wide range of sizes from SS for the most modestly endowed to LL sizes for foreign men (the dimensions of which probably comes as a surprise for many Japanese).

Condoms are not all made of latex, either, so it should be possible for any man to pick and choose a prophylactic to his liking.

Japan firms urge tourists off child prostitution

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Tokyo – Japanese travel agents are urging tourists not to sexually exploit children on overseas trips but admitted today after that after a year of effort they still have not done enough.Japan has long been criticised for what other nations see as a lax attitude to sexual exploitation of the young, both at home and in other parts of Asia, and Japanese men have been notorious for their overseas sex tourism.

Some 82 travel companies in Japan, including industry giant JTB Corp, have joined ”Code Project,” an international code of conduct aimed at using the financial clout of tourism firms to help wipe out child sexual exploitation by tourists.

Over the past year, many Japanese travel companies have placed an anti-exploitation logo – the figure of a child on a suitcase, with a red line drawn over the child – on brochures.

”People still don’t understand what the logo mark means,” said Susumu Morimoto of travel firm JALPAK Co. ”But if we manage to make even one more person understand this issue, that’s good.” Companies that sign up to the code, initiated by UNICEF in 2003 and which some 25 nations follow, agree to break off contracts with local suppliers who fail to meet commitments on preventing child exploitation, educate staff and make tourists aware of the problem.

”Because the Japanese travel industry is so huge, of course getting it involved in this campaign will have quite a large impact,” said Junko Miyamoto, a representative for ECPAT, an international NGO working to stop child prostitution.

UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children under 18 fall victim to child prostitution around the world annually, but there is no firm data available on the number and nationality of foreigners involved or arrested.


20 HK men with HIV in net sex link

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Beijing – Twenty men who met through the Internet have been infected with HIV after having unsafe sex, the first such cluster of cases in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong registered a record number of 313 HIV cases in 2005, a rise of 17 percent from 2004 as sexual transmission continues to be the major mode of HIV spread, a health official said.

The 20 men were found between November 2003 and November last year to have HIV with similar gene sequencing, the city’s health department was quoted by the South China Morning Post as saying yesterday.

“Preliminary investigations have so far revealed that these cases may be linked and the transmission may have been caused by unprotected sex,” the department said.

“Those affected are believed to have had multiple sex partners and participated in sex activities arranged through the Internet.”

Raymond Ho, the health department’s senior medical officer, said over two-thirds of the people were infected via sexual contact with 30.7 percent of them reported to be homosexuals.

Twenty-five, or 8 percent, were infected through needle-sharing in drug use and four, or 1.3 percent, through blood infusion. Two were infected from mother to child, and the remaining 81 were undetermined.

The cases included 87 people who tested positive in the last quarter. Twenty-two developed AIDS.

The new chief executive of AIDS Concern, Loretta Wong, said, “The use of the Internet is not a big surprise. We know the Internet is being used by people so they can network with each other and find sex partners.”

A further increase in people with HIV would put a heavy strain on medical resources, especially as patients were entitled to antiretroviral treatment, Ho said.

The cocktail drug therapy is provided almost free to HIV sufferers. It is usually given to patients before they develop full-blown AIDS.

From 1984, when monitoring began, to last year, Hong Kong has recorded 2,825 people with HIV, 82 percent of them men. Of the total, 62 percent are locals.

More than half of the HIV cases were heterosexuals, 20 percent were gay and 4 percent bisexual. In 16 percent of cases, the route of transmission could not be determined.


Naked News breaking into Japanese market

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Tokyo – Naked News, which features anchors and reporters who disrobe during newscasts, launched its risqué take on current affairs in Japan Tuesday.

Beneath a banner proclaiming Naked News as “The program with nothing to hide,” Sunrise Corp. CEO Takuya Uchikawa described the service as “a unique concept for the Japanese market.”

Sunrise, which specialises in sales of goods and services via the Internet, and Naked News owner eGalaxy Multimedia have set a target of 10,000 mobile subscribers in the first year.

“We would not have dared to come to Japan unless we were convinced that there was a definite market, and we now see there is a massive market here, we have a partner that understands that market and the technological skills to provide an enjoyable product,” eGalaxy Multimedia Inc. CEO David Warga said.

Since making its debut in Canada in 1999, Naked News has become available via the Internet, television and mobile phones in North America, Australia and Europe.

“We believe there is a huge untapped market for the right kind of information if it was properly packaged,” Warga said. “So we created a news-entertainment program in which women, and later men, informed while removing their clothing.”

The service initially will be news that is provided for Naked News’ existing markets but with Japanese subtitles. The plan is eventually to produce content in Japan that will appeal to a larger percentage of the population.

Another area being tested concerns the degree of nudity of the presenters. Initially, newscasters will strip to their underwear, but Uchikawa indicated that he hopes to be able to see how far Japanese obscenity broadcasting laws can be bent before they are broken.

Canadian-born presenter Lily Kwan has been peeling off her work clothes for five years and described the experience as “liberating.”

“I love being able to go out onto the streets and take my clothes off,” she said. “While we have been in Tokyo , people have been very surprised to see us with no tops on, but they’re very happy and interested in talking to us.”


Brutal ‘martial arts’ babes pummel porno pipsqueaks in Japan

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After decades of being ruthlessly exploited as sex objects for the pornography industry, Japanese women are getting some of their own back, says Spa!. Mind you, they’re taking revenge through acts aimed at titillating men.

“Strong women” movies, as one of the hottest new lines of adult entertainment in Japan are being called, feature females more physically powerful than the men they appear alongside and, as it turns out, beat into submission and otherwise pummel purely for the thrills of guys who buy this stuff.

Retired female professional wrestlers and one-time women’s amateur grapplers are also finding no trouble getting work in high-class sex joints, offering “marital arts” tackling in more ways than one to guys with a yen to be roughed up by a member of the fairer sex.

“As women become the more powerful sex in society, there’s been a growing number of masochistic men who have a yearning to be subjugated,” says Makoto, a spokeswoman for IZM, Japan’s prime purveyor of porno featuring tall and powerfully built female stars, or flicks about women who rape men. “In some of our martial arts adult videos, the female stars don’t even take their clothes off and there are no climax scenes. What you do get, though, is big girls using all their might to pound little guys, put them into strangleholds and generally beat them, which provides all the excitement masochistic men need to find sexual satisfaction.”

IZM typically matches gigantic women up against the frailest of masochistic men with an average height of just 155 centimeters. Bruising and broken bones are little more than occupational hazards in the brutal babe business.

“Just the other day, one of our actors ended up with a couple of broken ribs,” Makoto tells Spa! “I was really surprised when we’d finished filming the guy came over in agony and said, ‘Aagh, that was bliss!'”

Adult moviemaker mouthpiece Makoto says IZM’s offices are flooded daily with offers from men yearning to be clobbered on camera by a big, beautiful, though not necessarily bountiful, babe.

“Talking to a lot of these guys and you learn that there’s a typical pattern where a lot of them were traumatized by beatings lashed out by their mothers or a female teacher when they were little children. Now they’re adults, being subdued by a powerful woman gives them a sexual thrill,” Makoto tells Spa! “Perhaps it’s fundamentally a matter of Oedipal complexes.”